Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Sep 15, 2013
Rumor Killer: Ken Anderson Has NOT Re-Signed With TNA

Rumor Killer: Ken Anderson Has NOT Re-Signed With TNA

Despite reports on some websites stating that Ken Anderson has re-signed with TNA, that is NOT the case as of now.

As noted earlier, Anderson’s contract with TNA is expiring soon and is the main reason for the company writing him off the show following the 9/12 “No Surrender” iMPACT! Wrestling special. TNA did an angle where he was injured by TNA Champion Bully Ray.

Anderson is one of a few contracts coming due over the next few weeks including Mickie James.

If they come to financial terms, Anderson will remain with the company. If not, last Thursday’s iMPACT! will likely be his swan song with the company.

Once again, reports stating that he has re-signed with the company are inaccurate. Talks are currently ongoing and money is the main issue. The source cited in some reports never even reported the news that he had re-signed.

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26 Responses to “Rumor Killer: Ken Anderson Has NOT Re-Signed With TNA”

  1. Doz24 says:

    Keep the A**hole……….Wait for it…………….A**hole!!!!!

  2. DJBIGCG says:

    If you want to keep some of these wrestlers tna, it seems like they want more money. So give it to them

  3. Mr. Excitement says:

    I'd be happy if they keep Anderson. That's if they continue the storyline with him and Bully.

  4. JoeWrestling says:

    Sure, the source that reported he resigned didn't actually report he resigned, but this source says he hasn't resigned. There is no source given on any of this. Of course he is either signed or not signed and will be on the show or not be on the show, and his pay comes down to what he negotiates or doesn't negotiate. There is no place for these guys to go, of course they will resign, they make plenty of money for very few days of work anyway, why not report one reason they won't resign. The only guy who apparently thinks he can go out and get more is Matt Morgan, how's that working out? So far he's been on NWA FUW show where he ranked in the middle of the card, and the main event was The Grease vs Michael Tarver.

    • jbcissom says:

      Reality is a cold, hard female that has been scorned. A lot of guys need to wake up and smell the Folgers so to speak. There's only four guys WWE would take from TNA, and three of them are in the MEM (and I'm not referring to Samoa Joe either).

      • tnadude says:

        WWE isn't interested in any current or former TNA talent. I know it it's true because they said it 😉

        Seriously though, I think they'd be foolish not to take Bully, AJ, Storm or Aries in addition to the three you mentioned.

        • Leg Drop Jobber says:

          Bully is now in his 40's. Who in the hell wants an athlete in their 40's? I mean besides TNA… I guess I could see a Dudley Boyz reunion, but I doubt WWE has any interest in a tag team, at this point.

          • IHNSAIN says:

            EXSCUSE ME lol sting in his 50s and is still doing gr8 work so age dnt relly matter and bully in his 40s and is at the peak of his carrier take it on injeries and the state there body is in not there age

          • Leg Drop Jobber says:

            Sting does great work? I'm sorry, I love Sting and all, but his better "work" days are behind him. He get's carried to great matches, these days.

            Also, my point is simply this. When was the last time WWE tried to market anyone in their 50s, or even their 40s? It's a young and lean game up there in Connecticut. Everyone knows that.

            You can EXCUSE ME, all you want. I'm not talking from a fanboy perspective. If Bully Ray were hired back by WWE, his roll would be that of a Booker T, at best.

          • jbcissom says:

            RIC FLAIR… who is in his 60's. And Hulk Hogan… when he was in his 50's.

            And about Bully, you're telling me that WWE has a better heel right now than him? TNA has the far better heels right now. Bray Wyatt has potential, but it seems WWE doesn't want to capitalize on it.

  5. Dennis D says:

    In a strange way, TNA has monopoly when it comes to contracts. WWE is the largest wrestling company and is the place to make all the money, but if WWE doesn’t want you, or you can’t make it/bare the weight of the strict travel schedule, then TNA has all the marbles. TNA is the ONLY other option for wrestlers to make decent money, get their faces on national television, and also be able to spend time with their family with a less strict travel schedule.

    WWE dropped Ken Anderson like a bad habit, they told him that his character was too blunt. If WWE feels the same, then Ken either HAS to resign (best bet), or move his family to Japan.

    • Leg Drop Jobber says:

      You do realize that most wrestlers from America that wrestle in Japan actually live in America, right? It's not like they have to "move closer to work."

      • IHNSAIN says:

        yes but wat dennis meant was wrestle full time in japan not jst a few indies one month then back to america

        • Leg Drop Jobber says:

          He said "move his family to Japan." Just keep following me around like a dipsh!t with half-assed replies giving me thumbs down, like I give a sh!t. Two can play that game, dumbass.

    • Bigmike885 says:

      umm actually..they fired Anderson because he kept getting hurt and was sloppy (well.not really, but you hurt randy orton shits ganna happen)

  6. Peckar says:

    An original character and an excellent talker, how can they not resign him?

  7. Hayden214 says:

    They NEED to resign Mickie!

  8. DirkB says:

    TNA could do without losing Mickie James.

    Anderson has been very entertaining since he joined the A&8s, I'd like him to stick around

  9. TheBringer92 says:

    Says something when wrestlers dont re sign

  10. Vampirofan says:

    Re-sign Anderson! Resign!!

  11. godoftna says:

    If TNA gets the Anderson that we saw at No Surrender, and actually uses him that way, then I say it'd be a great deal. The last few IMPACTS have shown him as the "Asshole" that fans loved when he first debuted in the company. That's the Anderson I'd want to see, not the extremely watered down version that'd been on IMPACT the last couple of years.

  12. Nate says:

    I hope they re sign Anderson! He is an asset and Dixie should try and give He and AJ a great deal to remain with the Company

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