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Sean Waltman On Why TNA Isn’t ‘Must See’ Television

Sean Waltman On Why TNA Isn’t ‘Must See’ Television

Kenny McIntosh passed this recap along.

Sean Waltman joined Inside The Ropes this past Thursday to promote the Viva L.A Lucha Kickstarter campaign ( here are the highlights:

On him being pushed big when he came into the WWF in 1998, compared to guys now:

OK they were pushing me but this is what I don’t understand. There’s some guys now who are getting their opportunities and doing a lot with them, but you can’t push something that doesn’t propel itself. Sometimes you’re limited to what you are talent wise. My angle was really unique when I came in. Usually a guy would come in with vignettes and then win some squash matches and get over that way. They seemed to have a well thought out plan for me. Plus the angle with Razor and I was the first storyline they ran on RAW so that was pretty cool.

On being told he’s working with Shane McMahon at WrestleMania XV:

I didn’t like it going in, I was expecting to have this big WrestleMania match. But back then If something wasn’t my idea, I didn’t like it, even if it was a good one. I was a bit of a spoiled brat at the time. I remember thinking I wanted to have a really good WrestleMania match but how was I gonna do that with somebody that’d never had a match before but I told Vince y’know, he listens to me and I’ll do it but it’s my way. And the agreement was he’d do the job *laughs* But the overall picture of why we did the finish of the match, you know Hunter turned on me and a lot of good things came out of that. My team with Kane came out of that, Hunter’s big first championship run kinda came from that. I thought Shane did an amazing job, he really did. He rented the St Paul Civic Center, it had this little building that held 3-4,000 people called the Roy Wilkins Auditorium, he rented that and had someone in Detroit drive a ring and set it up in this empty building, so I’d go there and work out a match with him for WrestleMania. I wasn’t going anywhere on my days off. I thought that was really going above and beyond, sending a ring to Detroit, Shane and I ended up being pretty tight.

If he watches TNA:

You know what I should, I really should, but I don’t. I don’t know why or what it is but it just doesn’t feel like must see TV to me.

Thoughts on going down to NXT:

From where it was a couple of years ago it’s so much better, so much better. I actually think quite often it’ the best thing on TV. Sometimes I think the best stuff comes off of that show. Triple H is working closely with that too.

Check out the full chat where he talks about his WWF run, Bob Backlund, Kane, WCW, The Kliq & much more, over at

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17 Responses to “Sean Waltman On Why TNA Isn’t ‘Must See’ Television”

  1. Pippin0490 says:

    Yet another completely misleading title! Waltman does not say "Why TNA Isn’t ‘Must See’ Television" he actually says that he DOESN'T know why TNA doesn't feel like must see TV to him. The complete opposite of what the title claims!

    Good God this site is a joke at times.

  2. Steven kelly says:

    Its run by wwe marks what cn u expect

  3. Tiffanydude says:

    I respect X-Pac's opinion but from what the tittle suggested it made him sound like another WWE ass kisser, if he doesn't watch then he doesn't watch it, not really a big deal.

  4. 1Risky1 says:

    He watches but since hes going to NXT, he fears vince lol

  5. Roid Master says:

    He sucks. He's always sucked.

    • Sturk says:

      NEVER!! Growing up watching GWF seeing him as the Lightening Kid doing things I had never seen before then coming to WWE as 123 kid etc he was great. He's earned the right to have an opinion.

      • Roid Master says:

        I never liked the Lightning Kid. I forget who said it, but somebody said, they call him the 123 Kid because that's his weight.

      • OldManEaston says:

        I was never a huge fan of Global ilke I was World Class. I was kind of done with that Texas territory after the Von Erich's fall, but my friend was a big fan. Weekdays at 3PM, we used to watch it in our crappy little apartment on about a 16 inch television. It kind of grew on me after a while, and the Lightning Kid and Jerry Lynn was a big part of why it did. I believe that is also where we got "The Winner" Barry Horowitz was it not? Pretty fun little promotion. Really strange at times, but fun.

  6. godoftna says:

    I'm not knocking IMPACT or TNA, but part of the reason that it's not "must see tv" is because there's no feeling of "If I don't watch it, I'm gonna miss something huge". Part of this could be due to results being leaked online for some of the shows, but another part of it is that there's just no "WOW" factor to it. They put on solid matches, but many of the storylines are dull. The Aces and 8s angle started off hot, but has since fizzled. It regained a little steam when Bully Ray joined, but his heel turn was something that was predictable as soon as he was named #1 contender for the World title at Lockdown, if not sooner. It's good to see that TNA is commited to the story long term as in the past they'd give up on it or just plain kill it in a matter of weeks. Sadly, this angle bears the same marks as the Immortal storyline. It played out for too long and fans got bored of it. Everyone knew months in advance that Hogan would turn heel and he and Bischoff were "they". Now the A&8s are falling along the same path. They could have a big boost when the MEM returns, but instead of announcing it, Sting should have just shown up one night on IMPACT with the MEM in tow. Imagine, A&8s is in the ring gloating following a beat down of (insert wrestlers name). Suddenly the lights go out, and then the MEM music blares across the loudspeakers. When the lights come back on, the A&8s find themselves surrounded by the Main Event Mafia who precede to beat them down and chase them from the ring. Sting then gets on the mic and announces that the Aces & 8s time in TNA is done. The following episodes of IMPACT are marked by a gang style war between A&8s and the MEM leading towards B4G and a big 5 on 5 elimination match with the losing team having to disband and leave TNA forever. Would really send a message(even for one week), that IMPACT can be unpredictable and that can lead towards it BECOMING must watch tv. Surprises are what will bring more fans in and get them watching IMPACT on a more regular basis. But TNA needs to ensure that these surprises are worth the fans time which means not announcing huge signings and then having lifetime jobbers show up as "major players". TNA would be very wise in not announcing who will be in the MEM in advance. Personally, I'd want to see Sting, Matt Morgan, EY, Rampage, and Angle.

    • pepsilover2008 says:

      As much as i hate russo's booking, he made me want to watch tna things happened all the time (whether or not it was smart is another thing). Pritchard's booking is more in line of telling a year long story in some cases it's good like aj style's it started with dixie carter and has ended up where it's at. Granted they should have hired a far better actor for lynch, but it was interesting. Then there was a&8s which started interest and died a bit afterwards.

      • OldManEaston says:

        The problem with Vinnie Ru, has always been his schizophrenic booking, when he been in control. I don't even say it is the crash TV, like some say. The crash TV can be good as the WWF attitude era proved, if you have some knowledgeable people to filter through his crap and keep a semblance on wrestling, and not completely insult the audience, kill suspense of disbelief and crap on the legacy of the wrestling business. The guy obviously has had some very good creative ideas. When he doesn't have a filter who can tell him no, is when he has always got into problems. WCW was a total mess thanks to Russo's booking. For every good thing he did in TNA, there was also always the Russoriffic nonsense ready to boil up to the surface. Dutch Mantell obviously did not have the authority to filter him as was needed, and Dixie has always lacked the knowledge. Double J either lacked the authority at that stage, or he was as really clueless as many have said he is. Or perhaps he reckoned that Russo was his best bet to stay on top and he wanted to appease him, even if he ultimately understood that Russo was a problem. Some the stuff that TNA did while Russo was head writer was pretty good, but it would undoubtedly been as a whole better with that proper filter.

    • jbcissom says:

      I like the first three members of your MEM. Rampage and Angle need to stay out of it. I would like to throw in AJ Styles, but it seems that TNA is having him play the lone wolf role. I wouldn't mind it if Crimson were added as well. But back to EY… he has at often times reminded me of a much younger Sting charisma and athletic ability-wise.

      And I like your premise, but it's too short term. I think TNA is going to make this a long build… and that is why they had Sting announce it. Now people will be watching to see who is in it. But I definitely like the idea of the guerrilla warfare.

      • godoftna says:

        It is a bit of short term thinking, but the overall point of it was to bring to an end the Aces & 8s storyline. Obviously(or at least hopefully)Bully Ray will be defending the World title vs AJ Styles at B4G. With AJ's(again, hopefully)title win, and an MEM victory in the elimination match, it would eliminate the Aces as a group in TNA. Bully of course would go on to continue feuding with AJ in an attempt to regain the strap, but otherwise the rest of his team would be broken up and placed in new storylines or angles. The Mafia itself could continue on for a time before once again disbanding. Part of my post was about how some storylines such as the Aces & 8s and Immortal carried on far past there life span when fan interest had long since fizzled. Some storylines, AJ's for instance, have a discernable end point to them and the fans look forward to a solid payoff(again, AJ's title win at B4G), and those are fine as they maintain fan interest. In cases like the AN8 or Immortal tho, TNA needs to learn when the appropriate time is to bring things to a close, or at least throw something new into the mix to make it relevant again. BVringing in the MEM will certainly add a new level to this storyline, so I guess we'll have to see how things turn out.

  7. JoeWrestling says:

    People don't even know what Russo was in control of. You think he made all the decisions and was able to control everything? What you see on TV isn't Russo's creation, it's the companies creation with numerous people changing things. That's why you think it's "schizo" because it's multiple people changing things.

    It's also funny how X-Pac (Former TNA Star <sic>) is now supposed to be taken as the voice of reason. I'm supposed to believe NXT is the best thing on TV (funny since it's not on TV in the US), but who has 90 minutes to watch Impact. Next maybe we can get Joey Styles opinion on TNA.

  8. Laker says:

    Sean Waltman has always been a must see to me. Haha JK!

  9. Real Deal Heel says:

    Wow…I clicked this thinking Xpac is dissing TNA..what a tool…but he never said that…What a joke of a title. Who runs this bullshit? I have a lil respect for Xpac after that..but none for these "editors" making up bullshit titles. WTF?

  10. POWERBOMB says:

    xpac sucks

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