Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on May 12, 2013
Stephanie McMahon-Dixie Carter Meeting Details Revealed

Stephanie McMahon-Dixie Carter Meeting Details Revealed

TNA President Dixie Carter spoke with UK’s Sky news Radio about meeting Stephanie McMahon and Triple H at Reid Flair’s funeral:

“It was actually a very sad meeting. We met at the church at Ric Flair’s son’s funeral. She and Hunter were there, and the three of us had never met before. I was there with Sting and we were just kind of put in this back room waiting for each other. It was a very interesting meeting. They’re lovely people; I just wished them luck personally. They had a big weekend with WrestleMania coming up, and I did so publicly. Look, I have a different philosophy than maybe other people do. I think competition is healthy; I think to not want to have competition is absolutely ludicrous. I think it’s better for the fans, it’s better for the product and it makes us all work harder. And if we want to grow wrestling to be as big as it can be globally, I think that’s important. So, she did respond. I think there were a lot of tweets between the fans, but she did respond in a very kind manner.”

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  1. Treck says:

    I sure miss the days when the majority of wrestling fans were not as one dimensional as they are now. Tna has a pretty solid product. And as a wrestling fan of 30 years right now despite a couple of flaws in my opinion a far better show than wwe but in that the wwe at times sucks the internet fans in with a time to time beating on Censorship. They had to me a great wrestling mind but highly overrated Heyman come in. CM Punk saying things to get the internet all hot and bothered for him. But through that the product is cheesey. Daniel Bryan and Kane are for children as they act lik.e that. Dance offs? And the wrestling action too conservative and when something that is suppose to be violent happens it looks so exaterated over dramatic. Its not funny! Its the close minded wrestling fans fault that the wwe is crap. Big fireworks. Big screens and fancy thing oooo

  2. DJBIGCG says:

    Comp isn't always good. In my opinion, ecw was way better then wwf and wcw. With them losing money and other things, they went out of biz and Vince McMahon owns them. Wcw started losing in ratings and this time Warner thing and whatever else, they went out of biz, and Vince owns them. If tna gets bigger and have a Monday night war 2 and lose, they'll fold and Vince will own them. This is why I don't think comp is a good idea in this case

    • KGill28 says:

      If there was a Monday ***ht War 2 and WWE was winning in ratings, that doesn't mean Vince will eventually own TNA. There are shows that come on every day, that get lower ratings than their competition, yet they're still profitable. Even if TNA wasn't making a profit, Panda Energy is so rich they could still afford to continue to operate TNA. And if they ever do decide to sell TNA, then I'm positive Dixie wouldn't sell it to the WWE. Basically, WWE beating TNA in ratings will do nothing but provide bragging rights to WWE fans.
      Also, competition is better for the product. During the Monday ***ht Wars, both companies were getting great ratings and wrestling, for the first time ever and last time, got mainstream exposure. The only other time wrestling got mainstream attention after that, is when scandals happened. Go look back at the ratings WWF and WCW were getting, now look at what WWE and TNA are getting. It makes you wonder where all the wrestling fans went.

      • ariesstormjoe says:

        i dont think thats the only reason ratings dropped. theres more than just that.

        such as the internet for 1 thing.

        the perception is nowadays (largely thanks to wwe) that wrestling is a bit of joke.

        those that are left watching wrestling on the whole are hardcore fans. i remember some guy from wwe categorising their types of fans. saying they 20% of their overall fanbase are hardcore fans. 40% of them are casual viewers who still watch the show on a regular basis but do not understand as much as hardcore fans . and the other 40% are even less casual viewers.

        i can only think hardcore fans truly understand wrestling. sometimes they (wwe and tna) try and cater to casual viewers too much. and they stay casual viewers. better off catering to the hardcore lot. for the wrestling biz as whole theres not much alternatives but theres a few but how many know of tna and roh's existence despite them being around 10+ years now?

        • KGill28 says:

          I'm not saying lack of competition is the only thing that contributed to lack of viewership, however I believe it's the biggest reason. WWE has had no one to push them so they began to recycle story lines, matches, and feuds. (Just look at how much we've seen Sheamus versus Big Show this past year). When competition is involved, it causes companies to up their game, resulting in the product becoming fresh and less boring. Also, I believe there were a lot of WCW fans that quit watching they went after business.

    • ariesstormjoe says:

      thats where competition ended tho.

      competition in the long term is a good thing. although from when wwe started mopping up with wcw, ecw. they could have tried competing against themselves. instead of dropping their product quality in a bin and giving ppl the perception wrestling's a joke.

      • dcxboxx says:

        ecw were gaining viwers on tv and events. problem is heyman had to offer guys contracts so they wouldnt jump. that hurt and eventually it was more money than was coming in since they had contracts they had to be paid. they were others a few not so but thats besides the point. doesnt help that the tnn deal hurt them more so than helped. as tnn didnt invest a dime into ecw, but forced them to spend more money for tv production. if tnn would have invested into the product as well as market ecw via all of viacoms channels and maybe put them on monday nights they could have did huge. especially beating wcw wouldnt have been to hard. ecw at its height got what tna does rating wise now. and it was on one of the worst nights possible on a friday night, and on a smaller cable network (tnn was smaller than it is now) also since they didnt advertise it not many fans who actually had access to tnn would watch, because they didnt know wrestling was on the network. tnn at the time was home to hee haw reruns, country music line dance shows (seriously they had a show of people just line dancing for an hour to country top 40) and the gran ole operey. at the very end they were so close to a deal with usa that would have invested iun the product, but management changed last min and they felt they didnt need wrestling. (turns out usa ratings went down as well as quality until they got the wrestling back)

        wcw. that was all the aol deal gone bad. with aol losing money time warner shut wcw down. but not just wcw the atlanta braves and other properties were sold as well. bishoff almost had wcw they had a tv deal at first but time warner cancled it. that is prob due to wwe vince had conections with brad seagal i think. so he got them wcw on the cheap too. bishoff was putting up millions for it via fuisent entertainment ( the people being stuff like starting up espn classic) and vince bought it dirt cheap.

    • tnadude says:

      That's like saying nobody should compete with anybody because they'll just lose. If that were the case, all roads would still lead to Rome…

      Sorry to get on my soapbox here, but that's not what this country was founded on. It was founded on competition and entrepreneurship. Why should TNA be satisfied being #2?

      Vince wasn't. Like you said, he just found a way to win. Why can't TNA? Vince is getting old, and Hunter & Stephanie are not Vince. Sorry WWE-lovers, but there's only one Vince. With Vince getting up in age, there's a very strong chance that someone WILL overtake WWE in the next 10 years.

  3. Robert says:

    Time Warner did not like wrestling at all that is why they got rid of WCW …WCW could have been wining the ratings war but the suits at time Warner did not want wrestling on there networks….Vince was bank rolling ECW for years

    • dcxboxx says:

      he wasnt bankrolling wcw really if he was ecw would be here. fact is he paid paul heyman a small salary. if he was funding it ecw would have receved a few million a year as a dev territory for working with some talents. wwe didnt help them in that respect. should have done the right thing and did so but didn't heyman was prob just greatful enough that vince gave him time on raw when pushing the first ever ecw ppv. and helping out with wwes lighting crew and what not to get them off the ground for that night. and brining lawler and cornette to do an angle.

      • Robert says:

        Vince was bankrolling ECW from 97 on….if not ECW would have went out earlier…..that has been well known and documented for over 10 years

    • dcxboxx says:

      honestly i wish things would have aligned better. things that were on the table and should have happened in 2001.

      ecw got the usa network deal. they help ecw financially and debut with scott hall (he was already working a few ecw house shows indecember 2000. put them live 2-3 hours monday nights and let them go for it. at the time fans were still looking for raw on mondays. (if this could have happened soon as raw was to move to spike in late 2000)

      bishoff gets wcw.

      jeff jarret gets fired from wcw

      monday nights is now a 3 way (raw, nitro and a live ecw show). wcw just has nitro and maybe world wide again in syndication.

      jeff jarret forms tna and meets dixie carter ends up with a small cable network deal at the time on a wednesday saturday or thursday. and try being its own thing.. all eyes would be on wrestling.

      also on the indys roh gets started but let them get to where they are now a little faster. they dont have to go national just have the syndication company that owns them have them and try and get them on other syndication deals and just be a pure wrestling product like it is. try and gaina strong niche audience for it. and roll with it.

  4. soyfenomenal says:

    Heavy lies the crown, as I cut you down…

  5. Iconicecrater says:

    That is why we love Dixie… Stay classy..

  6. whatsup121 says:

    But the big question is who is hotter Dixie Carter or Stephanie McMahon

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