Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Sep 3, 2012
Report: TNA May Drop The TV Title – Details

Report: TNA May Drop The TV Title – Details

Partial Source: The Wrestling Observer

Word is that with Devon being finished with TNA, the company may also be dropping the TV Title.

Devon did not sign a new deal with the promotion and they did not have him drop the title before he left. There was also talk of doing away with the TV Title before Devon’s decision to leave the company was made.

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43 Responses to “Report: TNA May Drop The TV Title – Details”

  1. 02Roadking says:

    How bad is Devon? He kills titles!!!!!

    • IHNSAIN says:

      bullshit tna killed that by saying it wouled defended weekly

      • 02Roadking says:

        The idea of a midcard title being defended weekly was a bad idea from the start. Even their top wrestlers don't get weekly air time….

    • weasel6666 says:

      that was funny 🙂 thumbs up

    • JeffandJoker says:

      If he was so bad, why did they put the title on him ????

      Your just pissed off that he left the minor league to head back to where the paychecks are bigger and he will get more TV time !!!!

      • toddmikki says:

        TNA is not the Minor Leagues, Indys are the Minors, TNA and wwe are both major leagues, wwe with Philidelphia Phillies payroll(and unbearable to watch) and TNA the Texas Rangers payroll(undoubtably the best in the business).

        • JeffandJoker says:

          You can't be serious. . . .

          First of all, I know for a fact that at live events TNA draws around the same numbers that a ROH, and Hard Core Rising, and other Indy shows !!!

          It wasn't that long ago that THIS site posted the number for a weekend of live events and the numbers were around 600 to 800 people at the shows. That doesn't tell how many people PAID for their tickets, it just tells how many showed up !!!

          If you think getting 600 people to a live show isn't minor league then your wrong !!!

          Hell most of the TNA PPV's only draw around 3000 people !!!! Monday Night RAW has around 10000 people at their shows !!!

          If TNA can ever get to the numbers that WCW used to get, I would say they are major league, but right now they are just an Indy show with some tv time !!!

          • IHNSAIN says:

            ok so lets say tna are indie level that looks worse on wwe tna have better matches and better storys and a better crowd at least it aint full of kids

            what kind of company gives away ppv tickets they dnt they are inc in the admission price for orlando studios sadly they cant sell tickets for the impact zone so to get into hardcore justice u had to pay the price of an orlando studios ticket so yeah mabee that wouled help explain a lack of crowd

        • JeffandJoker says:

          PS. . . . Hardcore Justice only had 1,100 fans at the show !!!

          And since it was at Universal Studios, NO ONE paid for their tickets !!!!

          What kind of MAJOR LEAGUE company gives away PPV tickets ???? LOL

    • Bigmike885 says:

      OK dude..if you're going to use the baseball accurate..Texas has a HUGE payroll (top 6 in the league)..If you're going to do it…WWE is the Yankees (in danger of losing their top spot) to Tampa (TNA)..a good team that puts on a good show…that deserves a bigger audiance..and doesnt get it…

  2. Kyle says:

    What a dumb idea! Having the TV title as a mid card title is a good idea, yet tna screws up yet another oppurtinity instead of capitalizing on it. You wanna drop useless titles, drop the ko tag titles. Hell even the ko title is under used, and the men’s tag division is no existent.

  3. KPJ says:

    I don't think that should drop it, they should do something to put it on a new person, Like a over the top Open rumble.

    • IHNSAIN says:

      not sure they have killed it as i have said now to take that back wouled be hard and as tna have notised it aint always easy to fit in the match every week

      • KPJ says:

        I would agree with you on that. I think they should have the over the top rumble A&8's crash the ring and one of them win the belt and they change the rules behind it. It would give them a title and give the T.V title a cretin appeal to the TNA roster ( storyline appeal that is) to bring it back.

  4. DarkNexxus says:

    Devon vs Robbie E. every week was a quick and effective way to kill the tv title. IMHO, they should have put the title on someone that wanted to get over with the crowd and have it defended every other week or even once a month,, since I believe titles have to be defended once every 30 days. I know it used to be that way, at least.

    • IHNSAIN says:

      yeh at least ey and odb im sure thats over a month not sure if uve put it wrong or not but i dnt think it was devon who didnt want to defent weekly and get over with the crowd cause he gets told wat to do and wat to say

      or u are tottaly correct tna shouled have put the belt on someone that they wouled have pushed with it instead of killing him and the belt

  5. rackmors says:

    I'm disappointed how TNA has misused the TV title it really had a lot of potential and I think it still does they just need to put it on a mid carder who people want to see everyday and someone who can one day be a main eventer I think the Pope would be perfect. And if they want to drop a title they should drop the KO tag team titles because those titles are worthless.

  6. Mr. Excitement says:

    The title had potential if it actually was defended every week. If they bring it back, Gunner would be a great candidate.

    • SageStinger says:

      He would be my pick. And a mid-card belt would be good for creating more main event stars. I hope they decide to keep it.

  7. mrthefanboy says:

    TNA should keep the TV title and use it to elevate other Wrestlers you have no creative for.

  8. piro4351 says:

    lol..killing the title just like that would be Horrible. and would take away credit from any TNA title..its just horrible booking..and devon is such a horrible and boring wrestler LOL..he was so bad that they decided to dropthe tv belt embaressing and pathetic.its like he tained it

    • IHNSAIN says:

      tna made the robbi e vs devon 10 times match tna didnt storyline the title it was jst pointless matches the pope vs devon story was gd and devon done well and was getting over with the fans then tna killed him and the belt sadly shit happens now lets hope devon can get mid card in wwe and yeh they shouled give the tv title to pope or joe and rescue it but they need to kill the every week on tv not jst stop it

  9. CaptainN says:

    This title should never hve been renames the TV title……it was the worst idea ever for it as TNA does not have the time to showcase it every week. This title need to go back to being the Global Championship and being on par with WWE’s Intercontinental Championship. This should be the belt the helps elevate new stars and leads them to the World Heavyweight Championship. It should be the number 2 belt in the company, and should be defended on every PPV as well as at house shows. Being a TV title with no TV time is pointless. Global Championship is the only way to save this belt and make it worth something, and for God’s sake change the actual belt color from red ….its tacky.

    • CaptainN says:


      Also just have Devon drop it at a house show or Impact and pay him for the date…..not a big deal. Honestly he should have dropped it on the last Impact regardless if he didn’t have a guaranteed contract already.

  10. MosesMelo says:

    I always thought they should have their own title that is exclusive. For example the Tna IMPACT championship. Just like the WWE has their exclusive Intercontinental Championship.

  11. incognitowolfe says:

    tv title sucks, they cancreate another title with more meaning. We all know this is booker t's cheap legends belt anyways

  12. whatsup121 says:

    Nooo do a tv title tournament. That will help transition the month left from BFG Series to BFG have the final bout @ BFG that would give it a push that it needs/

  13. whatsup121 says:

    First it was the legends title , then it was the global title, then it was the tv title.
    that belt has had some history like Rob Terry winning it in the UK and Devon's longest title rein as a single competitor. say what you will about Devon in comparison to Bully Ray. Devon actually held a singles title Bully Ray never did.

  14. Peckar says:

    I always thought RVD with a nice long title run would have given the belt some much needed prestige.

  15. JeffandJoker says:

    What happened to Hulk Hogan saying that the TV Title would be on Impact EVERY week ????

    Guess that is just another thing that Hogan dropped the ball on !!!! LOL

  16. Ba_Lo_Me says:

    What the hell is going on with this site?

  17. ViceyThaShizzle says:

    Two steps back, that's all i'm saying.

  18. akcbd says:

    It never made sense to have someone defend every week because you need to build up a feud so once a month would of been fine….but it seems they just expect the fans to suddenly forget the title even existed like they are supposedly doing =/

  19. ViceyThaShizzle says:

    As others have said, in terms of obsolete titles the KO tag team belts tack precedence over anything else. To remove others and keep those would be truly moronic.

  20. HolsG says:

    We do need a mid card championship obviously we have the X and HW but there's nothing for the up and i coming wrestlers like Crimson, Abyss (i think he should have HW but everyone else seems to disagree), the new gut check wrestlers. None of them have had a decent feud as a belt needs to be involved for one to work properly.
    Just need one with more meaning behind it.
    i.e. HW is obviously the best you can get so all wrestlers will be striving for it
    X is the best for the cruisers
    TV is for……..

  21. Ultimate_X says:

    why destroy a perfect chance to keep top talent, who are out of the world title picture, on tv???

  22. tnadude says:

    I don't need to re-post what has already been eloquently said above. This is a bad idea.

    But I can't honestly say I remember the last time I saw Xema Ion defend his belt either. I haven't even seen him or his can of hairspray in quite some time. KO tag belts are a joke. Daniels & Kazarian show up and even carry their belts once in a while, but who is chasing after then? Yep – nobody.

    For that matter, who is Aries going to defend against next? How about Tessmacher (maybe Tara?)?

    So, here's a note from Captain Obvious: NONE of the belts are being used properly at the moment. With all the talent on the show, why not center a few feuds around the belts for a change? That's how stars are built, after all.

    The Aces & 8s story is as good a story as I've seen in a long while. But it doesn't need to be in lieu of the regular show. Having them show up and disrupt title matches would only make their storyline better.

  23. hangers says:

    I like having a TV title, as long as it's defended every episode it means there's a title match which can be won or lost each week. The women's tag belts should never have been made if there not defended more than once a year. The mens division needs a serious look at too as its gone downhill big time over the past couple of years.

  24. Buseye says:

    If they would use the TV Title as they did during the days of Jim Crockett Promotions,NWA and WCCW and had better writers they could have a better angle for the use of the title.
    They don't have anything going with the tag team titles or the Knockout Tag titles of which is no more than a joke anymore.
    Plain and simple,TNA needs better writers and good feuds for these titles.

  25. Stan says:

    To be honest I think magnus and other younger wrestlers should use this.

    I would like to see wrestlers like rob terry,crimson,Robbie e and even garret compete for this title. It would also be a blast to see there new and upcoming talent like Sam shaw,alex slavia and please I hope they sign kept Ryan really soon!, to this title. It would add interst to the title to fans and give the title value to wrestlers.

    So please don’t give it to wrestlers like rvd,aj styles (only potential older wrestler I think bring the value up is bully ray)

    • Stan says:

      Also since Luke gallows just signed with the company make it as aces ad 8s beat the shit out of Devon and Luke took it so they walk around with it. They could even edit the look maybe making it black and silver adding some appeal to it

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