Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on May 13, 2013
Rick Steiner Doesn’t Miss Wrestling On Television

Rick Steiner Doesn’t Miss Wrestling On Television

Rick Steiner recently did a Twitter Q&A handling a variety of topics. Check out the highlights:

On whether he misses wrestling on TV: “Honestly, not at all.”

On whether he would ever come back to television: “Nope sorry never.”

On who is best friend in the business was: “Boss man. We were neighbors.”

On whether he’s considered starting his own wrestling school: “I have no interest.”

On if he will do an autobiography: “Has he ever thought of writing a book?”

On Tom “Dynamite Kid” Billington: “Piece of sh*t!”

On Davey Boy Smith: “He was a great guy!”

On the stiffest person he ever worked with: “My brother.”

On who was more fun to work with, Chucky from Child’s Play or Judy Bagwell: “Hardest question ever asked! Judy was hot!”

On his favorite match: “Hard to name one. Road warriors and Japan were great.”

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