Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Apr 19, 2014
Sanada Defends The X-Division Title, Willow Umbrella

Sanada Defends The X-Division Title, Willow Umbrella

— is now selling Willow umbrellas for $39.99. $40 for an umbrella?!? Holy shit!

— Sanada defeated Daniels to retain the TNA X-Division title at the Wrestle-1 event in Tokyo, Japan on Thursday night.

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3 Responses to “Sanada Defends The X-Division Title, Willow Umbrella”

  1. tna4life says:

    I would think that a Willow umbrella would be cheaper say about $15- 25 bucks. Not $40.00 that’s alittle steep for an umbrella not unless it’s autographed by Willow then I could see it then also it would need to have a sleeve as well with TNA or something on it!

  2. JoeWrestling says:

    $40 is not too much for an umbrella. It's a 62" arc umbrella, which will run you about $30 for the same thing on Amazon. Yes they could use a cheap 40" junk umbrella and charge $20, but TNA doesn't like to sell crap manufactured products to a niche market. Of course $40 is too much if you don't want it, then don't buy it. They are trying to make money. WWE sells WWE monopoly for $34.99. Is a monopoly game worth $34.99? You could probably get a monopoly game for $8. What's the point here? shoptna is not Wal-Mart, they are providing a value added product.. it will cost more than the base product. They already are taking enough losses, either someone supports wrestling with their dollars or no more wrestling.

  3. TNArocks says:

    Any chance anybody knows where to go to see Sanada vs Daniels and also Sanada vs AJ Styles?

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