Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Dec 20, 2011
PHOTOS: TNA’s New India Set – Awesome Setup!

PHOTOS: TNA’s New India Set – Awesome Setup!

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21 Responses to “PHOTOS: TNA’s New India Set – Awesome Setup!”

  1. dsd7x says:

    I like it!

  2. Hardedgecpc says:

    Very cool!

  3. Dependant says:

    wow that looks really nice where are they getting the funding for this anyway.

  4. Bigmike885 says:

    HA!..they have a better set up there then for impact..and i bet the people pay to get in to…its a pretty sweet set though..

  5. TNAoverWWE says:

    Seems like more interest is being put here than in TNA itself. Well this is why TNA will never compete against WWE.

  6. †POP† says:

    why does it look better than the one in america?

    • El_Chivo says:

      Because Jarret is running things

    • pepsilover2008 says:

      probably because the tna impact set has to be easy to set up and take down since they have to share the building with other shows

      • JCJOrlando says:

        Not true pepsilover2008. TNA has a continuous rental agreement with Universal Orlando to be the sole occupants of Sound Stage 21. The complexity of the set in the iMPACT! Zone has nothing to do with their lease.

  7. tna24 says:

    yea that set does look better then impacts. impacts just looks like a cheaper look of wwe set

  8. aos82 says:

    there is a lot of cash flying around asia with various corporations at the moment especialy in sports entertainment. you see a lot of money being brought to the uk to football teams so its a great idea to tap in to that . if tna are to compete with wwe why not find alternative ways of funding? the set looks great

    • tna24 says:

      it would also help if they didnt give out a free show to people who go see impact. you dont see wwe giving up free shows all their shows cost money. that free ish is killing them. give them less money to work with and pay their roster

  9. Blueprint says:

    Very nice set and i agree it's better than Impact's.

  10. Pipboy86 says:

    I still don't understand why this is not promoted under the TNA banner. It would be the best of both worlds if it made money and promoted the TNA brand name abroad, but this does not make all that much sense to be honest. I am more inclined to view this as a side project for Jeff Jarrett to play with to keep him happy. He doesn't seem too high on staying with TNA stateside or in their traditional markets at the moment. First he runs off to Mexico, now India.

    • tnadude says:

      There are a few reasons, actually.

      1) People want to see championships defended, and champions can't be on two continents at one time.

      2) They need to be able to have "local" (i.e. Indian) champions to drum up interest. I doubt people over here would tune in to see "Hindu Harry" take on Kurt Angle for the world title…

      3) They can create a more natural brand. Let's face it, we all know TNA means Tits 'N Ass, and that won't be understood over there.

      4) They'd have to show every Impact event in case a belt changed hands as well as to follow storylines.

      As for Jeff, my guess is that he's trying to build his company. And since Jeff can participate on a number of levels, he's a natural choice to lead such endeavors.

      It sucks though, because his spots are always the most entertaining pieces on Impact.

  11. Jayjonz says:

    It's pretty simple, it called international awarness! If you Do business in India, Mexico you can create international star, it's actually brilliant! With tna being a smaller company they can send more star to India, Japan Mexico the u.k! Can you imagine if you have your world champion defending the title in Japan,uk Mexico and India an the u.s it adds more legitimacy to the title and it makes your champion and instant star!

  12. Anita says:

    Dec10freekgod1 Sting is still in his joker character. Many of the macthes are very good to say the least. Couple new champs crowned in the last two months. KO Tag Team Champs Tara Miss Tessmacher, TNA World Champ Sting, X-Division Champ Brian Kendrick. Also a Bound For Glory series is about halfway done. The top four stars who have the highest amount of points will have macthes to determine who is fighting for the TNA World Title at BFG on Oct. 16.

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