Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Nov 30, 2013
Rockstar Spud Looking To Impress Dixie Carter

Rockstar Spud Looking To Impress Dixie Carter

Rockstar Spud, TNA Wrestling President Dixie Carter’s Chief of Staff, is looking to impress his boss. He remarked the following on Twitter today:

“Have been on several Black Friday shopping errands for Madam @TNADixie today! Hope she like the cream cake I bought for her #HailToTheChief.”

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7 Responses to “Rockstar Spud Looking To Impress Dixie Carter”

  1. tna24 says:

    it a interesting way to have him on tv

  2. Tna4life says:

    I hope he’s not part of some type of Dixie Carter stable. If you look at it there’s already EC3 if you ad rocks tar spud, and a KO and another wrestler then you have Team Dixie. That would just suck the life out of the show in my opinion. I think Rock Star Spud would be a great addition to the X Division

  3. Peckar says:

    Why still call him Rockstar Spud? It sure as hell doesn't suit his character. He did well I thought.

  4. dexterbateman says:

    I've only seen this guy on "Impact" a couple of times and never seen "TNA boot camp". But he impressed me with his acting chops Thursday. Maybe they will keep Dixie off TV some and use him as the mouth peice instead.

  5. Steven kelly says:

    Ooo interesting idea

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