Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Jul 22, 2013
Report: Dixie Carter Addresses TNA Locker Room

Report: Dixie Carter Addresses TNA Locker Room


Dixie Carter and other members of management (TNA CFO/COO Dean Broadhead, executive vice president Andy Barton, and Jeff Jarrett) addressed the locker room prior to Thursday’s television event in Louisville, Kentucky. She noted that everyone is still being evaluated and did not rule out additional cuts and added that the changes were being made for the long term good of the company.

Carter noted that some of the restructuring was being done due to the fact that the company spent a lot of money taping of the One Night Only pay-per-view events back in March. The company rushed the tapings because they wanted to complete them before their lease with Universal Studios was complete. As noted above, more cuts may be coming.

New vice president of television production John Gaburick received strong praise from the locker room. He worked the gorilla position along with creative team member Matt Conway, and the talent acknowledged the more positive vibe with Gaburick compared to when recently released executive Bruce Prichard was in that role. For what it’s worth, Bruce Prichard had major backstage heat and rubbed a lot of people the wrong way.

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