Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Feb 22, 2014
Prince Devitt Speaks Out – Attending TNA Event, WWE Offer

Prince Devitt Speaks Out – Attending TNA Event, WWE Offer recently interviewed Prince Devitt. Below are some highlights.

Devitt’s response on being asked about going backstage at a TNA event in Dublin: “There are lots of rumours going around. Wrestling fans in general prefer the rumours to what actually happens in the ring. I prefer to talk about what happens in the ring but I did tweet about it and went there to see friends. At the moment I’m still a New Japan Pro wrestler.”

Devitt on a possible WWE offer: “Of course it’s on my radar; it’d be silly of me to say it’s not on my wish list of things to do in life. It’s very flattering because I grew up watching WWE, but to be even considered employable by a company like that is a big honour for me. I’m very happy with what I’m doing now but if the situation came up and it was the right move I’d like to try it.”

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4 Responses to “Prince Devitt Speaks Out – Attending TNA Event, WWE Offer”

  1. goonpoh says:

    In TNA he would be on impact asap in wwe he would be stuck on nxt for a year. Um yes TNA

    • JoeWrestling says:

      Yeah, but if he goes to W!W!E developmental, then he can always go to TNA or elsewhere if it doesn't work and use that prestige as an additional selling point. If he goes to TNA then WWE is never going to offer him anything, so he need to make sure W!W!E is not interested before pursuing TNA.

      • hamzy_ji says:

        Its a shame that if he was to go TNA first WWE wont be interested. Look at every one whos in TNA now that wont get a look at by the WWE. Its a shame.

        But then if he goes to WWE developmental and it dont work out for him, they just get branded as a WWE reject when they get to NXT. Look at EC3 for example.

  2. Strick88 says:

    wwe wanted Aries and Styles

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