Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Dec 27, 2013
Report: Internal Reaction To Jeff Jarrett’s Departure

Report: Internal Reaction To Jeff Jarrett’s Departure

TNA’s talent was by and large “stunned” by the news of Jeff Jarrett leaving the company. TNA is trying to downplay the resignation, which does not appear to be a forced one, but a source in the company says that Jarrett announced it on Twitter before the company was even able to react to receiving the resignation letter. It’s a very interesting situation to say the least.

As noted yesterday here on the website, Jarrett is being very quiet about his future because he reportedly signed a non-disclosure agreement with TNA.

Some months ago, there were rumors that Jarrett was getting involved with some type of roller derby project. Other than that, little else is known on his current situation.

Stay tuned as hear more.

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