Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Jul 29, 2013
Shannon Moore Goes On A Rant Against TNA

Shannon Moore Goes On A Rant Against TNA

Former TNA IMPACT! Wrestling star Shannon Moore recently posted a rant on Twitter regarding TNA’s future following several recent roster cuts, and the fact that so many established stars are sitting home right now, as opposed to being utilized by a top wrestling promotion. Below is Moore’s rant from Twitter (multiple tweets combined):

People ask me my thoughts on TNA. I don’t know what the game plan is but would hate to see a company come to a cross roads. However I feel it’s time to capitalize on the house hold names that are sitting home right now. Carlito, Morrison, Helms, Masters, etc. These guys are hard workers that have name value that people still want to see. Sometimes the mixture of home grown and household names is a good thing. Just my opinion but so much talent that have a following should be put to use by someone. It’s a waste and this day and age it’s hard to build new talent unless you have the following already paying attention to your product!! That’s my thoughts but its not my answer at the end of the day that will help. Hopefully the game plan will pan out.

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25 Responses to “Shannon Moore Goes On A Rant Against TNA”

  1. TwIsTeD_EnEmY says:

    Doesn't sound like hes "ranting against TNA" at all- just giving his opinion.
    An opinion I frankly don't agree with at all. How many " house hold names" have TNA brought in in the last 3, hell 6 years, with no improvement to ratings.
    No offense to the wrestlers mentioned, but if Jeff Hardy, Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash, RVD etc. cant help boost the ratings, then I dont see Masters or Carlito doing it.
    Side note: Since when are ANY of those wrestlers household names?

    • Tiffanydude says:

      Well maybe Morrison he's hella talented

    • jbcissom says:

      I concur. I lol'ed when I read household names and I thought to myself… household names not in WWE or TNA… Ric Flair… Shawn Michaels… Steve Austin… and I about shat my pants from laughing even harder when I read the names he listed.

  2. tHe_SoRrOw says:

    Not really a rant against TNA more like he is trying to get these people jobs. None of them will be signed by WWE because they arent marketable enough for them. TNA is a "wrestling promotion" which these guys are, not pumped up soap stars. Moore knows this thats why he has targeted TNA to try and get them back on the main stage. Would like to see those 4 in TNA, especially Morrison, but cant see it anytime soon

  3. RavenNevermore says:

    Without Jeff Hardy. Kurt Angle. Tna would barely have any fans. Mainly Jeff Hardy. I am not a huge fan of those likes just respect and common sense.

    • OldManEaston says:

      How many times are people like you going to come up with this B.S. song and dance? Are you Jeff Hardy and Kurt Angle's press agent? For Christ sakes, you people act like there was never a TNA before the so-called big names started coming in. Look at the ratings for TNA in a much worse timeslot on Saturday night as opposed to now in primetime on a night much more friendly to getting an audience, when adults aren't out on the town. The results are negligible. They averaged around a 0.8 then as a opposed to just over 1.0 now. They haven't gained that much from the days of their old timeslot, before guys like Angle or Hardy were there or made their return and before Sting made his full time return.

  4. 1Risky1 says:

    how is that a rant against TNA?

  5. 1Risky1 says:

    from them 4 I just would like to see Morrison and Helms

  6. Stunner says:

    Does anyone know why Moore left TNA, I kinda like the tag team he was in called Ink Inc. They even had a female sorry cant recall her name, however I like that tag team and then the team just like disappeared in like two weeks?? What was that all about? That’s when I was watching both and then E just stared to go down hill fast about that timeframe.

  7. 02Roadking says:

    Carlito and Morrison would be the only two I would be interested in seeing…

  8. TheBringer92 says:

    I think they need to advertise outside of Spike network

  9. Peckar says:

    Carlito would be cool.

  10. hangers says:

    Look I have to agree with what he's saying to some extent although I wouldn't call the guys household names they would add to the promotion depending on what creative does with them. I'd much rather see any of those guys wrestle than Hulk Hogan or even Sting…

    • jbcissom says:

      Then go watch RoH. Seriously, Hogan and Sting draw… those two would draw better than maybe a handful of guys on the roster. Are they better? No. But that is the reality of the situation…. this is a business. If you don't draw, you're not hired. Plain and simple.

      • hangers says:

        Really? If Sting and Hogan draw so well how come ratings have not improved at all since Hogan joined the company? Why are TNA not selling out shows? Daniel Brian and CM Punk draw more at a house show than Hogan and Sting ever will. I loved the guys in their prime and they drew the house down then, but it's time to move on, seriously, how long do you think fans want to live in the past? Nostalgia gets boring…

        • jbcissom says:

          You're full of crap. Daniel Bryan and CM Punk do not draw more than Hogan and Sting. WWE draws that crowd, not Bryan and Punk, let's get that straight. One thing VKM has done exceptionally well, he's made the WWE bigger than any superstar. Also, during Bryan's push… noticed how WWE's numbers (ratings and viewership) are decreasing week in and week out.

          Secondly, why is it that fan interactions and house shows have roughly 50% increase in population when Hogan and Sting show up than when they don't.

          • hangers says:

            Really, the house show I went to last week was main evented by Bryan and Cena and Bryan was getting the biggest pop from the crowd by far, same with Punk on the previous one I went to. Also, the place sold out. When I went to see a show headlined by Hulk Hogan vs Rick Flair a few years back, before he joined TNA, they were lucky to sell out 20% of the venue and that was after doing two for one specials to get people through the door. A 50% increase on 250 people means d!ck sh!t on the greater scheme of things. TNA sells a few more Hulkamania shirts and feather boas, big whoop, ratings are still not growing and money is made from TV revenue, advertising slots etc I'm no WWE fanboy, but they realised that fresh talent was the way forward and thats what they've pushed.

          • jbcissom says:

            People pop no matter where they are at. But they don't pay money just to see some little guy wrestle. They pay for an "entire" show. That's what the WWE is. It's a show. Bryan and Punk are cogs to that show. Bryan and Punk get nowhere near the pops that the Rock gets. And guess who is the only guy thus far to get a bigger pop than him… Hogan.

            20 years from now (if we're around that long) people more than likely will not be talking about Bryan nor Punk. If I had $1 million, I bet they would still talk about Hogan and Sting.

            Otherwise, go back to your "fanboy" universe and stop your nagging and crying. If you're sick of Hogan and Sting, watch RoH… they need the viewership more than TNA does.

          • hangers says:

            Fcuk you and your fanboy sh|t. I never said Hogan or Sting never drew (past) but they no longer draw (present) like you seem to think they do nor do they excite fans with their weekly on screen performances. If you think TNA is at a better place now than pre Hogan then you have your head stuck up your ass… Yes, people pay to see a show, but if the show isnt appealing they wont watch it. Hogan and Sting can no longer sell out arenas and thats a fact..

          • jbcissom says:

            Classy man…
            I'm a fan of TNA, but I'm critical of them when I feel it is necessary, like the many videos of August 1 warning…. when the story in TNA was about Hogan (now it's not mind you). I have never stated that Hogan was going to be the "saviour" of TNA. As a matter of fact, I was a part of the choir, singing about how he would probably take "air time" from the current talent.

            You apparently don't know how to keep things in context. If Sting does jump ship to WWE, expect the next WM to be the most viewed WM in history. Put Bryan and Punk on TNA, and TNA still "struggles" with viewership and ratings. Everyone knows that and has admitted it.

            So hop off of Bryan and Punk's crotch, realize that you are a part of a niche', that is actually getting smaller… it's not growing.

          • hangers says:

            If sting did go to WWE, all he'd get is a WM pop, most watched in history? I highly doubt it. If Bryan and Punk, for example, joined TNA the ratings and programming would benefit as you can build programming around those guys, can no longer build shows around Hogan or Sting as ratings show.

          • jbcissom says:

            Then answer me this… why is it, that over the past… 5-6 years that Sting has been in, on average, the most viewed and highest rated segment of Impact!.

            Yeah, Sting doesn't draw…. and I've got some ocean-front property in Arizona you might be interested in.

          • hangers says:

            Oh, I'm sorry, he, along with Hogan have been rating the house down… Are Sting and Hogan the future of tna? I sure hope not..

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