Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Mar 9, 2013
If You Can, Please Help Out Scott Hall – Donate Now!

If You Can, Please Help Out Scott Hall – Donate Now!

DDP has posted an update on Scott Hall, saying that Hall has been sober for forty days now but needs to raise $80,000 to pay for his hip replacement surgery, physical therapy, dental work and his other medical expenses. DDP says that, similar to Jake Roberts has, he believes that Hall’s health can improve and has promised to manage any donated money.

You can (and should if you have a few extra dollars) contribute via IndieGoGo at this link. Scoty really needs this guys. Say what you want about his past but the guy is currently on the right path and has the guidance of DDP. He deserves this and I’d urge you to donate if you’ve got anything to spare …. even if it’s just $1. Get well soon Scott …. we’re all rooting for you!

If that’s not enough, please view the following new video from Scott Hall where he thanks all of you and is trying his hardest for all of you guys:

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11 Responses to “If You Can, Please Help Out Scott Hall – Donate Now!”

  1. Peckar says:

    Is this a joke? He should have shitloads of coin. Even if he has blown it, he has many friends who could loan him the money. Plenty of better causes than Scott's hip I am sorry to say.

    • TwIsTeD_EnEmY says:

      As harsh as it may sound, I agree

      • hangers says:

        Plenty of better causes other than helping someone out? Yes he's a fcuckup who's spent all his coin on drugs and booze but I'll probably slip the guy 5 bucks which aint gonna send me broke… I would think WWE could help out though?

        • Peckar says:

          I have a really bad back, my account is…… I'll PM u.

        • jbcissom says:

          In all seriousness, kudos to you if you're able to do so. But this guy is supposed to have friends who have the moolah who can help this cat at a lot better and quicker than you or I can.

  2. Mr_Wrestling_IV says:

    If his hip could hold out a few more months then why not organize a weekend wrestling event to pay the bills? I know they'd get some big names to appear and probably make more money than is needed.

  3. andy70316 says:

    I thought he was friends with HHH and Shawn Michaels ? I am sure they got a little coin they could let him have.

  4. soyfenomenal says:

    So many wrestlers are perfectly capable of helping him out..
    He dug his own grave, why should I or any other person that doesn't know him personally help him?

  5. tna24 says:

    i wish the dude the best, but like other says why cant he get help from his wrestling buddies. did he ruin his life that bad that no one will help him? why cant hogan, Sean Waltman and nash give him some help?

  6. jaxhollywood says:

    Begging complete strangers over the internet for money to fix what you have done to yourself for too many years, that seems legit? I am a member of Greenpeace, ASPCA, WWF & I sort clothes and food for the Capital Area Foodbank….you know, for people and animals that actually need assistance. This is ridiculous, ask your friends or connections, don't beg over the internet for money from complete strangers haha

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