Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Jun 13, 2013
Recent TNA Attendance Figures Revealed – Details

Recent TNA Attendance Figures Revealed – Details

Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Here are some recent TNA attendance figures…

* May 23 TNA iMPACT! Wrestling tapings in Tampa, Florida drew 3,700 fans.
* June 6th TNA iMPACT! Wrestling tapings in Duluth, Georgia: 2,700 fans
* June 7th TNA live event in Rome, Georgia: 1,100 fans

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6 Responses to “Recent TNA Attendance Figures Revealed – Details”

  1. Stunner says:

    TNA keep coming back to Georgia !!!!!

  2. soyfenomenal says:

    Was so sad when I was in Duluth for the tapings. It really was a disappointing turnout in my eyes, though the sections that had people in them were actually full. It was awesome being front row for it.

    • jbcissom says:

      Based on the taping… when do you think the Sting segment will air? I'm outside of Baltimore, MD, and we're supposed to get some really bad weather tonight. I'm hoping we don't lose power or cable so at least my DVR records it. I'm afraid I'll be watching the weather coverage tonight.

    • OldManEaston says:

      Just out of curiosity, are you relatively local, or did you drive a good distance to get to the tapings? Also, what kind of add spots did they run before the show?

      It is kind of funny to me. Take that back, not funny haha, but funny strange how WWE has becomes the only promotion that draws well in former NWA markets. It is honestly something I thought I would never really see in my lifetime. It is like Memphis now, you might as well forget running it if you are not WWE.

  3. whatsup121 says:

    Ouch , ouch and ouch. Hope TNA can make the numbers go the opposite the next time

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