Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Jan 12, 2013
PHOTOS: SoCal Val Tweets Some HOT Bikini Pics!

PHOTOS: SoCal Val Tweets Some HOT Bikini Pics!

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13 Responses to “PHOTOS: SoCal Val Tweets Some HOT Bikini Pics!”

  1. Stunner says:

    Is it me, or in the second picture she looks like she’s about to have a malfunction . That top doesn’t look like it can hold all of her in, but hey I’m not going to complain. Lol! Wonder if the KOs ever had a malfunction on TV ! Jackie in the WWE had one, an let me tell you she’s got a set on her! Needless to say it didn’t make the TV show lol!

  2. soyfenomenal says:

    So cal val, velvet sky, madison rayne, tara, ms tessmacher
    play boy

  3. rawuncutnxrated says:

    Val is not that attractive. I think it starts with the nose. She has her moments but make up & clothes help her out a lot.

  4. ripwhoozwah1 says:

    she has that "real" girl pretty to her and I like it.

  5. Herr_Odditus says:

    She's a poor man's Christy Hemme. With that being said, why does TNA employ her? Both of them do so little that their jobs could be combined and one could be eliminated. It would help cut down on expenses. Then with the money saved they could employ another wrestler instead.

  6. hangers says:

    Val is such a waste of a paycheck.. Sarita goes and Val's purpose is? Other than looking like a horse..

    • Herr_Odditus says:

      I agree. That's what I said, but then got thumbed down for it…

      • jbcissom says:

        This is to both you and hangers:

        Val is an attractive woman. Attractiveness is based on one's opinion. Thing is Val does a lot more than what you see on Impact!. She's basically the female version of JB, just so you know.

        • hangers says:

          Bullsh!t she is, she offers sweet fa to the program, she was hired as a pretty face and isn't even that. Now look, I apologise if Im judging her entirely on her looks, which I probably shouldnt do but she is meant to be a TNA poster girl and I definitely wouldnt hang that poster on my wall…

  7. Herr_Odditus says:

    People shouldn't be hired solely for their looks, and she is seldom seen on air anyway. I don't know how much she is paid, but whatever she does there are thousands of TNA fans who would volunteer to do it for FREE. Look at all the great talent TNA has lost recently. Would you rather TNA use their money to hire them back, or would you rather have Val who is seldom seen anyway, and does nothing more than ring a bell and hand people mics? So many people would love to do that for free, yet she is getting paid however much for it. Its ridiculous.

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