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<i>**SPOILERS** TNA iMPACT! Results For Next Week</i>

**SPOILERS** TNA iMPACT! Results For Next Week

Xplosion 10/3:

*Chris Sabin & Kenny King vs. Manik & Jeff Hardy:King gets busted open. Hardy gets the pin with the Swanton Bomb. Aries comes out & says that Sabin likes to be opportunist. He proposes a four-way match witb Aries,Sabin, Manik & Hardy for October 20th at Bound For Glory. Hardy says that he can do better and proposes that they go at it in an Ultimate X match.


Robbie E vs. James Storm – Storm wins with the Superkick.

10/3 iMPACT!:

Brooke Tessmacher vs. Velvet Sky vs. Lei’D Tapa – Lei’D Tapa assaulted Velvet Sky. Brooke leaves the beatdown. No Contest.

AJ Styles comes out and says that he appreciates what Hogan did but Dixie came out and showed her true colors. He says that Bully Ray is the man he is going to beat at Bound For Glory on October 20th. He says that he is hungry for the title because he hasn’t seen it a year. Bully comes out & says that lady is in your head to AJ, referring to Dixie. Bully says that AJ needs to be worried about him, not Dixie. Bully is sick and tired off hearing the fans chanting AJ, AJ, AJ. AJ says that Bully better get ready for his match tonight. Bully states that he doesn’t have a match. AJ says that he going to kill you, referring to Samoa Joe and then leaves the ring.

Christopher Daniels vs. Magnus – Magnus wins a Spiked Piledriver. Kazarian comes out as his next opponent.

Magnus vs. Kazarian – Magnus wins with The Camel Clutch. Bobby Roode comes out as his next opponent. Kazarian attacks Magnus before he leaves.

Magnus vs. Bobby Roode – Roode forces Magnus to tap to an Ankle Lock.

Sting comes out to talk to Magnus. Sting says that Magnus is making a public disgrace of himself. Sting says that they can go to the back. Magnus says no. Magnus says that he doesn’t have it in him. Magnus says that it’s a result driven business and he’s not getting the results. Sting says that Flair put him on the map. Magnus asks Sting who’s going to put him on the map.

Samoa Joe vs. Bully Ray – TNA World Heavyweight Title Match. Joe runs into Earl Hebner in the corner and knocks him out. Joe applies the Kokina Clutch. Bully Ray taps but the ref is out. Bully hits Joe with a chain but Hebner awakes to see it. Joe wins by DQ. Bully Ray is setting up a table on the outside do the ring for Joe but AJ Styles makes the save.

Dixie Carter comes out and says that the fans are not happy with her decisions. She says that she had business with Hulk Hogan to take care of. Dixie asks Hulk if he wants to take his career to another level. She says that the watch Hulk is wearing, she got him from Tiffany’s. Dixie then asks Hulk if he wants to ride The Dixie Train. Hulk says that it’s an amazing offer for someone else. Hulk says that he quits. Dixie grabs and holds onto his leg to keep him from “leaving” to end the show.

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15 Responses to “**SPOILERS** TNA iMPACT! Results For Next Week

  1. AussieWrestling says:

    Hogans leaving TNA? :O They should of at least promoted it as his retirement or final appearance to bring in extra viewers.

  2. killerchris21 says:

    Ok so we have two weeks till Bound for Glory and only have one match for it and no type build for any other matches???? What is going on???

    • sp8745 says:

      That always happens during BFG season. They put so much effort in the main event no matter how many times we've seen the same people compete and let originals be a last minute addition.

  3. Spencer123_78 says:

    I think Dixie was testing Hulk Hogan, she and others that know Hogan knows, that Hulk don't
    go on no ones train but himself. Maybe this is a way to fire Hogan, and send a message, that you
    don't disrespect TNA, by not mentioning us in interviews, and say that it's time to give control to
    Eric Bischoff. Dixie was plotting this to get back at Hogan, send a message, that's the impression
    that i get.

  4. pepsilover2008 says:

    With this crazy power hungry boss storyline I'm surprised she didn't fire him for taking over the company during immortal and saw him as a threat. The heel heat on dixie would have been bigger

    • godoftna says:

      I'm not sure about that. Perhaps if Dixie slapped Hogan across the face instead and said that "nobody quits on Dixie Carter. When it's time for Hogan to leave, she'll tell him". I think that might've gotten her a bigger reaction than firing him for Immortal, especially as that ended 2 years ago.

  5. andy3323 says:

    Wonder what the plans are with Magnus…..heel turn perhaps like Sabin due to frustration? I wouldn't mind that and an eventual feud with AJ, AA, or renewed feud with Samoa Joe. I really like the Sabin heel turn, I just couldn't get overly excited watching his singles face character.

    It'll be interesting to see where all of this goes with Dixie/Hogan/AJ/TNA………I am sure there is plenty more to come, so I will hold off commenting on the segment listed here just yet.

    • godoftna says:

      I'm thinking Magnus vs Angle at B4G. Too many guys are going heel right now, so it'd just be overkill to turn Magnus heel just yet. I could eventually see hjim switching early or late next year for a run at the TNA World title tho.

    • JoeWrestling says:

      These are some bad spoilers. I was at the show. The whole point of the segment was that Magnus was frustrated that he lost he chance at B4G and was about ready to quit, but Sting said he would face Magnus at B4G and be the guy who gives Magnus his break and put him over on the big stage.

  6. jbcissom says:

    Awesome Impact!. TNA needs to go on and have Knux and Bischoff turn on Bully. I kinda do hope that Hogan is gone. And I'm loving this heel turn by Dixie. Like I said in another thread, Dixie is doing this Southern B!tch Style, darlin'.

  7. TwIsTeD_EnEmY says:

    Dixie Carter holding Hulk Hogans leg to keep him from going?
    No doubt hulk demanded that this be the case…

  8. ViceyThaShizzle says:

    "Ride the Dixie train"? That sounds so wrong.

  9. Chris youngblood says:

    Hogan leaves then they can afford some in ring talent Hogan isn’t wrestling wrestling is wrestling and it’s time Hogan made room

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