Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Apr 13, 2012
Steiner: Turn Off iMPACT! When Hogan & Bischoff Are On

Steiner: Turn Off iMPACT! When Hogan & Bischoff Are On

The Scott Steiner Twitter rant shows no signs of abating. Steiner has now taken to his account to tell people to turn off iMPACT! whenever Hogan or Bischoff are on to send a message to TNA executives. Check out the messages below:

Getting alot of support from evrybody bcuz im sayin what they wish they could

Even guys from back in WCW who hogan kept his thumb on and Eric was an as*hole to

Tonite is a good nite for you fans to help save TNA,so all u fans of AJ Roode Angle Abyss Sting Morgan Magnus Kazarian

Everybody who was a fan of Tna b4 b*tchoff hogan n Pritchard f*ckd Tna up,tonite during the show

If u see hogan bitchoff or his son turn the channel..wait 5 mins and turn it back you wont miss amything

Except their bullsh*t..and it will give u fans a voice thru the nielson ratings

Lets show these as*holes that we dont want their bullsh*t and its time to save TNA from the same fate as WCW

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34 Responses to “Steiner: Turn Off iMPACT! When Hogan & Bischoff Are On”

  1. 1985dude says:

    Man, Steiner is still bitter. Shows that he is a sad man.

  2. lethalgunstyles says:

    I hope it works

  3. mattcasdorph says:

    Why doesn't Steiner show up at Lockdown (since its Live) and make his point on live TV?

  4. jbcissom says:

    For hearing how everyone said that russo was the problem in tna for ages….
    steiner is saying otherwise.

    is it sour grapes or the truth?

    • planetcrush says:

      Russo and Jarrett were the main problems pre-Bischoff and Hogan. I really don't mind having Eric Bischoff stay as a producer but Hogan does absolutely nothing for me. I don't find him entertaining and his media appearances have proven to be a huge failure as the ratings haven't increased hardly at all.

      The overall business model of TNA just sucks. The fact that TNA has the big names they have on their roster and they still have to hold their TV tapings in front of a free crowd is pathetic. I'm not sure what the problem is but it's pathetic. ROH tapes their TV in front of a paying audience. I don't understand why TNA can't. To me it speaks volumes about how crappy of a business structure TNA has. Taking TV on the road should be profitable with ticket sales. However, with TNA it appears as if it isn't as profitable as filming in front of a free audience in a small sound stage at an amusement park.

      • tigerpie says:

        maybe the amusement park pay TNA to tape the show there?
        maybe the amusement park cover all the costs of producing the show there as well.
        In which case, it wouldn't seem such a bad idea from a business point of view, and if they are locked into a contract then that might explain why they don't take TNA on the road as much as everybody would like.

        I have to agree with most people though, I have always liked steiner as a wrestler and even his promo's kick ass.

        • planetcrush says:

          Does the amusement park buy PPVs, does the amusement park buy tickets at house shows? Does the amusement park buy merchandise? The amusement park may pay for TV tapings but TNA is still losing out on actual paid fans.

          What about PPVs? Why are most of TNA's PPVs still taking place in front of an audience that didn't pay to get in? There is something more to this than just Universal paying TNA. TNA needs to find a way to make it profitable to travel more. The Impact Zone looks ridiculous on TV. I'm suppose to think TNA is on the same level as WWE when TNA is in front of 1,000 people that got in for free and WWE is in front of 10,000+ that actually paid to get in?

          • Triple f says:

            Planetcrush, You were right up until the last sentence. The number of complimentary tickets given away for WWE tv tapings is astounding! It’s not all paid. But then again, some paid is better than none paid.

      • rtype6 (aka dsd7x) says:

        If TNA went on the road, they would be losing even more money. Their house shows don't sell many tickets except for certain areas. Remember when Hogan came and TNA started putting every ppv on the road? For most of those, they sold a certain amount of tickets and papered the rest just to make the arena's look full.

        TNA's not big enough to be on the road for every Impact and PPV.

        • planetcrush says:

          If taking shows on the road isn't profitable, that tells me one thing. Production and wages are far too high. If TNA were to cut some of the fat off it would be profitiable. ROH does it. Their shows aren't of the best production quality but that is because they are a small company. TNA is supposed to be the 2nd biggest company in the US. They should be able to do what ROH does plus some. Sadly, they cannot.

        • Triple f says:

          rtype6, where did you get the idea that tna put every pay per view on the road after hogan arrived? That only happens 2 to 3 times a year, before and after he got there.

      • JeffandJoker says:

        Hey Buddy,

        I agree with you 100%. If I had to pick, I think Bischoff is less of a problem then Hogan, But I really don't like either of them. They both sorta make me think about WCW and how they messed that company up so bad.

        The reason they are doing their tapings at Universal Studios is, They couldn't draw a paying audience to make the show look filled. When you watch the show, you want to see a filled arena. If you tuned in and saw empty seats, you would turn off Impact knowing that they show was going to suck.

        • rawuncutnxrated says:

          Having a full arena also helps the works get stoked up too, I'm sure. No one wants to play & have no one watch.

        • planetcrush says:

          ROH draws a full house at their shows. Just go to smaller venues. Lower ticket prices. There are so many things you can do to entice people to come to the shows. TNA can't do any of those things while they are paying Hogan, Hardy, Angle, RVD, Flair, Sting, and all the other old guys huge sums of money. They aren't drawing money like they used to. Hogan is pretty much dead weight at the moment as far as I'm concerned. I think TNA would be far better off without him at the moment.

    • rawuncutnxrated says:

      Probably both. TnA just plain sucks. I actually watched Impact tonight, 1st time in about a year. I didn't catch the entire show, but came on when ODB was strippin'. That was the disgusting. I never wanna see her on my TV again. I did like the knockout tag match. I liked Bully Ray's match, I found some enjoyment at the end of the show w/ Storm & Roode. What sold me though, for Lockdown, I'm going to order it, was the video of Storm w/ Roode talking. I really dug it.. I got goosebumps. It should be one hell of a match & I am thinking of trying to go back & see the entire build up. Now if I can only do that & not see, Stink, Huckster, The B*tchoffs, hear Mike Teney, Jerk Angle, ODB, EY & probably a few others I would be very happy. I like Austin Aries & like seeing him in important matches.

      Back to Steiner… Russo wasn't the ONLY problem TnA had.. he was a big part of it. There are in need of entire overhaul back there. As Heyman stated.. ditch everyone over 40.. & I like RVD personally.. I'm a fan.. but the 40+ ers have been around long enough to get their checks, to get people over.. and they just rape TnA over & over. Enough already.. they are not useful anymore..

      • jbcissom says:

        i partially agree with you, which is wierd raw.

        i too tuned in last night about the same time you did, around 9 pm CST. I didn't mind the odb/ey segment, because i took it for what it was worth, comedy relief. and yes, the best part of the episode i saw was not a match, it was the roode/storm promo. both guys should get major kudos for that promo. i mean damn…. aj and bully put on one helluva a match as well. i love bully as a heel, but i think roode is a better one, and i'd hate it if they took the belt off of roode for bully, but bully is showing that he is a top heel.

        I don't agree with about sting. ever since he's been there, he's tried to put over the younger guys: eric young (through tag matches), jay lethal (kurt angle was in on this one as well), and tried to set up aj as tna's franchise. kurt has done a lot as well.

        i'm starting to think that we were blessed during the golden age of wrestling, and seeing how it just seems like it's never going to go back to that, everything seems like crap.

        • rawuncutnxrated says:

          I didn't complain about the wedding.. I'm complaining about ODB herself. She's disgusting & being naked is even worse. I fast forwarded through that segment.

          And yea, I was spoiled during the good days. I just hate how Dixie does her contracts & lets the wrong people influence her because they have name value. The matches were good this week, I was entertained on the whole.. but none of the crap people were on the show really working matches.

          I just can't wait to see what happens between Roode & Storm, I like it better than any match at Mania, only Punk/Jericho comes close. I want to see that match & I want to see who wins & what happens after. I am very excited.. more than I have in a while.. I just hope the fans are on their game as well… cuz a great crowd can add so much to it.

      • lethalgunstyles says:

        if 'tna just plain sucks' why the fcuk are you buying their ppv. sounds like you got more dollars than sense. and i'm not surprised you liked the talking bit best, because you are just a plain rawdumb(unt

        • rawuncutnxrated says:

          Opps, said something you didn't like about your precious TnA… so you have to resort to calling me names. No problem. I understand. Its the liberal mentality.. to silence & degrade anyone you don't agree with. Good luck with that.

          I am going to buy it because I am enthused about Roode & Storm… they hooked me. That should say something. TnA on the whole is crap. Roode & Storm, among others, are not. AJ, Bully, Aries, Daniels.. they are talented. Shame every time Stink signed his contract he got pushed as a champ.. convenient? Probably not.. since he structured it into his contract. If he was such a shill for TnA, why didn't he do house shows? Autograph signings? Personal appearances? Why? Cuz he's all about himself, not the biz.. he never loved wrestling and anyone from the NWA days knew it. He loved the money, he goes home at the end of the tapings & that's it. Others work their asses off for TnA.. even Hogan does more. No one calls the Stinker out on this.. why? He wasn't trying to put anyone over.. he was trying to put himself over, like Nash, like Foley, like Hogan, like every outdated wrestler TnA signs. These guys had the chance to come in & put people over.. did they? Not at all. They got paid & didn't put anyone over. Even if they did put people over, how many people do they put over & then its not even special anymore? Stinker has been around about 5 yrs, how many World Title runs? Who did he feud with.. Angle.. Jeff Hardy. You remember that nightmare don't ya, Stink needed the win so bad they trotted out a drugged up Hardy to do the job for him & are you telling me Angle needs to be put over? Nope.. sure would have been nice to put Samoa Joe over. He could have used the rub & then Stink rides off until 4 -6 mths later, comes in runs a program & then goes.. nope, he has to stay & be champ for 6 months & clearly he's not putting people over. AJ was the face of TnA.. he then becomes jobber #1 when the ECW crew came in. And for what? Who got the rub there? Quit lying to yourself.. they don't bring in old guys to give rubs & get young guys over.. they do it for themselves… Dixie in her infinite wisdom thinks the next high priced ex WWE fogey is gonna be the ONE.. and if they couldn't bump ratings with Angle or Hardy.. they are not going to bump ratings. They got 7k on their last PPV… wasn't ole Stinker in the ME? Mania did 1.1 million buys & TnA got 7thousand. You tell me that things are working great, please.

          • jbcissom says:

            this is where we disagree.

            you say sting is in it for himself. as far as schedule, he had the same dates (basically tv shows) offered from wwe. he took less money at tna. the guy isn't in it for the money, he has a ministry now. the guy has earned the right not to do house shows, everybody in tna's lockerroom has acknowledged that. but he does special house and weekend appearances.

            at houseshows you want the guys below sting, so they can build that relationship with the fans from the ground up.

            and if you're going to complain about the ppv guys, put it in context. ppvs are not a huge income source for tna nor wwe. tna has huge financial backing, and they have the spiketv contract. i would put money on it that spiketv was the ones wanting sting to be champ. every previous time, before spiketv signed a contract/extension with tna, they wanted sting on tna's roster. can you connect the dots?

          • rawuncutnxrated says:

            At least we had somethings to agree on.

            Actually you just proved my point for me, by accident of course. Who is the boss of TnA? Is it Dizzy or Spike TV? I guess if Spike is upping the money & making the decisions who is champ, I guess they are. That rings back to WcW hiring the Pizza Hut guy to run wrestling. Not very smart business sense. But I guess these dots can connect to create a different picture. Maybe Dixie is running things, but why would she allow someone that isn't in her company to make demands on her especially who to hire & worse, who to make their champion? And to make that mistake year after year… that's not good. Would you want to work for a company structured like that? I'm guessing no.. and probably why a lot of talent in TnA has spoken up in the past.

            If his ministry is that important to him, then let him be there. He didn't take TnA over WWE just because of less money, he despises what he believes WWE would do to his character.. as if what he's done hasn't damaged it already. How has Sting earned the right to not do house shows? Oh, you mean cuz he worked in WcW? Ah, another bad decision based on name value of a person that worked else where. TnA had trouble selling out house shows… Sting could have gone & helped.. he didn't. He doesn't do radio shows to put TnA up.. he does the bare minimum.. and yet people bash Hogan cuz he mentions TnA once on tv.. yet Sting won't even do radio or tv. Double standard?

            One last point… WWE did 1.1 million buys for Mania… that's $60,600,000. Tell me that's not a money maker? I did a business class where I had to pick a publicly traded company.. I picked WWE.. I know a lot of how they make their money & how to read their reports to shareholders & all that. I'm not an expert, but I am pretty well educated on that.. anyway, you don't need a degree to know that 60million dollars is a lot of cash.

          • jbcissom says:

            we'll just agree to disagree about sting.

            but i do agree with about spiketv/dixie (i'm just not as down on it as you are). and while that monetary figure is huge, that is about 3-5% of wwe's income for the year.
            *note, not all ppvs get that type of number.

          • lethalgunstyles says:

            ok man, i'm not wasting my time reading all that hateful bull crap, but i'm glad you wasted your time writing it

  5. purpmuffins says:

    I'll do it. I mean, I'm not going to miss anything worth watching if I do, so why not.

  6. fentown says:

    Hogan and Bischoff are, to me, the worst segments of every show. they are taking time away from entertainment such as an X-division match, or a tag team match, or a Knockout match (without winter), or a rivalry set up match, or, for God's sake, anything else.

  7. MYO716 says:

    OH MY GOD SCOTT SHUT THE HELL UP!! I can't be the only one who thinks he needs to shut up and get over it. He got fired, people get fired all the time. Move on and start taking indy bookings.

    • Triple f says:

      Damn man, if you’re going to post, know what you’re talking about. Scott Steiner DID NOT GET FIRED, he walked away from a contract renewal. Got it now?

  8. JeffandJoker says:

    I didn't see this post before the show !!!! Damnit, I would have turned it off.

    I bet the ratings will be pretty low for this Impact !!! I mean if people got the message before the show!!!!

    • Triple f says:

      J&J, This is too funny! I didn’t read this article until after I’d watched Impact. However, I did exactly as he asked by choice.

  9. aos82 says:

    im looking forward to the ratings to this show as it does seem to go up and down thoughout an would think unless tens of thousands of people did this it would be largly ineffective.he certainly aint toneing down or holding back but unless it is a work what is he going to achieve?

  10. ecward1 says:

    Hire him back , and keep this storyline going!!

  11. ViceyThaShizzle says:

    I turn over when Hogan comes on and forget to turn back though.

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