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<i>**SPOILERS** – TNA iMPACT! Results For February 7th</i>

**SPOILERS** – TNA iMPACT! Results For February 7th

Credit: Ian Mills and PWInsider

* The show starts with British Boot Camp winner Rockstar thanking the UK before Robbie E., comes down and runs him Down. Rock star beats him down before dancing with Robbie T.

* Austin Aries & Bobby Roode defeated Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez to win the TNA Tag team titles. Photos of the tag-team title win at this link.

* James Storm over Jessie Godderz with Last Call. Jesse out first to rip the crowd and Storm out to defend them. Beer celebration at the end.

* Aces and eights out next. There were massive “You can’t wrestle” chants for Garett. He said last year in the UK, the same chants made him decide to join Aces. Wes Briscoe rips Kurt Angle and said says his dad trained Kurt. They call Kurt out and said if he shows tonight, they will end him.

* Daniels comes out and rips on the UK crowd before Samoa Joe comes out a huge pop. Great great match with Joe winning clean at the end with his finisher after catching Daniels mid air. Lot of love for Joe.

* Devon and DOC vs. Bully and Sting tables main event. Bully wore Sting face paint. Big table chants. Bully hulks up at the end and puts Devon through the table for the win. Hogan comes down and raises Bully’s hand to end the show.

* The arena was taped off at the top but must have had 5,000 in tonight. Really good double taping and Tna really needs To take TNA on the road more often for TV.

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6 Responses to “**SPOILERS** – TNA iMPACT! Results For February 7th

  1. UCEAD11 says:

    From that first match I can see Jesse and Robbie E teaming up somewhere down the road as Jerseys and spud, Robbie E, Magnus, and Doug williams rebirthing the british factions. You have TV title, World Champ and Tag Team Champs with that group together. If they bring over the twins they can make a run here in the states until the next return to the UK where the crowds would probably double. Just an idea.

  2. UCEAD11 says:

    With how things are resulting in these matches no wonder they have reduced the PPV's. By the time you get to the PPV's you are going to want to get them. Clever little monkey.

  3. hangers says:

    5000 still isnt all that great is it?

    • godoftna says:

      it might not be a great attendance #, but what it is(one would hope anyways), is 5000 PAID fans in attendance. Compare that to the few hundred fans who watch shows in the Impact Zone FOR FREE. That makes a huge difference. TNA seriously needs to look long and hard at doing IMPACT outside of the Impact Zone. Even if they keep it territorial and tour primarily in areas where they get big draws, then it'll make a big difference for the company in the long haul.

      • hangers says:

        5000 wouldnt come close to covering expenses unless Skike is helping out with it. Im not saying its bad but unfortunately WWE is the ony show that sells out on the road..

    • HolsG says:

      Better than the <1000 in orlando
      And UK have to pay for tickets, there was also 'a lot' of snow over here so some people wouldn't have chanced going

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