Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Sep 15, 2013
Rumor Killer: Ken Anderson Has NOT Re-Signed With TNA

Rumor Killer: Ken Anderson Has NOT Re-Signed With TNA

Despite reports on some websites stating that Ken Anderson has re-signed with TNA, that is NOT the case as of now.

As noted earlier, Anderson’s contract with TNA is expiring soon and is the main reason for the company writing him off the show following the 9/12 “No Surrender” iMPACT! Wrestling special. TNA did an angle where he was injured by TNA Champion Bully Ray.

Anderson is one of a few contracts coming due over the next few weeks including Mickie James.

If they come to financial terms, Anderson will remain with the company. If not, last Thursday’s iMPACT! will likely be his swan song with the company.

Once again, reports stating that he has re-signed with the company are inaccurate. Talks are currently ongoing and money is the main issue. The source cited in some reports never even reported the news that he had re-signed.

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