Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Nov 5, 2012
Taryn Terrell Makes OVW Debut, RVD Note & More

Taryn Terrell Makes OVW Debut, RVD Note & More

Ryan Mosley sent this in: Just sending this news out of TNA developmental OVW. I attend OVW shows regularly and tonight at OVW’s Saturday Night Special, TNA Knockout ref Taryn Terrell made an appearance reffing the OVW Women’s Championship triple threat match. I talked to her afterwards and she said she will be down in OVW for a little while.

– The Jay Mohr twice-weekly podcast, Mohr Stories, had Rob Van Dam as a guest for Thursday and Friday. You can listen to the interview on iTunes for episode #103 dated 11/1/12. The podcast is “not safe for work,” so be forewarned.

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