Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Nov 1, 2013
Rumor On The Potential TNA Buyer – Who Is It?

Rumor On The Potential TNA Buyer – Who Is It?

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Here is the latest report on the potential sale of TNA.

Word is that there is a very interested party, and that they are someone fans would know. The potential buyer is also said to have lots of money behind them, but may come off as a surprise buyer to some. They have also been spotted at TNA’s headquarters in recent weeks.

There are also reports that an unnamed celebrity has shown interest, but the name was not given. Country singer John Rich has been rumored. The Wilpon family, who own the New York Mets, have also always been interested in pro wrestling. In 2011, they had plans to launch their own promotion but that never came to be. There is no word on if they are interested but we figured we’d just point that out.

While the Carters may not be rushing to sell the company, they are definitely listening to all offers.

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  1. Even if it costs him a political career.

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