Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Mar 19, 2013
<i>**SPOILERS** TNA One Night Only ‘World Cup’ Results</i>

**SPOILERS** TNA One Night Only ‘World Cup’ Results

TNA taped the World Of Wrestling “One Night Only” pay-per-view on Monday night, which will air in the coming months. Here are the full results:

TNA One Night Only World Of Wrestling

Team USA:
James Storm
Mickie James
Christopher Daniels
Kenny King

Team Aces and 8s:
Wes Brisco
Mr. Anderson
Team Aces and 8?s did not reveal a knockout for the event

Team UK:
Douglas Williams
Rob Terry
Rockstar Spud
Hannah Blossom

Team International:
Judas Mesias
Sonjay Dutt
Lei’D Tapa
Petey Williams

– Kenny King defeated Sonjay Dutt.

– Magnus defeated Mr. Anderson.

– Wes Brisco defeated Rockstar Spud.

– Lei’D Tapa defeated Hannah Blossom.

– Aces and 8?s introduce Ivelisse Velez as their Knockout representative. Velez defeated Mickie James.

– Christopher Daniels and Kazarian defeated Doug Williams and Rob Terry

– James Storm defeated Judas Mesias.

– Team USA defeated Team Aces and 8?s and win the World Cup of Wrestling.

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14 Responses to “**SPOILERS** TNA One Night Only ‘World Cup’ Results

  1. 1985dude says:

    Velez in Aces and Eights? I can live with that

    • CaptainN says:

      Deff a good move putting her with A & 8’s…….I said to myself after she lost it would be a good idea to have them offer her a spot so that she would still be involved without winning the contract ! Plus she has the heel look, and wrestles pretty well !

  2. TwIsTeD_EnEmY says:

    Half the wrestlers in the teams dont even wrestle (Funaki (???), Petey Williams etc)
    Doesn't sound anything like the old world cups 🙁

    • tHe_SoRrOw says:

      Thats what I was thinking. Im hoping that its due to not having 100% of the info available. I WANNA SEE THE CANADIAN DESTROYER!!!

  3. hangers says:

    Your kidding right? This is a world cup?? Seriously, why bother at all if this is the sh!t thats produced… Wheres New Japan? Wheres AAA? Wheres a WORLD Cup??

  4. powerbomb says:

    No Kurt Angle in team USA? ‘Team International’ what the hell is that? Why not have Team USA, Team Canada, Team UK, Team Japan, Team Mexico, Team Puerto Rico, etc.? TNA dropped the ball this PPV could have been something really special.

  5. POWERBOMB says:

    Team Aces and 8s are they a nation? No Kurt Angle in Team USA? “Team International” what is that? Why not have Team USA, Team Canada, Team UK, Team Japan, Team Mexico, Team Puerto Rico, etc.? When I hear the word "World Cup", pictures of Japan vs USA, Spain vs England, Soccer World Cup, Baseball World cup, and the Olympics come to mind. This Pay Per View makes no sense.

  6. jason8150x says:

    i heard they had a couple problems trying to get certain people for this because of the work visa's and stuff and i didn't know aces and 8's was a country lol

  7. stocksharkbite says:

    These shows were done so that TNA could fulfill there contract obligations with Universal Studios from what I have read and they were thrown together pretty fast. So far the from what i have read the Hardcore Justice sounds like the better PPV.

  8. Laker says:

    Wish Velez had gotten the contract. She was smokin’ hot.

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