Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Dec 11, 2012
Report: Ex-TNA Talent Rumored For WWE Hall Of Fame

Report: Ex-TNA Talent Rumored For WWE Hall Of Fame

We can now confirm that Kevin Nash is being discussed as a potential inductee for the 2013 WWE Hall of Fame. Nash is a former WWE & WCW Champion, former WCW Tag Team Champion, one of the original members of the nWo and also happens to be very close friends with WWE executive Triple H.

There have been many rumored names for the 2013 WWE Hall of Fame class, including The Rock, Bruno Sammartino, Mick Foley, Paul Heyman, Owen Hart, The Ultimate Warrior, Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth. Celebrity inductees rumored include Cyndi Lauper and Mr. T, who were both involved with the first WrestleMania at Madison Square Garden, the site of next year’s ceremony.

At this time, the word is that Randy Savage is off of the list since his brother Lanny Poffo made it clear in discussions with WWE that the Poffo family would have to be inducted all together because “that was Randy’s wish.” Poffo also discussed this in a recent shoot interview and WWE reportedly stated that, “we don’t negotiate things like that.” The feeling from WWE is that their audience wants “the WWE Macho Man Randy Savage” inducted into the Hall of Fame, not “Randy, Lanny, and Angelo Poffo as a family unit.”

A source stated that WWE writers were told that, “we’re passing on Lanny’s claim, and so Randy will have to remain out for now.”

Both Sammartino and Warrior have turned down several offers in the past, but there is still hope that a deal can be made with one of them as we’ve been reporting.

Mick Foley and The Rock have also apparently been taken off the table for consideration.

We’ll keep you posted as we hear more.

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