Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Jul 24, 2013
Report: WWE Turns Down Taz

Report: WWE Turns Down Taz

Before he left TNA Wrestling, Taz tried to get back into WWE. He wanted to return in time for the RAW taping from Brooklyn, New York.

Michael Bluth reports that Taz called several people in the company, but Executive Producer Kevin Dunn had no interest. During a recent production meeting, WWE EVP Triple H said, “TNA doesn’t have anyone we need.”

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40 Responses to “Report: WWE Turns Down Taz”

  1. lee4tammy says:

    so taz has left ?

    • nicholal79 says:

      No! He was if WWE would have wanted him back! WWE said no so, he re-signed with TNA!

    • lee4tammy says:

      why thumbs down i mean look at what the first line is

      Before he left TNA Wrestling, Taz tried to get back into WWE.

      it says left

      • Tiffanydude says:

        I Agree i thought he left b/c of the 1st line too…………got my hopes up for nothing 🙁

        • TwIsTeD_EnEmY says:

          Yeah- he also wasn't at the last iMPACT either..

          • Tiffanydude says:

            Well technically it was a PPV and usually JB and Mike Tenay work on PPV Announcing.

          • Pippin says:

            Technically it wasn't a PPV as nobody had to pay to view it and it wasn't on a PPV channel. Also JB certainly doesn't usually work on PPV announcing. No idea where you got that idea from.

          • Tiffanydude says:

            Hm? Well I seen only a few Impact PPVs and I barely pay attention the announcers, so I assumed that it was JB and Mike Tenay, I apologize.

          • Pippin says:

            Hey, whilst it's very polite of you to apologise, you really don't have to! 🙂

            Hmmm, perhaps you heard Todd Kenely? He sounds a bit like J.B, to me at least. JB did announce the last "One Night Only" PPV also. You do make a good point though, who cares about the announcers when you have good in ring action? Don West didn't ruin the great X-Division matches TNA put on in the very early days when he was utterly clueless….other than yelling "Here it is"/"There it is" twenty or thirty times a match! lol

            Please allow me to offer you an apology, as reading my comment back it doesn't come across as intended and reads almost aggresively. I assure you this wasn't my intention. I should've put a smiley in there or something!

          • Tiffanydude says:

            Are we besties now!? 🙂

          • Pippin says:

            YAY! BFFs! 😀 lol

            Don't you find it funny how since you said that JB does most commentary that he has done the last few weeks of Impact?

            Are you from the future?…..

  2. 1Risky1 says:

    yea right Triple H

    • Miss Violet says:

      I agree.
      If I recall, he wanted to sign Sting on WWE a while ago.

      • Look at the verbage used… "TNA doesn't have anyone we need". WWE does not NEED anyone from TNA because TNA is not a threat to them. There is no need to raid the locker room like back in the Monday Night Wars, or even the original ECW.

        That said, there are probably more than a few guys that WWE wouldn't mind picking up should they become available. Not Taz though, he's horrible as a commentator.

        • OldManEaston says:

          That being said, and yes I agree with it….Kevin Dunn is a F'ing cancer to professional wrestling. I value his opinion as much as I value a square tire. This idiot should not have a job anywhere in wrestling, because he hates wrestling and is ashamed of it.

  3. BK_Decker says:

    Another former WWE talent who came to TNA and now looking to jump back….how original. I like Taz, but seriously this gets old

  4. Mr. Excitement says:

    At least Triple H acknowledged TNA..

  5. CELL says:

    RSad and funny at the same time. Triple h is right WWE dosent NEED people from tna but they probably wouldnt mind having some guys jump shop if they wanted. There’s a difference for tna fanboys who are about to rage

  6. CELL says:

    Btw after he resigned didnt he say he didnt want to be anywhere else? Lol! Lying ass bastard.

  7. TheBringer92 says:

    Triple H wants Sting.

  8. jflegler says:

    They should honestly drop Taz as soon as his contract is up; an example needs to be set.

    HHH may not NEED anyone from TNA, but I can see him wanting Angle, Sting, and The Dudley's.

    • DarkNexxus says:

      And you can bet he wants Roode, Styles, and Aries.

      • jflegler says:

        They too would be nice additions for the E.

        • jbcissom says:

          In regards to your op, other than the payouts, there is nothing for these guys to accomplish in the WWE, other than Sting & Taker to probably set the WM PPV buys record.

          I am wary of Roode, Styles, and AA going to WWE, because I don't want these guys jobbing to Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes. These guys are better than that.

          • jflegler says:

            Correct, but one can never tell when a pay increase is craved.

            Oh, I would hate to see them be misused in the E, (I prefer them where they are) but they would be nice acquisitions for them.

      • OldManEaston says:

        At one time yes, I agree that they were on WWE's radar. Styles is actually one of the few wrestlers to turn down a WWE developmental contract, which IMO is probably one of the dumbest things anybody has ever done professionally in the last 15 years, and he will probably come to regret it as his career winds down and he is less financially secure as a result. What he makes in TNA, vs what he could have made as even strictly a midcard guy in WWE is not comparable.

        Honestly at their ages now, I don't believe that any of them are any longer high on WWE's radar. I think the days of WWE bringing in outside guys and immediately putting them on the map without learning the WWE way are pretty much finished and you don't get to sign guys like them to developmental deals. The only guy who is really different is Sting, because he is a special case.

    • Miss Violet says:

      Agree, Taz doesn't exactly bring anything to TNA. His storyline with Aces & 8 has got to be one of the most pointless turn I've seen.

  9. annil8or4321 says:

    im sure they have their eye on a number of tna talent

  10. JoshuaTNA says:

    " If TAZ leaves TNA i'm really gonna miss his commentary." #SaidNoOneEver

  11. JoshuaTNA says:

    Sorry Matt Morgan…

  12. Get_Carter says:

    I must have missed the report that taz had indeed been released or left TNA. This site usually published the same story 3 or 4 times so this is a surprise.

  13. litweav says:

    this site is a joke,they report more negative storys then anything else.TNA don't need friends like this.

    • tna caput mundi says:

      I dont want to blame this site because it's all like this.
      F.E. where i live, the press is highly criticized to not help our soccer team .
      Sadly ,negative reports captures the majority.
      But not people like me, luckly.
      Before reading this one i had read other "normal" news.
      At the end of the day if you have to blame someone ,it's the majority of the society. ok i dont wanna sound like a Joe Park's bro or a guru Sonjay Dutt speech,but it's the truth.
      btw i know your thoughts were above the possibility " even if it's a legitimate report then dont report it" btw dirtsheet must to be taken with a grain of salt

    • OldManEaston says:

      Friends? You realize TNA is a company that offers a product for money, not your BFF, right?


    taz makes a good wrestling show look like crap thank God for MUTE

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