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<i>**SPOILERS** TNA iMPACT! Results For Next Thursday</i>

**SPOILERS** TNA iMPACT! Results For Next Thursday

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Mickie James defeated Miss Tessmacher. ODB was special referee. The crowd came alive for Mickie more than the local Miss Tessmacher (Houston is not too far from Corpus Christi for her). Mickie hit her up top for a close one. These ladies are way superior to any Divas match featured here before and the crowd was pretty entertained. In a sloppy finish, Mickie won with a roll up pin gone wrong.

Jeremy Borash announced the main event of Bully Ray vs. Sting.

Garett Bischoff and Wes Brisco beat Kurt Angle. Huge pop for Angle, who lost due to shady tactics from Aces & 8s. Angle took a beating and then they got on the mic and boasted about Bully’s win.

Angle got a nice pop when he left and Borash said the referee has camera on his head and next week it will be featured for the X Division. It seems like this will be the norm for X Division going forward due to the way he hyped it up.

X Division Champion Kenny King beat Zema Ion and Petey Williams. There were some boring chants and the crowd is starting to get restless. Two tapings wears a person out. King pinned Ion.

TV Champion Devon vs. Magnus never got started. Aces & 8’s beat Magnus down on the ramp and gave him a Shield-esque powerbomb on the stage. Samoa Joe made the save. Not sure if it will make TV, but Devon and company got a big pop as they left the arena. Devon took a look at me and my buddy Robert Chapa and gave us a nod.

Christopher Daniels and Kazarian came out as they pushed the year of Bad Influence. They were trying to sell their shirts and their right to a tag championship match. Austin Aries and Bobby Roode came out. Kaz tried to push the vegan card to Aries and that never matters in wrestling. People wanted this to end. Chavo and Hernandez came to the ring and they attacked Aries and Roode and showed off their titles after for no pop.

TV Champion Devon beat Samoa Joe. Aces & 8’s came out mid match and struck Joe, and then Devon got the pin. There was another Aces & 8’s celebration for winning a match. Anderson struck Joe in the face with his fist and it looked like it actually landed. As Devon left, he took popcorn from a fan and ended up throwing it at a young child. It almost started trouble with the section.

James Storm made his way out to face A.J. Styles.

A.J. Styles defeated James Storm. The crowd chanted “you still got it” at Styles. He was in good shape. Storm had him for his superkick, but Styles reversed it into a sweet looking ankle lock. Bad Influence were out, but Styles walked right past them. Aces & 8’s attacked the remaining wrestlers.

Bully Ray took the mic to loud boos from the crowd. Ray said all our heroes are dead and done then said we should blame it on Hulk Hogan. He called out Hogan for the next week’s live Impact. They proceeded to beat down Storm and then Sting came out to largest pop of both night tapings. Sting called out Aces and 8’s while Storm and Joseph Park were in ring with him. There were loud “you suck” chants to Ray as he tried to talk. It became a six-man tag match rather than the singles match that was promised earlier.

Sting, James Storm, and Joseph Park defeated Bully Ray, Devon, and DOC. Storms started off, but there were loud Sting chants and he got in to wrestle Ray. Sting performed some splashes late in the match. He got the bat and Storm hits the Last Call on DOC, and Park got in with his splash. Sting performed Death Drop and it was over.

The crowd stayed hot for most all of the show. The sound system and the lack of fireworks hurts the major presence that WWE has when they are here.

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22 Responses to “**SPOILERS** TNA iMPACT! Results For Next Thursday

  1. Steven kelly says:

    Its a learning curve they will polish up the routing whereas with wwe theres no real way to polish a turd

  2. Dependant says:

    Hmm boring chants during an X division match? that's weird

    • Philly_Cheese says:

      It's more than likely because the match probably mainly focused on KK and Ion and we've seen that already… In all honesty KK and Ion together doesn't appear to make a high quality match as it tended to be slow, predictable, and boring.

      • powerbomb says:

        kk became xdivision champion too quickly he has done nothing memorable in TNA the only thing I remember about him before his title is him jobbing to RVD. Ion’s hair spray gimmy is dumb he needs a new look and get a haircut but he is a good xdivision wrestler. I would love to see Aj Styles, Cris Sabin, Petey Williams, Samoa Joe, Alex Shelly, Lowki, and Austin Aries reform the xdivision. Who would you like to see in the xdivision?

  3. rabid says:

    as much as i love the x division im getting pretty tired of zema hairspray in every championship match

    • OldManEaston says:

      He's not ready for prime time yet. The guy might be a good X division wrestler in the future, but he pales in comparison to the X division greats of the past. All those guys just really clicked and were electric together. As Philly Cheese pointed out, he and Kenny King don't mesh well at all yet, if they ever will. King is another one of those guys I am also not crazy about yet. He did some really good work in ANX for ROH, but I wasn't all that impressed with him and RVD to be honest, and he and Ion fall flat as well.

  4. soyfenomenal says:

    All three guys are relatively slow, so I can see how it would get boring. There's no Dutt or Lethal or Sabin or Aries. No really fast guys that make it more interesting. Not hating on King, Ion, or Williams especially, but they're not the fastest movers.

    • OldManEaston says:

      Petey has proven in the past that he is a very good X division wrestler, though. I am not ready to grade him to harshly yet, because he has literally not been back in the swing of things for very long at all.

      • Leg Drop Jobber says:

        Petey never stopped wrestling… There is pro wrestling outside of TNA, ya know.

        • OldManEaston says:

          I meant not been back in the swing of televised wrestling. There is a difference in wrestling shorter matches for TV on a semi-regular basis, than doing sporadic indie bookings. Petey hasn't even worked a tv taping to my knowledge since he did a few for Lucha Libre USA in something like 2011.

  5. hangers says:

    Come on AJ, do something new please and turn heel..

    • Get_Carter says:

      AJ has been a heel a few times during his run with TNA. I am liking this new, darker "man for himself" version of AJ. The heel turn from a few years ago with The MEM and AJ wearing a crown was just silly.

  6. vin king says:

    I want AJ with A&8 i hope he goes with them

  7. Barca20 says:

    This episode doesn’t seem to interesting. Way too much Aces and Eights.

  8. Dante_Cross says:

    Referee has a camera on his head for X Division matches? That's the worst idea ever. I don't want to watch referee vision, he isn't even keeping up with everything half the time. There's a reason that cameras are not so close to the ring, so that people can get the full view from different angles. These dumb ideas they are trying to do for the X Division are well, dumb. If you want to make the division interesting, actually hire guys to the division and stop using the same 4 guys as they have for the past year.

    • Leg Drop Jobber says:

      I'm sure the "ref cam" will only be edited into certain spots where it looks good for an up close view of the action. I can't imagine an entire match being only one camera angle.

  9. Roid Master says:

    Time to start building some compelling new story lines and start cutting loose some old ones. Unless they bring in some new into the storyline, the A&8 is losing steam. The Joseph Park angle was crap from the beginning and they still keep shoving it down our throats. They've buried Anderson. I don't like Roode and Aries in the tag division either. And they really don't seem to know what do do with James Storm right now.

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