Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Apr 20, 2014
Several Talents Unhappy With Recent Losses – Details

Several Talents Unhappy With Recent Losses – Details

Partial Source: Pwinsider

Several people in TNA were reportedly very pleased to see the company bringing new and old faces back for the One Night Only PPV shows. However, several of those signed TNA talent were unhappy with the fact that they were booked to put over talent who are not currently signed to TNA.

The feeling was that it doesn’t make sense for guys signed to the company to lose to unsigned people who don’t regularly work for the promotion.

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7 Responses to “Several Talents Unhappy With Recent Losses – Details”

  1. Peckar says:

    What does make sense that TNA do nowadays?

  2. Tiffanydude says:

    Well I mean what's the point of watching the PPV if we already know that the wrestlers already signed to the company is going to win. To me that would be too predictable , let's say that Zema is wrestling against Joey Ryan , who would win? Obviously Zema, however if Ryan won that would show that TNA is interested in him again and might sign him again or they want the fans to be curious who is going to win which could result in more views and more seats sold.

  3. The Broodwich says:

    This company is going to lose thier TV deal with Spike and PBS wouldn’t even want them let alone another major network. Same shit happened in WCW. Pushing nobodies down our throats and losing ratings in the process. Good luck with whatever fuck you people are trying to do.

  4. JoeWrestling says:

    Some returning people have to win sometimes. The ONO shows can't just be people returning and every match the main roster guy wins. Very few people order, and they will get bored quickly with stale booking. Plus, if people are paying to see returning stars, they'd like to see them win obviously since they are obviously fans of them or they wouldn't order. They are probably just listening to the fans. I know the ONO shows I saw I found very predictable in that you knew established guys would win. That doesn't make for a great show. If you want to know who wins EVERY match before it starts, watch WWE.

  5. Paul says:

    First off WCW was sold because aol decided it wanted nothing to do with wrestling. Ted turner at that point was with time cast and aol. As well tna is doing rather well this year I would think. They got rid of hogan, got some new blood and got back some old talent that was missed by tna fans. Yes tna nor it’s fans care what wwe fans like. Roh fans are different for they are training grounds for aj styles. I’ve been watching since WCW early. Went to a wrestle mania when I was five. Hooray I’m a fan, wwe is a good show and very entertaining. They have even broken into reality shows as well. That is what this generation wants, honnie boo boo may appear next year if she gains a buck fifty! But sadly this is not wrestling. Certainly not the wrastling I grew up with good ole nwa/awa WCW ecw and wwf. Tna is the closest thing to the old style silly gimmicks and good matchs. Wwe can produce that if they chose. Still with the gimmicks and a litany of good athletes but far too much entertainment. Still flashy but not the glitz of miss Elizabeth and macho man coming down that ramp. Feel they lost that after they lost Monday night wars and aol sold WCW. Just because it ended, it still counts as a loss!

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