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Stevie Richards Asks Why Wrestling Fans Torture Themselves

Stevie Richards Asks Why Wrestling Fans Torture Themselves

Show: Interactive Wrestling Radio featuring The Interactive Interview courtesy of
Guest: Stevie Richards
Date: 12/5/12
Your Hosts: Patrick Kelley, James Walsh, & Nick Noel
Transcript By: Patrick Kelley & James Walsh

In a rare interview with a wrestling site Michael Manna, known to wrestling fans as Stevie Richards, addresses a lot of topics from throughout his career as well as brings us up to speed on what he is doing in addition to tearing it up in Extreme Rising in the title tournament right now. Plus, he has a special challenge to wrestling fans as to why they torture themselves the way they do.

Stevie says that he normally doesn’t do these types of interviews but agreed to do ours after seeing who we’ve had on and how we have done those interviews. I consider that a great compliment from a worker I’ve always admired the work of.

We often do interviews that pick the brain of people who have seen and done it all in our business. This is one of those interviews. For a fun yet intellectual interview, you are going to want to listen to this one! And, this show is dedicated to the memory of Brad Armstrong and Buddy Roberts who sadly passed since our last broadcast.

This interview is available in MP3 format and in a youtube video at right now, 100% free of charge. Our back catalog, as Stevie praised which we are humbled by, is also available to listen to on our site free of charge as well. So, come on by. And, buy something to help us keep doing these great interviews.

Michael Manna AKA Stevie Richards:

– We at welcome long awaited guest Stevie Richards on the show. James reveals that he was one of the ones that called the ECW merchandise line that Stevie worked on during the week when he wasn’t doing the show. He said it was nice to have a job outside of the actual wrestling. Gabe Sapolsky also worked on the hotline.

– Stevie is fresh off a Black Friday appearance on the Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends” show in which he was presented as an expert source on technology and the newest on the newest useful products worth having. He enjoyed doing the show and reveals it was the first time he had done anything under his real name of Michael Manna. The show was set up by his
PR firm Electic Media Productions (found at Stevie puts them over as being wonderful to work with & has done a great job of giving him opportunities for promotion & exposure.

– Stevie says that he has three passions: Wrestling, Fitness, & Technology. He loves being creative and active in all three. He has always been well versed in computers, even at a young age, long before he even got into wrestling.

– When talking about the best Wrestling video games , James puts over WWF No Mercy for the N64 (which featured Stevie Richards) as the best and references our interview with AJ Styles where Styles agreed with that sentiment. Stevie however states that his favorites are New Japan 4 & Giant Gram 2000 for the Dreamcast and puts over the control style of those games. Interestingly, he also states that he had this conversation with AJ in the past.

– He knows a lot about production and isn’t interested in playing that kind of role in wrestling. He does bring about the double edged sword of social media which opens the door for both exposure & opening the door for haters to contact. He then jokes about not using his technical savvy as a wrestling character either, and references The York Foundation as why he feels that probably wouldn’t work.

– Stevie is currently working with the Extreme Rising shows that are being run by Shane Douglas. Stevie once again talks about the effects of nostalgia and how it can be a positive experience, but at the same time it can be a security blanket to keep going back to when they can’t come up with something new. When talking about Extreme Rising, he says that for the most part the shows have gone very well with energetic crowds. However, he does mention that he tries to be in the best shape possible every time he goes out there, while others on the roster aren’t: “When you wear a shirt in the ring, you should not be in the ring”. He is not trying to put anyone down, but rather wants the show should be promoted as well as possible.

– When making appearances like the one on “Fox and Friends”, his wrestling background was never mentioned. He is surprised that they didn’t, but at the end of the day, with his new T4 show to succeed on its own merits without relying on his wrestling past to advertise it.

– He says that his favorite run in wrestling was “Stevie Night Heat” when he was the self proclaimed GM of Sunday Night Heat and because the higher ups in the WWE never watched the show, he could basically do whatever he wanted.

– He was with the WWE for a long tenure, but played other roles besides just wrestling. Some of his additional taks included training Shane McMahon for a match with Shawn Michaels on SNME, go to OVW and check out the talent, and even scout on the independent circuit for talent. Even though he wasn’t the main event, it was an important role to play. He mentions that while he was there, Val Venis also played a similar tole. He isn’t sure who plays that role for the WWE nowadays.

– Whenever he watches wrestling nowadays, he tends to watch the older stuff (he even mentions watching a Lou Thesz match on Youtube and is amazed by that). He feels that today’s modern products don’t quite have the same appeal. When talking about the modern day fans, Stevie jokingly says that this comment could “Be a headline on the internet”. He explains that fans will constantly talk about how bad the show is and yet continue to watch it. Stevie said he never understood that mindset and jokingly aays to wrestling fans “why do you torture yourselves?”. He also explains that wrestling fans are the most loyal fans in entertainment & sports.

– When it comes to his wrestling work, he says that it is his motivation and his responsibility is to always get better and surpass people’s expectations. He wants the fans to come and see him and then be blown away with what he is able to do and how he has evolved as a performer.

– When trying to balance his life with wrestling & technology, he says that in the current economy, he is going to take advantage of every skill set that he has. As far as waiting for a call from a major wrestling company, he says he isn’t expecting or waiting for it and is content with where he is at the moment.

– Before concluding this great interview, he lets us in on a little tidbit of information. His middle name is Steven, so his ring name Stevie Richards is actually taken from his real name. When asked where Richards came from, he says that he picked it because it sounded lieka real name. He knew that people would make fun of him for being a wrestler, so he figured it would work to have a real enough sounding name.

– Stevie’s online homes are on Twitter and Facebook under his real name, Michael Manna. He also can be found on YouTube doing his T4 show. New episode airs TODAY so check that out as well.

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11 Responses to “Stevie Richards Asks Why Wrestling Fans Torture Themselves”

  1. Goeroe1981 says:

    Nice interview. When he speaks about how the old days where better, he has a point. But i think impact is little by little getting back that oldschool feeling. Longer storylines, less PPV's, better builds, it's all coming back. In my opinion TNA needs to have a three hour programm as the next top priority to fully utilize the big roster. Going live more and into bigger venues is also a must. I think when they can keep making long, good fueds the fanbase will grow. Their is no alternative for good oldschool wrestling except TNA. WWE is lost on what to do next. Check their roster they have some decent guys, but TNA's roster is more complete. And the last thing i enjoyed from WWE where the promo's by CM Punk with the quitting WWE angle.

    And on the other thing stevie says N64 WWE nr 1 wrestle game. Wow by far not correct, but nice promotion of a videogame that features you.

    • Dante_Cross says:

      Well they also have to find ways to increase their fan base.They can go to bigger venues but if they have the same amount of people as they do now, it won't make a difference. If they made a harder marketing push for more exposure in the mainstream, people would pay attention. Most WWE fans don't even know what TNA is, for example.

      • Goeroe1981 says:

        No doubt to draw attention they need a big name to jump ship again now that the product is stabalizing. Love him or hate him a name like Orton would fit that spot perfectly, but i don;t know if that's possible.

        I also think that a bigger venue will attract more people, because their is always a bigger buzz there and fans feed of each others energies.

    • Peckar says:

      Three hour programming is not a good idea. Raws ratings are plummeting. Sure the show sucks anyway, but people are tuning out for there last hour . Three hours is just too long. An extension of Explosion however, is totally doable. It's guys like Bully, Aries, Roode and Anderson who have great mic skills and can get any feud over. And of course Kaz and Daniels are no slouches either. Anderson is so under utilized atm it is ridiculous. Another show where he could build a good feud would do him wonders. For the record, N64 had the best wrestling games period. WCWvs NWO was my fav.

      • Goeroe1981 says:

        You first say 3 hour programm not a good idea but after that you say it's a shame that guys like anderson don't get time. That's because to build something you'll need to have the time to build it and the consequence of that would be that not all wrestlers can go on weekly. So they do need the time to push more wrestlers at once.

        I blame WWE's plummeting on the PG/political bs. Not on whether they do 1 or 3 hours and their overall weak roster with just a few guys with starpower that are allready a certain age (undertaker, Tripple H, Jericho) and just a few young guys who can fill in the shoes (CM Punk/Cena although I personally don't like Cena)

        • Peckar says:

          Did you read the whole thing? I said an extension of Explosion. Explosion is an international programme TNA already makes. It generally has one or two matches and highlights of Impact. If the flag the highlights and make a proper one hour show. This allows time to build. Three hours has failed for them. You learn from other peoples mistakes.

  2. Goeroe1981 says:

    One point i got to give him and he has a point some fans talk negative about everything without knowing why, they're just speaking bullpoo, because they want to say something without being obstructed by facts or proper explanation. If you think it is all bad: Don't watch and keep off these sites so normal people can communicate and talk with passion about the sport they love.

  3. Treck says:

    TNA does need to expose themselves more. I know people do not care for the celebs they have around in the past. They need better names

    Also get more known bands to do some of their entry music and also another show to help develop lower carders to become noticed in storylines.

  4. Firestormdzl says:

    I never understand it. When people say they hate this or that, they somehow continue to watch it. I dare to say I hate wwe. I hate all of their show and because of that, I haven't watched wwe in years.

    When people asked, do you know this in wwe or that, I say I know nothing if it's not iMPACT Wrestling.

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