Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Mar 14, 2013
Rob Van Dam Possibly Leaving TNA Wrestling?, Details

Rob Van Dam Possibly Leaving TNA Wrestling?, Details

Rob Van Dam’s TNA contract is expiring very shortly, possibly this week. If not this week, then at some point next week. He didn’t appear at the Lockdown pay-per-view and there are rumors he may not re-sign with the company.

When asked by a fan on Twitter if he was looking forward to being in Chicago, IL for Thursday’s live iMPACT!, he replied with the following “Ill be in Cali. More on that in a few days.”

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  1. dcxboxx says:

    he said months ago he will do what he feels when the time comes. he could re sign with tna if he wants , he can go back to wwe anytime he wants. or do some indys and a few japan euro tours and work a lightter schedule than tna. also the tna schedule isn't as light anymore with them touring impact and ppv as well as adding more house shows. if he doesnt sign with tna, i hope he does select indys and international. would kick ass if he showed up in philly for extreme rising and turn the sabu vs jushin thunder liger match on 4/4 into a three way dance. rvd vs sabu vs liger

    • jbcissom says:

      I'm only responding to your comment about TNA's schedule not being as light anymore….

      You do realize it's actually getting lighter, right? Instead of flying to Orlando every week, then to wherever the weekend house shows are being ran, they're going to fly to a city twice a month, and still do weekend house shows. On average, that's two less dates a month.

      • dcxboxx says:

        but give them by years end or early next year and they will be doing impact live every week. but i think rvd would prob rather an even lighter schedule than what he has in tna. to spend more time with his wife. wwe could offer him a higher pay with an even lighter schedule than his current tna deal or even for the same price but fewer dates. sort of like hbks last deal, or goldbergs deal or the rocks jericho. wwe does want to bring in more star power and the roster is rather thin at the moment. but i hope rvd atleast takes a good 6 month break and do a few indy dates then make up his mind on where he wants to go.

      • Philly_Cheese says:

        Um during most of RVD's time at TNA everything was done in Orlando, with occasional house shows in other places (which for the most part he wasn't involved in). His original reasoning for joining TNA was because he wouldn't have to travel much anymore. Unfortunately it's very unlikely TNA would ever do short-term deals lasting only a couple months… I'm pretty sure their schedule is just going to get heavier and heavier over the next year.

      • jbcissom says:

        @dcxboxx and Philly

        I get what you're saying, and agree it will happen over the long haul. But I believe it will take longer than one year… unless TNA gets some miraculous financial backing from somewhere.

  2. Tiffanydude says:

    If RVD doesn't Resign then it was great having him in TNA and was a good X Division champ in the condition that the X Division is in right now. If he doesn't sign then best of Luck and wishes to Van Dam.

  3. pepsilover2008 says:

    I really don't see the benefit of keeping him around, i mean i'm sure he brings in merch. sales, but why not build someone younger and use the money/tv time on someone who will be there in a couple years.

    • Peckar says:

      Why? Because those wrestlers you want to build are put over by guys who have been there and done that such as RVD. I personally think he has been used badly in TNA anyway. He has never been in a memorable feud in TNA. And no I don't count versus Sabu or Jerry Lynn, cause they were over in a heartbeat. The best they did with him was putting over Kenny King, but the build up was a bit poo.

      • Leg Drop Jobber says:

        I couldn't agree more. Even when he won the title from Jeff Hardy, it was very lackluster. Fans that are familiar with RVD know he can put on a classic and exciting match, but it's impossible to do that in a 6 to 10 minute match. "Misused" is putting it mildly.

        • Reeltalk says:

          Do you honestly think that RVD didn’t have anything to do with his matches being so short? Hell RVD said it himself that many people wanted him to go to TNA because they felt that he would have better matches than he would in the WWE but he also said that all of that was burned out of him. And what do you think he meant by that? I think he meant that physically his body wasn’t sturdy enough more to withstand a lot of abuse and that some of his athleticism may be diminishing due to him aging. You have to remember that RVD is a 42 year old man which in reality isn’t that old for a wrestler but considering his daredevil high flying style he’s a little too seasoned. I’m not saying that TNA didn’t have a say in determining how long Van Dam’s matches will be, but I honestly feel that Van Dam had more of a say also

          • Leg Drop Jobber says:

            Well, judging by every interview RVD has done in the press since joining TNA, I'd have to say YES. I think it was TNA's booking decisions. RVD is never shy while commenting about the company where he works. He has often stated that TNA doesn't want long, physical matches from him. RVD prides himself on his hard and fast work rate. He prides himself on lengthy, story telling matches. He also takes a lot of pride in his body being conditioned to take such abuse. Whether you want to question the credibility of his statements is up to you, but just have a look at the interviews that have been posted on this site (which were also posted on just about every other wrestling news site) and see for yourself.

            I'm sure it's hard for someone young to fathom someone 42 still being able to "go," but RVD has retained the same strict work out regimen he has had for close to 2 decades now. Also, other than his vocal love for marijuana, RVD has never been a drinker, a pill popper, or lived an "abusive lifestyle." The guy has taken pretty damn good care of himself. You can't name too many wrestlers in this sport at the age of 42 that can say any of that.

          • Peckar says:

            Some of us here watched wrestling long before you were snuggling under your Cena blanket. RVD interviews have all been read in full. Go spin your Bullshit some where else. Kurt ANgle is 44 and stiill moonsaults off of cages. Go pop a zit or something.

  4. TNArocks says:

    While I believe RVD has been great for TNA, I think his use by date is fast approaching so if he stays great, if he doesn't oh well. He's probably entitled to have that one last big payday before retirement

  5. tna24 says:

    to me RVD is one of the best, but i think he getting a little boring. when he first came i was all happy to see him in tna. now that he not getting push and he has some boring matches. i wouldnt mind if he left

  6. lethalgunstyles says:


  7. hangers says:

    i keep forgetting he's still with TNA. It's no big loss if he does leave, from a programming perspective, unless he turns heel which he seems unwilling to do..

  8. godoftna says:

    Personally, I can't say I'd miss him if he does go.

  9. DirkB says:

    I guess RVD forgot to tell Prichard his contract was up.

  10. DJBIGCG says:

    You know lately people have either been wanting out of tna or choosing not to re sign. You have like 6 or 7 (or more) knockouts choosing not to come back to tna. RVD might not resign. IMO, tna lost big names back then like foley, dusty rhodes, cm punk, booker t, r truth, etc… and they all chose wwe. If these knockouts and rvd all chose wwe over tna, I wonder why they are doing that when people say tna has the lighter work schedule, more freedom and what not

  11. Treck says:

    I would not be sad if DVD left. He is settling slow and repetitive.

  12. soyfenomenal says:

    Who cares? RVD brought nothing to the table other than a reasonable pop for his entrance. He's been doing the same shit for 15 years. All the wwe shitbags call him washed up and such, but as soon as he appears on wwe tv, he'll be the best thing ever. Just wait.

    • Leg Drop Jobber says:

      I can't seem to justify that "RVD brought nothing." I happen to believe it has more to do with the way he was booked.

  13. kevinroulette says:

    Never really cared fo him . He's like a throw back to the 80s . They could use that money elsewhere

    • Leg Drop Jobber says:

      Throw back to the 80's? I don't recall anyone in the 80's working a similar style to RVD. Not physically or character wise.

      • kevinroulette says:

        Just the way he looks and talks . Reminds me of 80s surfer dude .hes style in the ring isn't but hs looks are just don't care much for him . Plus he never puts anyone over . He lost to kenny king that's about it

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