Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Mar 22, 2013
Press Release: New X-Division Rules Announced

Press Release: New X-Division Rules Announced

TNA sent out the following today…

The X-Division is evolving! New Rules Announced! 230lb Weight Limit!

All X-Division championship matches will now be held under triple threat rules. The champion will have two challengers at the same time and has a thirty-three percent chance of retaining the title and runs the risk of losing the title without being pinned. The high-stakes title match has consequences for the challengers as well. The wrestler pinned in the X-Division championship match is eliminated from a future title match while the wrestler who isn’t involved in the decision gets to compete in the next X-Division title match. So where will the next contender come from?

New contenders will be also decided via a Triple Threat match. Fresh faces, former champions or recently eliminated contenders all will battle with one winner advancing into the next X-Division title match.

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8 Responses to “Press Release: New X-Division Rules Announced”

  1. TnaCanada1 says:

    I like everything but the weight limit

    • purpmuffins says:

      It's hard. I mean you wants guys like RVD or Somoa Joe that have unique styles, but you dont want guys like Matt Morgan or Big Show in there. I know Big Show isn't in TNA, but I think he's a perfect example of what would ruin that division. And how do you keep guys like that out? "Sorry, only awesome wrestlers may enter." That would make a lot of guys look bad.

  2. DJBIGCG says:

    I miss the x division when it first started in tna, with the x on top and all. Now I really don't like it

  3. Kyle says:

    RVD’s billed weight is literally 5lbs. higher than the new weight limit. Aaaaaand didn’t they make a weight limit around a year ago?

  4. Leg Drop Jobber says:

    Don't like the changes. Too restrictive. The X Division used to be about "no limits."

  5. J says:

    The only issue here is that TNA may end up running a program in the x-division where, for example, Bad Influence can come in with 1 member winning the title and then having every title match involving a contender and both members of BI. This can obviously be done with any 2 wrestlers (Aries/Roode would be another obvious choice). I really hope they stay away from that type of program like the plague and maybe add a rule where tag teams or stables are only allowed 1 representative per number 1 contender and title matches.

    • Kyle says:

      According to Wiki Kaz is 215, while Daniels is 224. Looking at them side by side I’d have to say Kaz is atleast 10lbs heavier then Daniels. So I’m not sure what weight they’d bill Kaz as these days. Roode however is 240ish, so he for sure wouldn’t be in a triple threat match for the X title.

  6. annil8or4321 says:

    i do like the triple threat, keeps you guessing

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