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RVD Says TNA Has Treated Him With Respect

RVD Says TNA Has Treated Him With Respect

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Although Rob Van Dam and TNA have yet to officially announce they have parted ways, RVD talked in the past-tense about this stage of his wrestling career in an interview with Shelly Martinez on Monday.

RVD commented on “life after TNA” during the interview with Shelly on “First off, I’m looking forward to seeing you at WrestleCon. Up here at the office in Hollywood, one of the projects I’m spending a lot of time on is the lifestyle brand…It’s getting ready to blow up.”

The new project is a clothing line that features Shelly and TNA Knockouts modeling his “non-conformity” brand of t-shirts and sweatshirts.

The recent X Division champion also released a new audio blog denying that he said during his previous audio blog that he’s a free agent and just sitting at home without a contract.

Also during the interview Shelly, RVD made it sound like TNA would be his preferred option if given a choice whether to continue with TNA or re-join WWE in the future.

“I’ve been wrestling over 23 years and I just started feeling like I deserve to have respect over the last few years. TNA gave me first class treatment, and that was a big change from WWE,” RVD said.

You can listen to that interview here.

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12 Responses to “RVD Says TNA Has Treated Him With Respect”

  1. HolsG says:

    not a fan, but it's been nice him being here – TNA could have used him to bring the x division back which they decided against :/

  2. koysortna1 says:

    Isit me or does every ex-wwe star get to have first class accomendation?, first class flights and 5* hotels? while the normal TNA stars get a coach to there event? like are you serious? No wonder he said TNA treat him good and WWE doesn't

    • tnadude says:

      Where did you read that he got to stay in 5* hotels or fly first-class? "First class treatment" just refers to the fact that they treated him with respect.

  3. DJBIGCG says:

    I bet if rvd returns to tna, everybody who has said they are sick of him would chant tna as loud as they could and say welcome back rvd

    • tnadude says:

      Not me. He just doesn't get over well as a face. As a result, it doesn't matter to me how good his matches are since I've already lost attention. And his matches haven't been up to his standards either.

      Now, if they put him in a feud (or tag team) with Jeff Hardy, then maybe I'd chant for him. They could be the face version of Aries/Roode.

      • jbcissom says:

        I have to disagree with you dude. I'm not sure if anyone can be the face version of Aries/Roode. I loved American Outlaws, and loved Beer Money even more. But Aries and Roode, I'm not sure it can be topped, not even equaled.

        • tnadude says:

          Ok – it was poorly stated. You've got me on that one. I can't argue with that logic.

          What I meant to say is that they could be two main-eventers that get together and perform excellent matches while receiving strong crowd reaction with a high-degree of chemistry.

          But yeah, the Roode/Aries analogy was a bit much. Those guys are priceless.

  4. CaptainN says:

    Well if he comes back, he should join the rest of the old ECW guys and be in A & 8’s…….maybe a good heel turn for RVD would make his character a little fresh, since he has become rather stale. I would like to see him as a heel and just go in with a IDGAF attitude like the rest of the group. He can use his contract as part of his reason joining the group saying TNA didn’t want to renew it or tried to lowball him etc.

  5. tna24 says:

    dude is one of the more likable guys out there. i wish him well what ever he does, if he really gone. there really wasnt much out there for him with tna. he did get a nice little xdvision title run.

  6. Dennis D says:

    I’m calling it. This is another Devon/Matt Morgan swerve done to perfection through the internet. RVD will stay on the shelf for a little while, then, we’ll get a “surprise” heel return and he’ll join his boys Bully Ray & Devon in the A&8s. His contract is just a side story to this whole angle. Like it was mentioned in these comments, he’ll say that TNA just kicked him to the curb like he was garbage and the Aces & 8’s were the only ones who cared about his future. “Once you join the Aces & 8’s, you’ll never walk alone again!”

  7. (CHI) NWO 4-Life WCW Guy says:

    I dont kno why theres so many rvd haterz, im not an rvd mark but i think the guy is pretty damn good, i think hes over with alot of fans, and has helped the tna product, i kno alot of wwe marks that ive gotten to watch tna because of the likes of rvd and hardy and kurt angle and sting ect. Rvd is pretty damn good, and in big ppv situations can put on a great match, puts his body at great risk, his match wit jerry lynn at bound for glory and his match against abyss at bound for glory were sum of the nytes best, the nyte he beat hardy than aj to win the tna title he put on 2 great matches, the nyte he debuted for tna and beat sting in seconds was the biggest pop the impact zone could possibly let out, lol, rvd had his moments hes given plenty to the company, he is regulary on t.v. he jobs to any1 from what ive seen hes jobbed to guys i thought he had no buisiness jobbing too, i think theres an unfair perspective on him, tna should definately resign him back! MY OPINION

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