Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Oct 28, 2012
Report: ‘Aces & 8’s’ Storyline To Continue For Six Months

Report: ‘Aces & 8’s’ Storyline To Continue For Six Months

The Aces & 8s angle is expected to run another six months or so at this point, assuming plans hold.

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35 Responses to “Report: ‘Aces & 8’s’ Storyline To Continue For Six Months”

  1. pepsilover2008 says:

    Good i like the angle, even though some people don't, six months should be long enough to get people over and if the storyline takes off even more it could be longer 🙂

    • soulbadguy says:

      One of the mask's look like suicide's.

    • soulbadguy says:

      This angle is pretty good, TNA vs one common enemy keeps things very interesting. And you will never know who joins Aces and Eights next. You could see Joey Ryans and Matt Morgan joining but it could also be a swerve that morgan will be on tna's side. Aces & Eights may not be great as characters but storyline-wise they do add a lot of unpredictability.

  2. TROOF says:

    The storyline is going pretty slow but part of that is because as wrestling fans, we are so used to angles rushed sloppily and being poorly executed. For instance: CM Punk coming back earlier than expected after winning at the MITB PPV. I admit I was a bit impatient at first and wanted the masks to come off ASAP. And also, reading the headline, 6 months does seem like a while but they keep adding on layers that makes it decent for the speed it's going. This angle is a slow burn, the way wrestling used to be and the pace is conditioning us to be a bit more patient. Not everything has to be ADHD and be done within a month like how these new aged kids want it. The layer of Ray/Devon's old feud being added to the A&8s feud makes it more intriguing imo.

    • ariesstormjoe says:

      agreed. and wwe are the biggest story rushers ever.

      i take it the story will end at lockdown. where tna go with the standard 5 on 5 or something like that in the cage at lockdown. and by then everyone should be revealed. including the actual "leader" behind it all.

  3. soyfenomenal says:

    omfg please no…
    We all know the pay off is going to be God awful.
    Who cares about Wes Brisco or Luke Gallows or Drew Hankinson or Mike Knox?
    Honestly. The only thing people will actually care about is if the leader is actually someone important in the business.
    It's already stale as hell. The only people that really care about Ace's & Eight's at this point are Bully, Sting, and Hogan. Possibly Angle now that he was attacked…… again.

    • andy3323 says:

      Well thank the good Lord you aren't a writer for TNA, all of your storylines would end up being 1-2 weeks long at best from the sounds of it. And how do you know who the final members are going to be? Yes, those are guys who have been used but it doesn't mean those will be the only guys, add that to a household name showing up and you've got a heckuva group, IMO. What direction this will take? What the payoff will be?

    • toddmikki says:

      imagaine that your comments at a negative 18, you must be stupid.

    • ariesstormjoe says:

      my guess is that the leader will be jeff jarrett and the pay off will be aces and 8s vs a 5-6 guys at lockdown.

      i dont think its a stale storyline. but they can only do so much each week and keeep it consistent.

      brisco, gallows, knox among others arent "Superstars" in the business but were aces and 8s ever going to be? imo no. the amount of "superstars" and "superstars" tna can get their hands on is decreasing imo.

    • soyfenomenal says:

      If I hit -30, I'll buy you all ice to sooth your butthurt.

  4. D.Bishop says:

    I like Aces & 8s as well..I would like them to reveal more members though. I still think it has a lot of potential.

  5. Peckar says:

    Nobody has made a single reference to this being a complete rip of Son's of Anarchy. Even going as far as the music is now very similar. The show is hugely popular, and I for one am a huge fan. However the tv show makes you relate to the characters of the show and then you see them do these brutal things to rival gangs etc. Nobody can relate to TNA's characters because they are just faceless men. Not to mention TNA won't allow the angle to get really brutal like the show anyway. I can't see this running for 6 months.

    • jbcissom says:

      Be honest…. do you see any wrestling promotion, carrying an angle that would be remotely close to SoA? TNA has followed WWE's footsteps into being PG-13 ish. Notice how hardly anyone swears on camera anymore.

      I'm just waiting for Angle to be revealed in the group.

      • soyfenomenal says:

        WWE is PG.
        TNA has followed no one.
        & they can't say shit or fuck, but they typically say the other words.

        • jbcissom says:

          Maybe I should have clarified. WWE is PG, but TNA is PG when the wrestlers are on the mic. Noticed how Bully Ray doesn't swear on the mic, but you can hear him swearing in the matches. Same thing for Angle.

      • Peckar says:

        Not a chance in hell. And that is what it would take to make the angle work. Hence why it won't work. Not as well as most people here would believe anyhow lol.

    • Dante_Cross says:

      Son's of Anarchy? No.

      In wrestling,or rather TV in general. Every biker gang is always a Hell's Angel group, references the obvious patches and design of the jackets for example; which is what I assume SoA got their own idea from. If you're going to compare, do it to do core. I'm more sure they just used the typical biker stereotype than copy some TV show

      • Peckar says:

        So you don't think Wrestling follows what is pop culture at the time? Where do you think Robbie E came from? I have no idea how no one would know this. SOA is one of the most downloaded programs in the world. At least you responded your belief.

  6. Mr. Excitement says:

    As long as the storylines don't get stale too soon, I'm okay with it.

  7. teammummy says:

    at first I thought "Ugh nooo" I am really tired of these guys, but Bully Ray has been benefiting from this angle greatly. He' starting to reach tweener status with the fans, and the Devon reveal adds more motive for Bubba to want to take them down. I wonder who else will be able to get over and benefit from this!

  8. andy3323 says:

    At some point Abyss has to come into play one way or another I would think.

  9. Phenomenal99 says:

    Im really enjoying the Aces & Eights angle like many people have said above storylines used to run long in the old days. with TNA swapping the mebers around its hard to put a final reading on the group but here it goes let me know what you guys think._VP of Aces & Eights unknown aswell as the President_but for the rest of the group here currently what i think: Luke Gallows, Mike Knox, Wes Brisco, Devon & the latest member after last week Garrett Bischoff at the end of the show he made no effort to attack the Aces & Eights lets know what you think

  10. Stunner says:

    WHAT… Wait the WWE rushing angles, look at how TNA have just dropped angles, some of the TNA angles didn’t even make sense! Like Joe/Pope! Joe getting kidnapped and I’m not even going into some of the KO angles. The Beautiful People split / with Winter that was pure bottom of the barrel, heck I could have came up with something better than that! I will admit that the WWEs product has gotten abit STALE, after pushing CENA, down our faces and out every orfice and back. I will admit that TNAs product is better at the moment, however we all can come to an agreement that both companies need to do a better job of Storylines. If I see another PPV match signed in a WWE Ring I’m going to PUKE!!!! Enough we get it already Vince! An I also like Austin Aries both as a FACE and as a HEEL shows just how versatile he is! The same can be said for Mr. RKO the both of them are just that good!

  11. hangers says:

    I think the ratings will decide how long the angle goes for, or at least how long it is before all the members are revealed..

  12. Ryuho121 says:

    hate articles like this one. for example: ima go kick a midget for about 30mins but my plans could change if i see cops or the lollipop guild running towards me.

  13. godoftna says:

    6 months would put the conclusion at Lockdown if i'm not mistaken. A lethal lockdown match to end the feud and storyline would sound like a good plan.

  14. am81t1on says:

    TNA has gone with a modern day NWO-like angle. This is probably the best thing that creative have done…and to plan to keep it going for 6 months only makes you think of how the NWO angle lasted. Even more interesting is that they are all masked (except for Devon, of course)..which puts more into it and leaves all curious to know what will happen next. TNA should throw the titles into the mix so Aces and 8’s can have complete power…similar to how it was done in WCW. In the end, have a PPV event with Aces and 8’s defending all titles where if they win..the challengers become members..but if they lose, they lose the titles and have to reveal themselves.

  15. annil8or4321 says:

    i hope we see some more tag teams and x division come out of this somehow, i loved the old storylines but they require more than a couple wrestlers even if they werent very good i was still wanting to see what was going to happen

  16. soyfenomenal says:

    Christ, when people shit, they shit bricks. Oh well. I still win with most votes.

  17. Leg Drop Jobber says:

    I'm enjoying the angle. Sure, there have been a few bumps in the road, but this COULD be a great angle. I hope they continue to slowly reveal members of the group. They need to pull back on the Hogan and Sting involvement, though. They attacked over half of the active roster. Let them deal with it.

    That said, does anyone thing Joseph Parks is a part of Aces and Eights?

  18. James says:

    The big reveal is at Turning Point but they have other plans in store for the a&8’s/team tna where it’s (5vs 5)

  19. Alex says:

    I actually think this is a clever move. I get the feeling tna are waiting for a legit leader in the shape of a well known accomplished wrestler. For example Goldberg. May be a bit ambitous but my point is good factions only will work with a strong leader. A good faction = Good storylines = Good ratings.

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