Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Mar 15, 2013
The Aces & 8s ‘Hack’ TNA’s Website, Facebook & Twitter

The Aces & 8s ‘Hack’ TNA’s Website, Facebook & Twitter

TNA is running a bit where Aces and 8s “hacked” the TNA website. You can see the “hacked” version by clicking here. All the featured news have been taken over with “Great Moments in Aces and 8s History,” one that is just repeated “All Work And No Play Makes The Aces Dull Boys” and the following two “Memos From The Office of the Aces and 8s President”:

A MEMO FROM THE OFFICE OF THE ACES AND EIGHTS PRESIDENT – MR. BULLY RAY I can’t get enough of watching my wedding to Brooke Hogan! What a dumb bitch!!!! Hey Hulk – thanks for paying for it all!!!!!! SUCKERS!!!!!!!


UPDATE: The Aces and 8s have “hacked” the company’s Facebook page too. You can see that by clicking here. The stable has changed the cover photo and posted the following messages on the page:

NOW – ARE YOU PAYING ATTENTION? Your website – your facebook – your twitter – your ROSTER…belongs to Aces & Eights . #YNWA

Corbin, KY – we are coming for YOU tomorrow night! – ACES & EIGHTS.

We need more of OUR merch in this thing you call a store. Until then – these are the only products worth anything:

UPDATE x 2: The Aces and 8s have “hacked” the company’s Twitter page as well. You can see that by clicking here. The stable has changed the backround photo and posted the same messages from Facebook to the Twitter feed.

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24 Responses to “The Aces & 8s ‘Hack’ TNA’s Website, Facebook & Twitter”

  1. KGill28 says:

    Lol, wow.

  2. Bigmike885 says:

    The following mesagge was paid for by the new world order….

  3. ToledoDavid says:

    I'm glad that I have to DVR Impact. I can FF through all the weak, boring, been-there-done-that Aces bullcrap, and watch the good stuff like Bad Influence (loved the Road Warriors deal),Aries and Roode, the Knockouts, X-Division, etc. I hope the Aces storyline runs it's course, quickly, before I lose interest in Impact, altogether.

    • soyfenomenal says:

      So you don't support the company by watching it while it's on the air because of the heel faction? Yet I'm sure you watch WWE with the shield, who do the same shit every time too. How many people are they going to "triple power bomb"? Why can't anyone stop those three rookies? Super Cena and Super Orton should be able to alone, but nope.

      • Bigmike885 says:

        only differecne is aces and eights has been going on for damn near a year..and consits of mainly jobbers…and the sheild doesnt dominate every aspect of the show..they have their one fued and stick with it..

        • Tiffanydude says:

          Do you even know what he word "Jobber" means? Anderson- World Champion, Devon- TV/Tag Champ, Knox- New, Garrett & Wes- New, Doc- Meh, Bully- World Champion Baby!

          • Bigmike885 says:

            Lets recap here. Devon was put in there as a “swerve” Anderson was put in there because they have nothing else for him at all (and he's become a afterthought on there) Garrett. Jobber. Wes. Jobbed out to angle big time. Doc jobber. So that leaves you with ray. So it ray and a bunch of jobbers. Doesn't matter if they've have titles before. So have Robbie, ey, santino, zack Ryder. Ect. All are now jobbers.Sent from my iPhone

    • KGill28 says:

      The Aces was actually booked strong this week.
      Bully has definitely captured my interest in the angle again.

    • Peckar says:

      I am extremely happy Bully got the title after the way he performs week in week out. But this isn't turning out to be the strongest storyline he could have been involved in. Bully is intimidating by himself as a heel, I just don't see a stable behind him really working. Time will tell, he hasn't been in there long yet. It was the least interesting piece of the show.

  4. TwIsTeD_EnEmY says:

    its a really awesome touch, but at the same time its a bad idea as you cant navigate around (tna shop) like you could before..
    losing money…?

    • pepsilover2008 says:

      After today's impact I think a lot of people are going to buy aces n eight gear they finally booked them like they should have been doing

  5. andy3323 says:

    Oh and notice that Mike Knox goes by Knox on his picture, unlike how this site reported a couple of days ago that his name was now 'Knux' based on an apparent typo in an article…………*facepalm* Don't worry about fact checking…….

  6. Ronnie Dio Adkins says:

    I love the aces and eights all the way i am geting it tattooed on me cuz to me they are the shit just like the nwo now what aces and eights should do is go to wwe and just be fans there now that would have wrestling talking big time now to me for right now tna sucks but the aces and eights are way better then any thing.

  7. jbcissom says:

    I loved how this week's show was booked to end. That's how you do it. Question is, who will be TNA's hero(es) now?

    Also, TNA needs to go on and have AJ join A&8. In that second video clip, it looks like he was talking to Anderson. So just get it over with.

    And who'da thought that Aries and Sting would actually be a pretty good match (huge Sting fan here, but even I know he's getting old)?

    • Ronnie Dio Adkins says:

      Yes i got a feeling that AJ is going to be with the aces and eights.

    • KGill28 says:

      I think they're going to do with AJ similar to what WCW did with Sting and the NWO.
      Make it look like he's going to join the heel faction, have him turn on everybody, and then end up saving the company from the bad guys.

      I'm a huge Sting fan as well, but I was pleased at how they made Aries look strong, he got a lot of offense in and kicked out of Sting's finisher.

      • jbcissom says:

        I really liked the way they booked the Aries-Sting match. A real fan knew Aries wasn't going to win the match, but man, was he booked strong against Sting. I credit that to Sting, because I don't know if Hogan, Flair, HHH, or the Rock would have allowed Aries to do that to them.

        I was very critical of Aries in the beginning, especially him being champ, but the guy is gold right now.

  8. (CHI) NWO 4-Life WCW Guy says:

    I was there live 2nyte in my hometown of chicago, let me say it was my 1st live event since monday nitro i went too in 96, anyways it was 1 of the best times ive had in my life, and i seriously was entertained thruout the entire show, during commercials the off the air stuff everything was outstanding, and too see my childhood and adulthood fav wrestler still the icon sting main event a very long and good match agaist 1 of the top young wrestlers austin aries was worth the miezly 25 i dished out for great seats may i add i was extremely closer than i thought id be, to touch on some of your comments bully ray is the best heel in the buisiness cm punk is good but still filtered a little to much for my taste, he comes off as phony too me, how can you drop a pipe bomb which is supposedly a real life promo but in actuality he really doesnt, i think tna is letting bully ray do his thang out there, thats my honest OPINION, aces and 8s is ok, glad they allowing them to dominate the action a little bit, but i just wanted to really express my joy in the show in chi town 2nyte and definately when tna hits your town buy that ticket even the cheap 13 dollar tickets arent that far from the action… TNA TNA TNA TNA

  9. weasel6666 says:

    i laugh my ass off with this, very good stuff TNA

  10. whatsup121 says:

    maybe they're behind Hulk Hogan getting hacked lol

  11. Darkelzallon says:

    Aces and 8s has a member who possess the ability to hack a website.

    Btw, I kinda support the Aces and 8s' action because I do want their jacket

  12. JoeWrestling says:

    Probably sending a message that if Hulk tries to fire them they will shut down their business.

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