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<i>**SPOILERS** TNA iMPACT! Results For Next Week</i>

**SPOILERS** TNA iMPACT! Results For Next Week

Credit Kurt Zamora and

Eric Young defeating Robbie E in a comedy match.

Wes Brisco/Garrett Bischoff defeating Chavo & Hernandez after Hernandez accidentally hit Chavo.

8/8 iMPACT!:
Here are the spoilers for next week.

Bully Ray promo with Chris Sabin about the cage match at Hardcore Justice. Brooke Hogan came out with the contract and said if Bully lost he’ll never get another title match. Just like Sting a couple months ago. Ugh.

Jeff Hardy defeated Samoa Joe in a very good BFG match. I believe Mr. Anderson distracted Joe from the announce table but I’m not sure.

Mr. Anderson defeated Magnus in a BFG match after Bobby Roode came out & hit Anderson with a chair. That disqualified Magnus.

Tito Ortiz came out for a promo. Angle interrupted him to tell him he respected him. Bully Ray then came out & said he didn’t respect either of them. Dumb segment.

James Storm, Gunner, & ODB beat Bromance and Mickie James. Gail Kim attacked ODB afterwards and then Mickie got a cheap shot in after.

Kaz and Daniels went to a double count out on purpose. Such a dumb finish. Then Roode came back out & announced a new faction with them 3. Cause that’s what TNA needs.

Chris Sabin and Kurt Angle defeated Team 3D. In a typical TNA move, Sting came out with Sabin and got by far the best pop of the night. But of course it was just a swerve for Angle to come from behind. Half the crowd left because of this.

These tapings are BRUTAL paced. So bad to sit through. Its a miracle it was over in 4 hours.

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28 Responses to “**SPOILERS** TNA iMPACT! Results For Next Week

  1. jflegler says:

    So Ortiz is not even entering as a heel and we have to sit through a potentially long-winded heel turn? Ugh.

    At least have him come in as a punk and bash the "wrestlers" in the locker room to generate heat. Perhaps calling MMA the real deal and TNA wrestling a fraud. Set up Rampage to defend the wrestling sport and work that into their over-hyped signing.

    • Philly_Cheese says:

      Yeah… I'm starting to think TNA creative doesn't know what they're doing. They should've let Ortiz go on his own and be heel, he has the look for it. They didn't need Angle to come out and do some stupid respect thing, and they certainly didn't need Bully to do anything with it either. They should've been smart about it, and have him come in and decimate someone like Angle or Sting and be set as a heel right off the bat.

      • jflegler says:

        I know that every Tom, ****, and Harry probably thinks that they could write for a wrestling promotion, but I SERIOUSLY would like to be one of the writers for TNA. As much as I disagree with them bringing Ortiz in, I could at least make it entertaining.

        They should use the negative feedback of the August1Warning to their advantage; have him come out and bash TNA fans, twitter, etc… "Got you all excited for what? you are all sheep in this dying meadow called professional wrestling. You will just jump on any bandwagon that TNA will throw at you, huh? MMA has been, and always will be the real fighting promotion. Who cares about Dave Batista? Who cares about Jerichode, and who gives a rat's ass about a washed up Texan redneck?" <— something like that to start off his promo.

  2. nicholal79 says:

    TNA is lost!

  3. Sturk says:

    Sounds like a show filled with some great wrestling matches on it!! So looking forward to it. I know that's not popular to say on sites like this cause keyboard goons strictly focus on the parts they don't like. I'm not that kind of fan.

    • Sturk says:

      Yesterdays show was really good as well. Great matches… But again, most people will strictly focus on the issues they have with the show.

    • Bigmike885 says:

      what? how? there wasn't a single match with a clean finish…bad promos..ugh

      • stevontte1 says:

        If you don't like it then don't watch. It's as simple as that. Why watch a show just so you can bash it? To me it sounds like a lot of you are undercover tna fans that bash tna because that's what's cool on the Twitter or the net in general.

        • Sturk says:

          I couldn't have said it better bro!

        • Sturk says:

          When you read these guys intensedebate, you see that all they do is comment to undermine what TNA is doing. They don't watch to be fans, they watch to act like the "front office."

          • CELL says:

            Tough love is what it is. If these people didnt give two sh*ts about TNA; instead of critism they would laugh and say how WWE is so much better. What you and stevontte1 are doing is covering you ears and closing your eyes and pretending there’s nothing wrong.

            We still watch BECAUSE we’re fans. And reason why people are becoming so critical is because TNA is capable of so much more but it seems like their not even trying. At least WWE are debuting new talent which is what TNA should be doing instead of mma stars. That August1Warning should have been for a new up and comer.

            And yes i WWE too cause im not a fanboy.

          • jflegler says:

            Very well said, CELL.

            Truly, I am a HUGE fan of TNA, but I will be dammed if I am going to sit here and allow to be force-fed garbage from the product and from the deaf, dumb, and blind fans. I can't help that I am passionate and care enough to voice my opinions of the product. I WANT TNA to always be a part of wrestling, and to not fail, but they are. Regardless of the stagnant TV ratings, they are failing.

            You can argue all that you want, but when you receive negative feedback and constructive criticism from fans that watch both products, you should listen; consequently, that particular fan has an option to tune into something else for his or her wrestling needs if one or the other does not deliver.

            I am not here to bash anyone, or bash TNA; I am here to be a voice that has a ton of experience in the business. I apologize to all that take offense to my recent posts, but I am just bitter over the direction of TNA as of late.

            I too am a fan of both WWE and TNA because I am, first and foremost, a wrestling fan.

        • jflegler says:

          Sure, don't watch.

          If all of us that were aggravated at TNA's direction stopped watching, their 1.01 rating would easily fall to at least a .7

        • Bigmike885 says:

          really? becauseI didn't like this episode (which was pretty bad by the way) I should stop watching..NO..i like TNA most of thetime, but I don't follow it blindly and likewhat they tell me to like..I pay my money on DVDs..PPVs..and tickets..i can voice my opinionFrom: notifications@intensedebatemail.comTo: falkm1@hotmail.comSubject: stevontte1 replied to your comment on **SPOILERS** TNA iMPACT! Results For Next Week

  4. andy3323 says:

    Man, the person who submitted this sounds like they must be in middle school or high school. Groaned and moaned with the 'so dumb' and 'typical tna' down-in-the-dumps kind of way. Did somebody hold them hostage and make them go to this, or what???

    Anyway, one thing the people complaining about the Ortiz bit, you're overlooking the buzz it created and the fact multiple people (including wrestlers on a previous post) were commenting (good or bad) about it, meaning they tuned it. They may have just found out the fight with Rampage and Ortiz was official and had to streamline it into the storylines, the same storylines they have gone on record saying they plan out the general path of a while in advance, so now they are working it in. I doubt they knew 2 months ago that they were bringing in Ortiz and it's probably was requested by Spike and Bellator.

    One last note on the AJ/AA match ending….technically it wasn't a quirky or bad ending, AA got his shoulder up before the three count, AJ didn't….pretty obvious. Ref had a slight delay but clearly signaled what happened and it went to set up a good rematch, likely for BFG, since they were so close it came down to a split second.

    • arodent says:

      Yeah, not really sure why this site, which is supposed to be a TNA site, let’s this middle school “I hare TNA because it’s cool to do that” go on. I wonder how many people on here are on Vince’s payroll. To say that TNA is bad and be able to make it thru a half hour of RAW is crazy.

      • jflegler says:

        If you are referring about the members carrying on, I could not DISAGREE with you more. We have the right to voice our opinion, good or bad, in favor of TNA or against them. Surely I am not on Vince's payroll, and quite frankly, have no vested interest in either product. Speaking for myself, I am merely a wrestling fan that tunes into both products (and ROH when I can). WWE had made some bad decisions and some great decisions; TNA has made some bad decisions and some good ones.

        You stating that you cannot even watch 30 minutes of RAW is your opinion, albeit a hypocritical one; however, that is your right and I would never tell you that you shouldn't post here.

        If your post meant the "journalists" you are correct; they should be objective and unbiased.


    AJ vs Aries was great and Sabin vs Manik was good as well but this show looks like it’s gonna be crap. Plus Ortiz is way too out of shape.

  6. RavenNevermore says:

    Who wrote rmtgis report a 12 year old?

  7. TwIsTeD_EnEmY says:

    What the hell is going on right now with TNA ??

    • nwoforlife says:

      i don't know i just hope they keep up the great work the show have been great but thinking about stop coming to this site because all they do is put tna down just wounding if Vince owns this site now or what because they are acting like fox news sorry that's fux not so news fox always on spin

  8. Carlos Flores says:

    Gotta love what Bobby Roode is doing. Getting Magnus dq’d results in a negative 10 points. It will be interesting to see what he keeps doing to put himself back in the BFG series. It’s very entertaining.

    • jflegler says:

      I agree! I am really digging the Roode angle. I wonder if he will only be picking on Magnus, or will he try to get all of the front runners disqualified during their matches.

  9. Icestylez says:

    Im smelling the reunion of 4tune, roode, daniels and kaz already!!

    • jflegler says:

      Not sure, but I highly doubt that they will throw AJ into a faction – they are giving him a push again.

      If they reassemble, perhaps they will recruit a goon type wrestler (similar to Mongo in the 4 horsemen) and bring on Jay Bradley.

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