Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Aug 17, 2014
Report: TNA iMPACT! Wrestling Not Renewed Yet

Report: TNA iMPACT! Wrestling Not Renewed Yet

Partial Source: The Wrestling Observer

While TNA is getting a new day this week, the show has not yet been renewed by Spike TV and talks are ongoing. The move was made, as previously reported, in order to avoid competition from the NFL as well as potentially SmackDown if SyFy moves it. The NFL Thursday games on CBS start on September 11th, which means that is three episodes of iMPACT! that would have potentially been affected by the competition.

It has been noted that there is a distinct lack of hype for October 12ths Bound for Glory, with no mention of the event on TV lately (including little to no attention during the New York City tapings). Many employees have no idea of the plans or details for Bound for Glory. Of course, there are tapings set for iMPACT! that would take them past the current contract, so that is seen as a good sign.

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9 Responses to “Report: TNA iMPACT! Wrestling Not Renewed Yet”

  1. iamanadult says:

    Tna don't seem to plan anything lately… Not really selling bfg for me yet… Actually I don't even care what the card will be, I don't want to see anybody in particular face lashley for the title.. Maybe gunner if they put a rocket under his ass quick.. Put a chip on his shoulder and build him with an austin like attitude.. Storm needs a heel title run soon!

    • Sturk says:

      You proceeded to tell us a storyline that you wanted to see. Beware of falling into that type of fan who says they dislike something because it's not exactly how you booked it in your head. TNA actually has been WELL planed, actually. You living under a rock or do you not see the rave reviews for their shows lately? Don't confuse your opinion as the majority.

      • iamanadult says:

        Lol ay? I proceeded to tell you a possible story that tna could have been building all year.. Instead of leaving it till last minute. They have put on a very good product of late but in terms of building a character /story for a big payoff.. It hasn't happened. For example roman reigns. Wwe have been building him for a climax moment at this years wrestle mania and I can tell you now that he will be the guy from that point on… Whose the next big thing in tna?.. No idea.

        • Tomohiro Ishii #1fan says:

          Next big thing in TNA should be Bram He's very believable i hope they will still portray him as hardcore madness persona

          James Storm and Bram best characters
          Joe Low Ki Aries best athletes

        • seabee44 says:

          EC3 is the next big thing created 9 months ago. and Bram was created less then 6 months ago and he's already a believable Heavy weight contender. TNA TNA

          • iamanadult says:

            Not dissing any of the talents. Bram and ec3 are great.. But not ready to headline bfg. They will be next year if developed properly. Lashley is much like lesnar, in that he can make a star by being defeated at bfg. My question is who is it that can take tna to the next level this year? They haven't built anyone to the point where I'm dying to see them face lashley because I believe they can beat him. Gunner would be the likely guy where he's strong and intense and has a few years under his belt now. But yeah bram and ec3 are fantastic talents just not quite ready imo

          • seabee44 says:

            That's more of a wwe vs TNA thing.I expect roman reigns to go the way of: ryback,ziggler, mark henry,miz, there's no room at the top .hunter is "the man".that's why I watch TNA

    • Tomohiro Ishii #1fan says:

      Gunner?? he would be boring even with austin attitude.btw i respect everyone but his jumping knee to me seems to be the worst jumping knee i ve ever seen.

      on the flip side I completely agree with you for James S. He is way better than Roode Anderson Lashley et cetera IMO

      • seabee44 says:

        Gotta disagree on gunner .they haven't booked him to be a monster yet but when they do he will be believable. TNA TNA

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