Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Aug 18, 2012
Report: TNA To End The Claire Lynch Angle Shortly

Report: TNA To End The Claire Lynch Angle Shortly

Source: The Wrestling Observer

According to sources, word is that TNA will be wrapping up the Claire Lynch angle, possibly this week on TV when they do the AJ Styles paternity test segment.

While nothing is confirmed, there seems to be a situation with the actress (real name Julia Reilly) playing the role of Claire Lynch.

We reported last week that the woman portraying Claire Lynch—purportedly pregnant with AJ Styles’ child—on iMPACT! Wrestling is Julia Reilly, an Orlando-based actress and model. She is 36-years-old and has 15 years of acting experience. After her identity was exposed last week by Live Audio Wrestling and across wrestling message boards, Reilly made a concerted effort to erase her Internet presence.

Her official website,, had featured her lengthy resume of television commercial appearances, as well as photos and videos, but all content was removed following the outing. She also has a YouTube channel featuring her demo videos, such as herself selling RoboMops on the Home Shopping Network, hosting various cooking shows and appearing in a Subway commercial, but all have been made private. Her page on LinkedIn was also deleted.

Reilly’s description of herself on her official website had stated, “Julia’s true talent lies in her warm approachable personality and her ability to deliver technical jargon in a conversational manner.

“In a live environment, Julia is excellent at gathering a crowd and able to connect with customers to successfully deliver your company’s message.

“On camera, Julia is friendly, personable and believable.”

TNA Wrestling held an audition a few months ago for the role and she was chosen because she resides in Orlando, where iMPACT! is taped, which saves them money on airfare.

In an update on this, a source notes that TNA was informed that Reilly also works at Universal Studios Orlando—where iMPACT! is taped—as Olive Oyl by the theme park’s “Popeye” ride. It is something Reilly has tried to conceal—she did not list it in her resume, which she deleted last week after her identity was revealed online.

Also, a video surfaced online of TClaire Lynch appearing in an infomercial last year for 360 Cookware, a Stainless Steel Cookware Set. This video was briefly removed but is now back online with embedding and comments abilities disabled.

Lynch has not appeared on TNA Wrestling programming since her identity was revealed. She was, however, acknowledged on Thursday’s episode of iMPACT! Wrestling as AJ Styles said he must have been drugged to sleep with a “foot” like Claire. She was also referred to as a “lizard.”

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26 Responses to “Report: TNA To End The Claire Lynch Angle Shortly”

  1. MikeS23 says:

    (15 years of acting experience…) yeah right! lol

  2. Ryuho121 says:

    thats one appealing pic they chose for her up there

  3. galetyler says:

    also isn't AJ now after the win at fridays house show in the top 4 in the BDG series could we see AJ Vs Aries at BFG…. I would love to see that match

  4. TwIsTeD_EnEmY says:

    Get her off TV ASAP
    And i think she is rather hot to be honest
    Especially for a 36 year old!

  5. Smutking says:

    Im glad that this stupid story line is almost over. While she is a terrible actress I don’t think people should troll her in non wrestling things and possibly effect her chance to make a living doing commercials or whatever.

  6. The_Anti_Hero says:

    It's a true waste that a talent like AJ is being used like that, he should be in the World title picture instead of being a fool, and Daniels should brake up with Kaz and go after the TV title.

  7. ZG1 says:

    Very Possibly the worst TNA angle ever done. Will be so excited when its over.

  8. Roid Master says:

    I also hope this leads to a Kazarian Daniels feud, once Kaz discovers that he's been played by Daniels. The whole Daniels AJ feud has run its course. It's time to get AJ back into some meaningful matches.

  9. thatoneguy says:

    I’m almost sure that James Storm could drink a keg og beer and still be turned off by that “butt


  10. vantheman77 says:

    One of the impediments to Impact's potential in its live tenure. The minute they revealed her identity online, she wasn't seen since and it's best to kill off the whole thing. AJ needs to get back on track to the World title and the Aces and Eights storyline. Same goes for Chris Daniels and Frank Kazarian.

  11. Mr. Excitement says:

    Thank God!

  12. whatsup121 says:

    But we won't learn that it was Daniels wearing a fake AJ tat who knocked up Daniels and tried to pin it on AJ (my version of where the story would go)

  13. The_Anti_Hero says:

    Yeah man.

  14. hangers says:

    The best news I've heard since The Nasty Boys were released..

  15. Firestormdzl says:

    Sorry to Claire's fan but I really want to see AJ wrestles in some more awesome matches than to be put in this kind of storyline. I mean it's good but I just don't like it

  16. HolsG says:

    Paternity test? She's been 5/6 months pregnant for 3 months now.

  17. Ultimate_X says:

    oh there is a god!!

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