Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Aug 24, 2013
Sting Headed Overseas To Wrestle Carlito – Details

Sting Headed Overseas To Wrestle Carlito – Details

TNA’s Sting is set to headline the September 21 Anniversario event for the World Wrestling Council in Puerto Rico. He’ll be facing former WWE Superstar, Carlito.

This will be Sting’s first-ever appearance on the island.

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13 Responses to “Sting Headed Overseas To Wrestle Carlito – Details”

  1. carlcarlson says:

    This isn't exactly "overseas" it is part of America but hey nice try.

    • Stunner says:

      Your right on the money, I think TNA should try and bring in Shelton Benjamin, I really think he could be a great asset to TNA. Also what what happen to Petey Williams, why is he not in more X-Division Matches. Petey Williams always gets a great reaction from the crowd !!!

    • Dante_Cross says:

      I was thinking the same thing. Overseas is Japan or Europe.
      If you want to be technically, Puerto Rico shares the sea with us so it's the same place–along with it being our territory.

    • soyfenomenal says:

      Listen, you mother fuckers.
      A plane has to go over a large body of salt water to get there.
      It's overseas.
      Fuck you.

  2. RavenNevermore says:

    Puerto Rico is pretty close to the united states. So not overseas. Anyhow I would like TNA to make friends with WWC . All the wrestling companies minus WWE to me should create a body of wrestling and ignore wwe. Like have wrestling magazines. A commisionor a union. Etc. Yes its a scripted sport but they for how they bust their tails should have something important. Or inportent things to help them and to make more fans as well.

  3. Steven kelly says:

    Ur all missing the point and its who cares really yeah its sting bt be diff if carlito was doing a one off for tna he isnt so again who cares

  4. ricky_No1 says:

    Arguing over such a stupid detail. Some people are so dumb.

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