Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Apr 24, 2014
Report: Christopher Daniels & TNA Part Ways

Report: Christopher Daniels & TNA Part Ways

Christopher Daniels noted on Twitter today that he is officially a free agent. As previously reported, Daniels’ contract with TNA was set to expire, and many felt that he may not re-sign with the company as he was one of the last few guys who had a large contract and would likely be asked to take a cut in pay.

Daniels tweeted the following on Wednesday:

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16 Responses to “Report: Christopher Daniels & TNA Part Ways”

  1. Get_Carter says:

    Another big loss for TNA. Bad Influence was the most entertaining tag team in the company.

  2. gar2233 says:

    no what a shame
    daniels gone too when is this gonna end
    aj, sting , chavo, daniels, mickey james,

  3. goonpoh says:

    He will be back someday.

  4. Austin_Aries_28 says:

    Let's be real here. He is getting up there in age, probably wouldn't have been performing at any level that is worth the money he would be asking for. And all of his fans would be dissapointed when he didn't get any championships this time around either. Happy for him with his comic book deal though.

    • JoeWrestling says:

      Correct. It is not a loss for TNA. If you make less money off him than he's paid then it's a gain for TNA to have him go. It's not a loss for the fans because he will wrestle elsewhere. It's not a loss for TNA wrestling fans because if you cared you would have bought his merch and kept him around, so obviously you didn't care.

      • Bigmike885 says:

        people did buy his merch…but they wanted him to take a pay cut…TNAs biggest problem with this is that they're not using these guys who are leaving to put the new guys over…most (if not all) of them would have done it willingly.

    • Beezy_Does_It says:

      I agree but TNA could have at least sent him off on a good note. Hell, They are giving the heavyweight strap to anybody these days(Chris Sabin & EY) they might as well have given Daniels a run with it. If you ask me Daniels deserves to be TNA heavyweight champion any day over Chris Sabin and Eric Young. I'm not taking anything away from Sabin and EY, they earned their title run but Daniels should have gotten it before them.
      On the flip side, ROH is going to be that much better once Daniels is back in the picture.

      • IHNSAIN says:

        ok i agree but from a biz point of view y waste tv time making him champ putting him over when he isent even gonna resign or take a slight pay cut when they could be putiing some one else over and story lines are written in advance so was tna to change there story lines to make him champ before he fcukd off

        i disagree danillles deserves more than ey danilles been champ ey has not ey has taking every stupid gimmick tna has gave him and made the best of it and made it look gd he is also still gonna be with tna i

  5. ian says:

    God all the real original stars who put tna on the map are gone. aj, sting, jerrett of course, daniels. god this is just depressing. its sad to say but im starting to run out of stars i get ecstatic about there in tna.

  6. HolsG says:

    Tna is moving toward and shaking the roster up which will hopefully benefit the company but we need some of the long term wrestlers to keep interest

  7. kevinroulette says:

    Maybe Global Force Wrestling will sign him . they will need a few older stars to work with the young guys

  8. Ultimate_X says:

    i understand cost cutting but they need to stop axing originals/longtime employees! they're the heart of the company!

  9. TNA_Warrior_UK says:

    The loss of Bad Influence is not good news for what's left of the tag team division. I was hoping for a feud with The Wolves.

  10. DJBIGCG says:

    It's a shame tna is losing a lot of their originals. I bet when Jarrett, gfw starts, some of them will pop up there

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