Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Mar 12, 2017
Reby ‘Sky’ Hardy Continues To Blast iMPACT! Wrestling & Anthem Over The Hardys

Reby ‘Sky’ Hardy Continues To Blast iMPACT! Wrestling & Anthem Over The Hardys

UPDATE: Ruby Hardy has issued several more tweets about the iMPACT! Wrestling/The Hardys situation over “Broken Universe” IP. She wrote:

Meanwhile, iMPACT! Wrestling and Anthem continue to decline to comment.

ORIGINAL: As previously reported, TNA Wrestling/Impact Wrestling sent a 15-page cease and desist letter to Ring of Honor regarding Matt and Jeff Hardy’s use of The Broken Hardys gimmick. Rebecca Hardy (aka Reby Sky) then blasted Anthem Media and Impact Wrestling in a series of tweets earlier today. You can check out her tweets or read some of her statements collected together below:

“There’s so much more I want to say, but will refrain out of respect for people who don’t want their personal biz out in this mess. For now. What I don’t understand is why a company already fighting an uphill battle would make their own war path even steeper. Trust, I haven’t had one person (affected by this) respond with, “hey, maybe you should chill”. I’m not the only 1 who feels this way only difference is I have nothing to lose by putting it all out there. And the boys ? Yeah, THEY GOOD. Bet. They’re going to be JUST FINE But don’t come for hard working, loyal dudes who have done nothing but right by u in & throughout shady biz & expect silence. Bc I don’t GAF. Everyone else out there can call it what they want, but I go hard for my family & what I believe is right… ..& even harder when something is WRONG. And these MFers are dead wrong for this. Not about the $. Not about the gimmick. It’s the PRINCIPLE.”

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