Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Aug 6, 2012
Report: Velvet Sky Possibly Returning To TNA

Report: Velvet Sky Possibly Returning To TNA

Source: Pwinsider

Velvet Sky may not be at the end of her TNA days after all. Sources in TNA have confirmed that Dixie Carter called Velvet after she got her release papers in order to discuss what it would take to bring her back in.

Some within TNA, possibly Dixie herself, were upset at learning that Velvet was gone, particularly after she had just shot a music video with Montgomery Gentry through the company and due to the amount of time TNA had invested in her. There is no word on whether negotiations have taken place and at this point, no new deal has been signed.

We reported several weeks ago that Bruce Prichard, who serves as Talent Relations for the organization, has reportedly asked numerous wrestlers to restructure their contracts. A company source says some talent who have time remaining on their deals are among those being asked to restructure, even if they’re due for raises. Many of those individuals believe they are being presented with “take it or leave it” type offers.

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