Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Aug 6, 2012
Report: Velvet Sky Possibly Returning To TNA

Report: Velvet Sky Possibly Returning To TNA

Source: Pwinsider

Velvet Sky may not be at the end of her TNA days after all. Sources in TNA have confirmed that Dixie Carter called Velvet after she got her release papers in order to discuss what it would take to bring her back in.

Some within TNA, possibly Dixie herself, were upset at learning that Velvet was gone, particularly after she had just shot a music video with Montgomery Gentry through the company and due to the amount of time TNA had invested in her. There is no word on whether negotiations have taken place and at this point, no new deal has been signed.

We reported several weeks ago that Bruce Prichard, who serves as Talent Relations for the organization, has reportedly asked numerous wrestlers to restructure their contracts. A company source says some talent who have time remaining on their deals are among those being asked to restructure, even if they’re due for raises. Many of those individuals believe they are being presented with “take it or leave it” type offers.

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34 Responses to “Report: Velvet Sky Possibly Returning To TNA”

  1. incognitowolfe says:


  2. hangers says:

    I like Velvet, she aint a great wrestler but she is hot and has personality and presence. A return of BFP would be great for the division..

  3. MikeS23 says:

    Dixie's the man. She has bigger balls than anyone in the company.

  4. shanedraper says:

    i hope this is true and dixie gets the knocouts back to how they were before 2010

    • oh0K says:

      if by before 2010, u mean before 2009 then i totally agree… w\if youre blaming hogan and bischoff idk tho, there are better female workers now than when they joined… n i personally dont want to see lacey come back. TNA needs another show to truly let the knockouts ALL have matches though, as well as the X diviion.

  5. donutmanbill says:

    this is the first good news I've read on here in a long time – Velvet needs to come back, TNA needs her!!!
    I have got an idea, I have no idea if it would work or how expensive it would be to pull off, but tell me how cool this would be for a story – instead of aces and 8's (a group of wwe low/mid carders) how about a group of former TNA wrestlers, no, I'm not kidding, think of how cool it would be if Matt Morgan, Scott Steiner, Velvet and Angelina, all started showing up at ringside, no wrestling gear, just street clothes, no theme music, just making their presence known, at the end it turns out to be Jeff Jarret behind it, he's bringing the heart back to TNA – we could have a Samoa Joe turn where he joins the group, and Joey of course could be part of it and it ends up an invasion at Bound For Glory where a surprise member is brought out (drum roll) Morrison! How cool would that be??? Come on TNA fans, tell me that wouldn't give you chills!!! Let's bring the heart back to TNA!!! (would love to see Raven back also but I know that probably won't happen)

    • tnadude says:

      I've always thought the Steiner bit was a work. Makes sense on a lot of counts, especially since Jarrett would need a right-hand man.

      Can't speak for the rest though…

  6. donutmanbill says:

    would also be very cool if Matt Hardy came back as a masked wrestler (part of the group of former TNA wrestlers I mentioned) and they attacked Jeff and then Matt took off the mask, that would be a very cool story line! Come on, Matt has had issues, sure, but he is WAY more exciting than most of the gut check people being hired, he would help TNA and TNA could help him, and let's be honest here, anything that can be done to make Jeff happy to keep him in TNA should be done, he is by FAR the biggest drawing name we've got right now!!!

  7. CaptainN says:

    Well its known Velvet isn’t the most talented Female wrestler, she is a home grown talent who the fans love to see. She is usually a positive and upbeat person, and she tries her best to put ona good show. She pretty much was the “face” of the knockouts and letting her go was really foolish. She should have been given a long term contract just from the exposure whe helps give the company, she should be used on marketing the womens division, due to her beautiful appearance, and really she has payed her dues. Dixie is the boss, and it should never have gotten to the point where the boss has to get involved in order to retain talent. And losing her tag team partner also wasn’t the brighttest of moves. Why her and Angelina never won the Tag Team belts together is beyond me since they were the first female tag team in the company ! And yet a man has one of the belts now ! Why these two didn’t hold the belts and feud with Sarita and Rosita is beyond me. Hopefully Dixie rectifies the situation before WWE gobbles them up and buries them till no one cares about them anymore!

  8. mrthefanboy says:

    Cool I hope Angelina love returns to,The Beautiful people aren't the best female Wrestlers in TNA,but they are the corner stone of the knockouts.

  9. incognitowolfe says:

    angelina love looks so hideous now, fuck so many uggly as tatoos on her fucking body. Gross!

  10. Kellz_Elite says:

    doesnt really matter to me (shrugs)…shes expendable

  11. RealCreative says:

    bout time they did the right thing

  12. Mr_Wrestling_IV says:

    My TV needs some more Velvet Sky on it!

  13. JeffandJoker says:

    Velvet shouldn't come back !!!!

    She would get paid more money in the WWE, and she would also have a bigger fan base there. Having a larger fan base should be important to wrestlers because it helps open other doors for them.

    Don't be stupid Velvet, get the hell out of the minor league, and head for the MAJOR League !!!

    • aandrepark83 says:


      • JeffandJoker says:

        YUP. . . . That is a real mature answer !!!!

        Instead of having a real answer you have to just be a jerk. . . You are a TRUE TNA fan, and I hope that when Hogan and Bischoff ruin TNA just like they did with WCW, you will understand WHY I am always slamming TNA.

        Hogan and Bischoff have a LONG track record of making VERY BAD business decisions !!! Just look back at WCW, and other things they have had their hands in !!!! Almost everything they get into goes down the toilet !!!!

    • donutmanbill says:

      of course it is true that Velvet would make a lot more money in WWE as would Angelina but we have to hope that she comes back to TNA and that a few more people come in as well because if WWE has all the top talent there will be no competition and then the smaller federations will die off, if WWE is the only game in town they will have no reason to continue paying well, they will have no incentive for quality programming, and wrestlers will be at the mercy of Vince, with no where to go if they're fired.
      A monopoly is not good for any sport or business, we have to hope that someone survives to give Vince a run for his money for the good of all of wrestling…just my opinion

      • JeffandJoker says:

        Would you EVER go work for less money somewhere if you would get paid more for the same job else where ????

        I understand that TNA fans want her back in TNA, but if TNA really wanted her that bad they should have made her the offer that she earned in the first place !!!! They didn't think that she would walk away from TNA and she called their bluff. . . .

    • aandrepark83 says:


  14. Yay! I didn't like any of the knockouts other than ODB. Velvet actually has character and presence to her. And she is fresh and not boring like Mickie, Gail, and others. I hate Madison, but even she ain't boring compared to them two and that god awful Tessmacher

  15. TNA_fan says:

    Go Dixie we all thank you including Tazz and the second ring ropes lol

  16. Buseye says:

    I hope she does return as well as Jeff Jarrett

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