Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Oct 11, 2012
Report: A Big Return Planned For TNA Bound For Glory

Report: A Big Return Planned For TNA Bound For Glory

Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Abyss, who has not appeared on TNA Wrestling programming since the summer, is expected to make his return this Sunday at Bound For Glory. The Abyss character has been off TV for some time, only making cameo appearances during the summer.

During his absence, he sporadically appeared for Asistencia Asesoría y Administración (AAA) in Mexico. At Héroes Inmortales on Sunday, Abyss and Chessman lost the AAA World Tag Team Championship to Joe Líder and Vampiro, ending their reign at 364 days.

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12 Responses to “Report: A Big Return Planned For TNA Bound For Glory”

  1. Mr. Excitement says:

    I'm guessing a member of Aces & Eights?

  2. Kyle says:

    Nice, I assume it will stem from Joseph Parks abduction angle. I wonder of he’ll be with, or ageist Aces & 8’s.

  3. mrthefanboy says:

    Finally I consider Abyss to be one of TNA's biggest home grown stars and hardest workers sucks he can't get a good run with the belt.

  4. jbcissom says:

    I hope that this whole Joseph Park charade is finally put to rest come BFG.


    My thoughts as unimportant as they are. Abyss will be Aces and Eights. Joesph Park will be still face. Would be something not seen all that often, if ever for one character to both be a heel and a face?

  6. Dante_Cross says:

    I just hope he has gotten back in shape. I really want to see him back in a proper weight and no longer running around in the pajamas.

  7. Firestormdzl says:

    Some say Bully Ray will turn on Sting at BFG. In addition to that, Bully Ray and Abyss did have some past issue. I'm starting to wonder about Abyss' return. Wondering if he will come in and beat the daylight out of the Bully?

  8. THEEKK says:

    Awesome will be good the see the Monster back he is a badass. So this is how it goes brace yourself. Sting will turn on bully, and TNA. Sting is leader of the aces & 8's . Has sting ever really been a heel? Maybe but not that I can remember.

    • toddmikki says:


      • jbcissom says:

        No, just no. The op is somewhat correct. There has only been one time that Sting was a successful heel, and that was when he broke into wrestling back in the UWF.

        As myself and others have stated, it's just a horrible idea. If you turn Sting heel, you show that your HoF is a facade. I seriously doubt TNA is trying to do that. Morgan is supposed to be returning. Velvet will possibly be returning. Abyss is supposed to return.

        I know it's predictable, but I want Jeff Jarrett back in TNA, and this is a great way of doing it. As great as Bully Ray has been at being a heel, Jarrett still gets the most heat, period. He gets more heat than Bischoff, and that is saying a lot.

        • Pipboy86 says:

          Sting also had a chance to be a successful heel for about a grand total of a week or two LOL! sometime in late WCW. Can't exactly remember the year, because a lot of WCW was completely jumbled and forgettable at that point, but it was when he briefly stopped wearing the face paint and instead wore dark sunglasses and had a grudge against JJ Dillon, I believe for accusing JJ of costing him the Championship in one of his brief and forgettable runs. It was obviously pretty much a half-assed attempt that they quickly reversed. I remember distinctly that the fans were torn between still wanting to cheer Sting and coming to terms with the fact that he was suddenly acting like a bad guy. I only remember it, because I was kind of happy to see Sting get something to do that could have been relevant. I thought for a while in WCW that his natural progression should have been towards heel when you had guys like Goldberg and DDP who had arguably eclipsed him as top faces of the company. It probably could have worked then, had they given it a real shot. I would have explained it that Sting was jealous that he was no longer the face of WCW and that the fans had turned on him after being their hero for all those years, fighting to rid WCW of all the lowlifes and users like Flair, Vader, The Total Package, Hogan the NWO etc and now what does he have to show for it? it is time for Sting to start putting Sting first.

          You are right though, there is no other real instance of Sting actually being long term successful heel other than his days as a member of the Blade Runners with the Ultimate Warrior and it would be a horrible idea to turn him heel now.

          IMO if any of the three of Sting, Hogan or Bischoff is revealed to be a part of Aces and 8's, it will be automatically set up for a huge failure.

  9. andy3323 says:

    Anyone notice Joseph Parks in the background eating, you could clearly see the missing teeth Abyss had? They had been hiding that up to this point from what I recall whenever showing Joseph Parks….also noticed he was obviously hadn't shaved (as you'd expect from a hostage) so the first thought I had was he would be returning real soon, likely BFG…..especially given his history with Bully Ray, cool part is that it isn't blatantly obvious how he will be used, they have done a good job with that sort of stuff.

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