Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Jul 19, 2013
Report: WWE Interested In Matt Morgan

Report: WWE Interested In Matt Morgan

WWE is reportedly interested in former TNA star Matt Morgan. Morgan was with WWE from 2002 to 2005.

More on this shortly.

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18 Responses to “Report: WWE Interested In Matt Morgan”

  1. Listentna says:

    No du du du dont do do do that ma ma ma matt mo mo mo morgan. Cause that will be the result just like last time. If fueding with kahli is what u want then best of luck wwe jobber.

  2. RavenNevermore says:

    They can have him

  3. Mr. Excitement says:

    Let me guess. People here will complain he wanted out of TNA because of WWE's interest.

    • Dante_Cross says:

      And I will say, who cares, it's the guy's life and career, not theirs.

      • Philly_Cheese says:

        Exactly, even if he ends up in Mid-card status with WWE, he'll probably get paid far more than what TNA can manage to pay him. Anyone who's worked for both TNA and WWE has admitted that they pay far better than TNA. TNA just doesn't make enough to pay their wrestlers nearly as well as WWE does, it's the same reason why so many WWE wrestlers jumped ship to WCW.

    • tnadude says:

      I said when he left that he had probably already felt it out with them. Remember, he asked for his release. Very few people are dumb enough to quit one job without having something else lined up.

      I also said he probably had the same conversation last year. Upon his return to TNA, he said he was "tired of waiting". I took that as "tired of waiting for the Ric Flair law suit to pan out." A year and no storyline later, it seems reasonable he'd try again.

  4. stevontte1 says:

    Well if he's tired of waiting now just wait til he's in wwe danceing with brodus clay & sweet t.

  5. brahbrah69 says:

    Put em with Heyman and it would be big money

  6. RavenNevermore says:

    They will probably put him with one of the most overrated personalities in wrestling history. The guy who even with wwe’s help before mcmahom bought them could not balance his money right. Paul Herman. Oops hey man

  7. whatsup121 says:

    Good for Matt Morgan it sucks that TNA

    Couldn’t use him

  8. TheFurnitureom says:

    Take him!

  9. jcarter13 says:

    they will never use him any more than TNA

  10. TheBringer92 says:

    I bet WWE are interested in signing a number of the released tna roster. Tara deffo.

  11. Mutter5 says:

    he would have to change his finisher! Sheamus has dips on the carbon footprint

  12. lowridinAllDay says:

    Best of luck morgan….go to WWE and make the most of it…you deserve to be with a top name company…take advantage of it….make all these angry, jealous trolls more pissed…

  13. stocksharkbite says:

    Boringggg borinnngg booooring he is so boring

  14. annil8or4321 says:

    doesnt have a wow factor about him

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