Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Jun 7, 2014
PHOTOS: TNA Draws Less Than 300 Fans Last Night

PHOTOS: TNA Draws Less Than 300 Fans Last Night

TNA’s live event in Bowie, Maryland on Friday night reportedly drew between 200-300 fans. The minor league baseball team, the Bowie Baysocks, had an attendance of over 3,000 for their last home game.

Here are several photos of the crowd at the show via Twitter:

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10 Responses to “PHOTOS: TNA Draws Less Than 300 Fans Last Night”

  1. piro4351 says:

    LLoL! pathetic..thank you dixie

  2. Jp says:

    Fans loss. Whether you like the product tna puts on tv, or not, their house shows are different. They put on great house shows, even when the product on screen isn’t that good

  3. TheBiwyun says:


  4. TwIsTeD_EnEmY says:

    They're currently without a local advertiser for events like this

  5. Cezar_TheScribe says:

    We need less posts like this.

    We need more posts on how to improve the show.

    More interesting gimmicks and bring back the realism and blood.

    • hamzy_ji says:

      I am convinced that there is a Smear campaign going on at the moment against TNA. Negative post against TNA help the decline of their product. Personally, although its not on the top of the list of TV shows I must watch on a week to week bases anymore, when I do tune it, its not that bad of a show that every one makes out to be.

      I kind of feel once/If Dixie is gone from the promotion, every one will slowly slowly tune in.

      My improvements, Is go back to the same formula they used before Hogan came in. The best of the Indies, like Styles, Joe Daniels Low Ki was in their early days. They had their hardcore match feuds, Best tag teams bouts, X division mayhem, an international exbition where KENTA and Liger came in, and of course the World title feud. It was the same forumal that got them going in 2004 – 2009. Also, I would go back to their Red branding rather than their blue. Just my thoughts on how to improve.

      • JoeWrestling says:

        Of course there is a smear campaign. I'm supposed to believe that "news" site run by Bryan Alveraz is now boycotting Impact "for a month" exactly before Slammiversary next week and the NYC shows. And he's asking everyone to stop watching and not buy the PPV. If you don't like the show, don't watch. Don't tell other people not to watch and that it's not even a wrestling show. It's obviously on purpose, as a reasonable person would just not watch and leave it alone, or they would say I'll watch the Slammiversary show and the first NYC show, and if it's no good, then I'll stop watch. What reason in the world is there to boycott the show one week out from Slammiversary? We can already see he pushes the W!W!E Network and NXT like he's obsessed. When they cover TNA it's non-stop insulting and no even mention of the actual product. If TNA is so unimportant, why is it the front page story of your 8 page newsletter? shouldn't it be an afterthought in the back page? No, it's top story and if it's the most important news for all wrestling fans. If no one watches, how can it be front page that everyone needs to see? He says not to watch because it's not a wrestling show and he doesn't know what it is. He doesn't have the 90 minutes a week to spend. Okay fine, but why do you watch Total Divas every week, is that wrestling and isn't that all talking? This was the guy talking about how the W!W!E network was probably going to report 1 to 1.2 million buys, when now it looks like they are at estimated 533k US domestic buys for the network with 878k domestic buys as the break even numbers. In other words, take a grain of salt with his words. And stop acting like TNA is the only wrestling company that doesn't make great business decisions in a tough market for wrestling. And stop acting like the NXT crowd is so great compared to TNA, news flash, it's the same people, and the building only holds 400. Also, TNA has been getting 290k viewers in the UK, where RAW geting 100-150k viewers. Plus, W!W!E has shows leaving Sky since it will be on the network there, so viewers will drop more. This shows Impact is not a horrible product, people just aren't interested in a second tier product in the US and of course the smear campaign is in full effect in the US.

      • sephstorm says:

        This is all I hear wrestling fans say, "I want the old stuff back! Don't ever change!"

  6. Jon says:

    Well I give up. I've commented twice & both get immediate "deleted by an administrator" notices.

    They never actually posted, mind you, but I don't know what word in a very mild & casual comment must have been triggering an auto-filter.

  7. tsoutheast says:

    I was at the Bowie show and it was probably was 500 people there. Two years ago we went to the same event,and there was maybe 1,000 there. TNA did no local DC advertisement for the show.

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