Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Apr 16, 2012
Problems With TNA Lockdown At Movie Theaters Last Night

Problems With TNA Lockdown At Movie Theaters Last Night

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Fans in a number of markets that attended Sunday night’s Lockdown PPV simulcast in movie theaters have stated that their events were canceled. The events, which were part of a partnership with Screenvision, were canceled due to technical issues. Fans attending were given refunds.

Ben Hough also sent this report from watching TNA Lockdown at a movie theater:

There were about 20- 25 people, which actually was a good turnout, as it was played in one of the smaller seating rooms. They had around the same amount of viewers for Bound For Glory in October.

It was a fun atmosphere, as though a small bunch, everyone was cheering their favorites and having a good time.

Most people there were wearing some kind of Impact Wrestling shirt, so they were mostly people who followed the product.

Everyone was into The Lethal Lockdown Match to kick off the show, especially RVD, who got a pop in the theater for his entrance and flurry of offense when he came out.

During the Ric Flair-Hogan segment, the crowd was doing the “wooooo” for Flair and laughing at his remarks towards the live crowd in the arena. The theater audience went crazy for Hulk Hogan punching Flair.

Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Hardy was really fun for the theater audience, as we were into everything during the match. Half of the room was for Angle, half for Hardy, but there was room wide applause for the match once Hardy won.

For Bobby Roode vs James Storm, it was interesting that more than half the room was pro Roode. When Roode went through the cage door, a pretty loud level of applause erupted and Roode also got a smattering of cheers for his offense during the match.

Again, it was a really fun time and like the Bound For Glory showing in October, the people who were there really made the night fun and it was really neat to see it on the big screen.

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4 Responses to “Problems With TNA Lockdown At Movie Theaters Last Night”

  1. rtype6 (aka dsd7x) says:

    Now I hope theatres near me will broadcast it. Nothing beats watching a PPV with a crowd.

  2. IMPACT Dude says:

    IT FACTOR greatest World champion ever? I think so

  3. Ritalsoviet says:

    It's a very good concept. May be less Pay-PerView will be sell, but, often, people buy Pay-Per-View with a gang. I'm sure than TNA do more monnaie by that way and this is a best publicity. Imagine, when the show end, you see 30 or 40 people with TNA t-shirt going out of the cinema everywhere where it's broadcast.

  4. Peckar says:

    I for one am happy Roode has the belt. The loss won't hurt Storm, and I think there are a couple of other people more deserving of the belt other than the cowboy. The feud isn't over so no doubt he will get another shot down the track.

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