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Tara Speaks Out – iMPACT! On The Road, Orlando, More

Tara Speaks Out – iMPACT! On The Road, Orlando, More

Tara recently spoke about TNA going on the road and much more. Here are the highlights…

What is the feeling in TNA right now with IMPACT coming on the road? How do you feel bring IMPACT out of Orlando and to the rest of the country?
Tara: Our fans get spoiled and callused. They want to see us draw blood. In Orlando, thank god we are going on the road, our fans in Orlando got a little bit spoiled because they see us every week, but we were out there killing ourselves for entertainment. We are actresses and actors who do our stunts with drama. And when they don’t react to certain things, it’s like my God, what do you want me to do?!

Was that becoming an issue in Orlando?
Tara: Not for like my bosses. it’s just that we feed off the fans, we feed off their reactions. It becomes stale (without those reactions). And now we get to see fresh faces and that’s why it’s nice to go overseas too. I am just excited about going on the road, you have no idea. We don’t want ‘hush hush’ fans. It’s nice to hear everything, I have a problem where I can hear everything in the first couple rows. And if I hear someone cheering for my opponent. I am going to go out there and freaking tell them like it is. I am very fan-interactive. That’s a big part of TNA.

One of your greatest rivals and best friends in Pro Wrestling, Trish Stratus was recently announced as an inductee in this year’s WWE Hall of Fame class. This has to be great news for you to hear. How did you feel about hearing this announcement ? Is there any chance you could attend the ceremony?
Tara: Oh she so deserves it! I am going to be honest with you, I wish I could induct her. I was in WWE. I am proud to be a part of WWE history, and now I am with TNA, there is no rivalry between companies for me. I love both companies but I am super proud of her, she deserves it for ‘the Golden era’. She also reached out and called me and said thank you, you helped me be inducted because we had hellacious matches. That’s a true professional, she appreciates who got her there. I would love to be there, but I don’t know how both companies would feel. Honestly, I am super proud. I love her, we are best friends.

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14 Responses to “Tara Speaks Out – iMPACT! On The Road, Orlando, More”

  1. xenocea says:

    She speaks the truth. The crowd in Orlando have really become spoiled & stale.
    I was getting sick and tired of seeing the same audience.

    I hope by going on the road the fans would be more appreciative of the hardworking matches TNA puts out.

  2. mrjdjr says:

    I hope Tara inducts Trish into the HOF by licking her twat.

  3. piro4351 says:

    shes a dogs whore who fucks with her dogs. hate that cunt.

  4. Steven kelly says:

    Say how ya really feel why dontcha lol guess uve never given an adult woman stratisfaction in bed lool

  5. revrock20 says:

    So, if you're done sexually satisfying yourself mrjdjr find somewhere to be cause you add nothing of value here. piro4351, is it Tara or Trish you are referring to? Classy of Tara to show friendship to another wrestler, even in another company. Most of the wrestlers respect each other. It's the companies that are truly competing.

  6. TheBringer92 says:

    the crowd sucks at the impact zone, you have that guy dressing up as sting every week and a woman and her boyfriend/husband in a Jeff Hardy shirt and its dead. They only "come alive" for Jeff Hardy. Im glad they are going on the road

  7. hangers says:

    The crowd is a big problem at the impact zone, but going out on the road has its pitfalls, venue hire, crowd numbers, travel costs, accommodation etc. Hopefully it all works out, if not, they should set up shop in la or vegas..

  8. kaecyus says:

    She says she's fan oriented, but refused to (when an intermediary passed a 2013 programme to her after closing it from an open page from a fan.) flick to her own page to sign it. I agree with what she says, but she seems rather two-faced about it.

  9. koysortna1 says:

    I agree with everything she says, but one question, are you a heal character? i quess its a YES?, so why would they anyway want to cheer for you, when you blatantly piss them off with your "boyfreind", ok i mean if you were fan friendly and there not cheering for you, then you have the rights to say whatever you want, not hating your one of my best Sexy knockout in TNA, but think before you speak and remind yourself what your role is which is the bad guy of the show .

  10. fairfax says:

    I agree that the impact zone has grown stale. But I’m not so sure TNA can draw well enough to play to some of these bigger arenas even in smaller markets. I think that Dixie should consider setting up similar venues in known wrestling hotbeds. They could run orlando and tape two weeks worth of shows and then go to say the old TNA Asylum in nashville and tape two weeks worth of shows and then maybe philly at the arena and then maybe run a larger venue on the road once every two months. I honestly don’t see why they need all the production for an arena show. When they show footage from house shows it looks great and that was theway wrestling was taped for years. Oh well, I wish them the best. I hope it works out.

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