Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Aug 16, 2013
Site Note: A Personal Thank You From Ryan Clark

Site Note: A Personal Thank You From Ryan Clark

For those who have emailed and sent Facebook messages today, I just wanted to personally THANK YOU for all the happy birthday wishes. You guys are the absolute best.

Whether you love us or hate us, most of you guys continue to visit the website on a daily basis and have helped us become one of the top pro wrestling websites on the ‘net today. I say it time and time again – we have the best fans in the world. You guys are all entitled to your opinions but at the end of the day, we thank ALL of you for your continued support. We owe all of our success to all of you.

Once again, THANK YOU for the Happy Birthday wishes and also for your continued support of the website! 33 years old?! God damn I’m getting old, lol. Be good guys.

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10 Responses to “Site Note: A Personal Thank You From Ryan Clark”

  1. purpleurkel says:

    Thank you!! for providing a place for wwe fanboys, to vent their virgin anger against a superior wrestling promotion


    • lynchmob says:

      That is the greatest thing i have ever seen anyone write

    • pepsilover2008 says:

      Well that's what happens when ya purposely add stuff to articles or give misleading titles to articles. personally i visit tnasylum more now days. They have some decent content and have good opinion pieces.

  2. soyfenomenal says:

    Fuck you, Ryan Clark. Your site is shit.

  3. DirkB says:

    It would be more personal if he hadn't posted the exact same message on 5 or 6 sites.
    I don't know what site he means, I'm guessing the wzronline one.

    • ariesstormjoe says:

      WZR is his main 1. but he owns 5 others as well. ProWrestlingSCOOPS, TheWrestlingAnswer, MMAScoops, PWSForums, and obviously tnawrestlingnews.

  4. Mr. Excitement says:

    This site is average at best.

  5. dominic says:

    happy belated birthday ryan:) & keep up the amazing job on the site

  6. Real Deal Heel says:




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