Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on May 15, 2017
Randy Orton & Bully Ray Involved In A Twitter ‘War’

Randy Orton & Bully Ray Involved In A Twitter ‘War’

UPDATE x 2: Over the weekend, Randy Orton posted tweets that trashed both Bully Ray and independent wrestling. It culminated in an “apology” post where he wrote:

Batista and Goldust have both reacted to the series of posts. They added:

UPDATE: Low Ki has gotten involved now, challenging the “protected” Orton to “come out to the real world and test [his] tantrums with adults”

ORIGINAL: Randy Orton got in a brief Twitter beef with Bully Ray while weighing in the Rip Rogers indy wrestling “controversy.” If you’re just now getting to this, you can check the full details here; essentially, Rogers criticized the indy scene in a post abot how he described the standard indy match, which he used the word “dive” a lot.

When Orton retweeted the message and added the comment, “…dive,” Rogers’ comments got much more publicity. Orton has since returned to the situation, tweeting Bully Ray after Ray posted about the controversy. You can see the posts below:

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