Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Apr 4, 2013
Scott Hall To Be Left Alone + The Latest Updates On Him

Scott Hall To Be Left Alone + The Latest Updates On Him

Thanks to Ranjit Chahal for his help with these newsbits:

— Scott Hall is going to be left alone this weekend. Diamond Dallas Page (DDP) and Jake Roberts, whom he has been living with in order to rehabilitate his life, left for New Jersey this morning. The former WWE stars are heading up there to work some wrestling shows this weekend. It should be interesting to see how Scott Hall does on his own.

— With WrestleMania 29 in town, Jake Roberts is in New York City with Diamond Dallas Page to do some wrestling related appearances as noted above. The Snake is scheduled to appear at a party on Saturday night with Kevin Nash, Matt Hardy, Demolition, Rikishi, Rhino, Tommy Dreamer, Shane Helms and Tony Atlas.

— Diamond Dallas Page also spoke to ESPN this week regarding Scott Hall’s condition:

“Right now, he can’t do too much physical stuff,” Page said. “He can do some limited stretching and he can start eating right. When you get sober and you start eating really good food, your body starts healing itself, and it hurts a lot in the beginning. As you go through, you get better and your body starts healing. I think Scott is going to be in pretty good shape by the time he does his surgery.”

— Here is this week’s edition of WZR Radio featuring myself (Ryan Clark) and Matt Boone. Also note that we’ll be doing our LIVE WrestleMania 29 special this Saturday night at 6EST. Look for the live chatroom and media links around 5EST on Saturday. We hope to see all of you guys then!!

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9 Responses to “Scott Hall To Be Left Alone + The Latest Updates On Him”

  1. Real Deal Heel says:

    Party at the Bad Guy's!!

  2. Philly_Cheese says:

    This is the make or break moment, if he can be left alone and resist temptation then he should do alright. After all he can't always have DDP and Jake looking out for him.

  3. hangers says:

    All the best to him..

  4. tnadude says:

    It's sad that this is legitimate news (and, unfortuately – it is). I mean – it's like he's 12 and being left home alone for the first time. I guess it's a testament to how he's lead his life.

    Regardless, get well Bad Guy. You were always one of my favorites and always will be!

  5. ToledoDavid says:

    Be strong, Scott….

  6. lee4tammy says:

    f**k me in the pic he looks like susanne boyle

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