Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Sep 19, 2013
Report: Las Vegas Ruled Out As iMPACT! Location

Report: Las Vegas Ruled Out As iMPACT! Location

Partial Source: Pwinsider

According to an inside source, TNA has reportedly given up on Las Vegas as a potential permanent site for iMPACT! Wrestling if the company opts to stop touring in 2014.

One reason is the expenses involved with running on the West Coast, including travel for all involved.

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15 Responses to “Report: Las Vegas Ruled Out As iMPACT! Location”

  1. tna24 says:

    then just pick new york or philly. since it seem like all the people on the roster are on the east coast

    • Bigmike885 says:

      why the northeast? Why not Atlanta or back to Nashville?..

      • tna24 says:

        it seem like those are good wrestling city and first ones that pop to mind. im ok with almost anywhere. as long as they dont go back to the impact zone

      • godoftna says:

        I'd say the northeast because TNA has had a lot of success there. The last few times they've run in NYC they've sold out and set attendance records.

        • Bigmike885 says:

          i assume "attendance records' youre speaking of are for the company correct?

          • godoftna says:

            That is correct. The show they ran in Brooklyn drew between 5500-6000 fans. If they are drawing those kind of numbers on a regular or even semi regular basis in that region, then it makes sense to continue to run there.

          • Bigmike885 says:

            No argument here. Just clarifying. HahaSent from my iPhone

  2. dcxboxx says:

    how about new orleans. they would be able to \get some major film tax credits working here. upwards to 30% tax credits.

    • Peckar says:

      Now that's thinking outside the box, kudos. The only question would be would there be enough wrestling fans who actually have money to buy tickets.

  3. Euphoria says:

    Dallas Fort Worth area would be an idea. Not because Dixie is from there but the fact it has a history with wrestling with world class. And world class was big back then.

  4. Luis says:

    How about Atlantic City lol joke…I just want them to come here at least once but a permanent place I don’t know but unless they can partner with a casino to hold their show every two weeks can become aan attraction for the people who walk here in the famous Boardwalk if they put enough advertising around and maybe do beach events in the summer

  5. Laker says:

    Now all iMPACT has to do is conquer Las Vegas which I doubt because there are better things to do there.

  6. Bruce says:

    I live in Vegas and when I went to iMPACT! tapings about three months ago here… the crowd wasn’t that large but reaction was great. Wouldnt think its a place to do it permanently though…

  7. Roid Master says:


  8. MagnumNikitaTNA says:

    just pick 4-5 cities that are close logistically and rotate between them. It would be great to have the show in multiple locations (though the same location) every week. Build a solid fan base in those cities and keep things from turning into the snore fest that was Universal Studios.

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