Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Sep 17, 2013
Report: TNA To Run A Major New York Venue

Report: TNA To Run A Major New York Venue

There is a lot of talk internally in TNA right now that the company will soon be running a major venue in the New York City metropolitan area.

Obviously Madison Square Garden is out of the question due to the massive rent fees, so that leaves either the Barclays Center, Nassau Coliseum or the IZOD Center. They could also run the Hammerstein Ballroom but that seems unlikely at this point.

We’ll keep you posted as we hear more.

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25 Responses to “Report: TNA To Run A Major New York Venue”

  1. Leg Drop Jobber says:

    Does TNA draw that many people in the NY area?

    • jbcissom says:

      Based on reports, they've sold out in NY the last couple of times being there. NYC, although in the backyard of WWE, loves wrestling. RoH does extremely well there.

  2. tnadude says:

    I've got to say – I'd totally mark out to see Hogan headline MSG one more time. Heck, I'd drive up there to see it.

    Yeah yeah yeah, he's old. He can't wrestle any more. I get it – you're right. But he's STILL Hulk Hogan, and it's still MSG, birthplace to Wrestlemania, and that would still kick a$$.

    Just sayin'…

  3. nicholal79 says:

    This could turn into a disaster! TNA can't even get 1000 people to buy tickets to most of their Impact taping. TNA would have to comp a lot of tickets which, would cause TNA to lose a lot money just to put the show on! WWE could easily book a house show a week before or after in the same area and unfortunately people will choose one and WWE would win!

  4. Spencer123_78 says:

    Well nicholal79, TNA you can't blame them from trying, they have to do what they can to expand. I think your criticism and you saying that people will choose WWE, just goes to show that you and some others, just have personal resentment for TNA. That you don't have it in you to at least give them credit, for wanting to improve in some areas. I know you're so caught up in your likeness for WWE, but your lack of heart for TNA, is so cheapshottish and rude.

    • nicholal79 says:

      I don't want TNA to fail! The decisions TNA have been making have hurt the company. You don't book arenas that you can't come close to filling it is a waste of money!

    • Bigmike885 says:

      I just don't think you get what hes saying…WWE can run NYC anytime they want..and I wouldn't put it past WWE to run a show on the same weekend (If not same day)..personally they should try running Philly more..Chicago…even boston…And why do a "major" arena? that's costs money they don't have..

  5. Mr_Wrestling_IV says:

    It will probably be the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, since they have done extremely well the last 2 summers in Brooklyn.

  6. Spencer123_78 says:

    Just root for them, i feel the wrestling business needs competition, and Vince is not
    a fan of competition. Part of him still wants to be the only big wrestling company in the nation.
    I want his ego to be defeated, cause TNA will be fine, i will be glued to their set, then i would
    WWE. i haven't watch WWE full time since 2009. I'm TNA all the way, i love the talent, the action,
    and the show itself.

  7. Spencer123_78 says:

    Plus i don't have to see front office people getting in the way of TNA talent, ala Hunter and
    Stephanie do in WWE. TNA office people don't tell a wrestler to hit some one and taunt
    others, like Triple-H and Stephanie do, or at least i've come to know that's what they do,
    and when i saw those things in WWE. I said to myself, more than once, Thank God for TNA.

  8. tsoutheast says:

    TNA miss the boat on running a major show in New York. When Hardy was hot TNA should've ran there. When they sold out in Brooklyn they should've ran there. Now it maybe be a terrible flop.

  9. Spencer123_78 says:

    Bigmike885, i get what nicholal79 is saying, TNA don't have the production cost to go to different arenas.
    If you would understand what i was saying you wouldn't have responded. All i'm saying Bigmike885, is that
    you can't blame TNA for making an attempt for trying to go to another arena, if they don't have the money,
    then they just need to go to another direction. Was all i'm saying, if you Bigmike885 would read through my
    comments you would understand, that i'm rooting for TNA to have a bright future. I'm more of a TNA fan than a WWE fan, Dixie said it herself, that likely she needs to have another weekly show, so that the talents that haven't been on TV lately can wrestle, and i agree, they can use another tv weekly show. That way some of the wrestlers that was let go, can come back and wrestle on that show. Dixie said that the wrestlers that were released she hopes they would return. So i'm with TNA all the way, and as far as you say that i realize it's fake right. I've known for a long time Bigmike885, that Pro Wrestling isn't a legitimate sport, it's just action on tv, where wrestlers are scripted to win or to lose. You don't need to remind me of that. So i hope that you understand my point in all this, if you don't, i'll be gladly to explain it to you again. I once again understood nicholol79 point, but i'm sure and hopeful he and you understood mine, that i'm rooting for TNA to make wrestling interested, something that Vince never believes in.

    • Bigmike885 says:

      I totally get what you're saying Spencer. But heres the problem. The people who run TNA, from Dixie on down think that WWE's version of pro wrestling IS pro wrestling. TNA can say all they want that they're different, but Dixie wants TNA to be WWE because TNA makes money. ROH doesn't make money..none of the indies make money. WWE makes money. That's what Dixie wants…

  10. Luchador says:

    that would be good to invade WWE territory

  11. Spencer123_78 says:

    I just think that TNA just wants to be a company that everyone can enjoy, put on a show that people
    can get excited about. It seems now that their focus is on the younger wrestlers, Dixie recently said that the company is focusing on getting fresh faces in the future. So it looks like they will be find going forward. Everyone wants to make money no doubt, but TNA will be fine, bottom line is that they're the other
    big company in the nation, got talent and that's what i enjoy the most, TNA just wants to focus on themselves.
    They said they do want to be different, i think what they mean is that they want to be different as far as focusing more on the wrestling side of things, and not get into the entertaining part of things. As far as i'm concern they will have a bright future.

  12. Spencer123_78 says:

    I still rather watch them, than WWE any day. All this Triple-H, Steph thing with the wrestlers,
    telling them they will be fired, and punch him out stuff. Think God TNA is around, i haven't
    watch WWE full time since 09. I rooting on TNA, i don't know about you, i'm backing them
    100%, i'm not a critic of theirs, i've written letters about things i don't agree with, but i still
    follow them consistently.

  13. lDavid says:

    Interesting story given that I would expect Genesis ’14 to be announced BFG weekend….

  14. lDavid says:

    Interesting story given that I am expecting TNA to announce Genesis ’14 date and city during BFG weekend…..

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