Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Dec 18, 2013
Preview For This Week’s TNA Final Resolution iMPACT!

Preview For This Week’s TNA Final Resolution iMPACT!

Here is a preview for tomorrow night’s TNA Final Resolution edition of TNA iMPACT!:

* Gunner, Chavo Guerrero, Ethan Carter III and DJ Zema Ion will open their feast or fired briefcases
* Madison Rayne and ODB vs. Gail Kim and Lei’D Tapa
* Two Out of Three Falls Match: Bobby Roode vs. Kurt Angle
* Vacant TNA World Title “Dixieland” Match: Jeff Hardy vs. Magnus

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2 Responses to “Preview For This Week’s TNA Final Resolution iMPACT!”

  1. Tna4life says:

    I think Hardy will win AGAIN! Jeff Hardy is becoming like the five move wonder as it relates to the TNA world title. Kurt Angle will ROCK Bobby Roode I love this match because I love both of the wrestlers in this match. This will be the match that steals the show. I’m picking Madison & ODB I really want to ask what’s in the flask that ODB has that would be awesome if it’s real alcohol ! Well… Think she’s over 21 and technically she’s not breaking any laws ! Because she not behind the wheel of a vehicle she’s at work. An Chavo your history buddy, your not in any way in any feud with anyone

  2. mb113 says:

    Chavo is the least important to any story line at the moment.

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