Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on May 4, 2013
The Early TNA iMPACT! Rating #’s Are In ………

The Early TNA iMPACT! Rating #’s Are In ………

Last night’s episode of iMPACT! Wrestling drew 1.10 million viewers, down from the 1.23 million the week before. It is the lowest viewership for the show since the October 4th episode brought in 1.06 million.

The final rating will be out shortly.

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20 Responses to “The Early TNA iMPACT! Rating #’s Are In ………”

  1. DJBIGCG says:

    Dang. I wonder what that equals rating wise

  2. jbcissom says:

    I think we need to be glad that Impact! isn't facing tonight's NBA Playoffs line-up. This part of the year is always lower ratings for TNA Impact!.

  3. nwoforlife says:

    the only way tna is going to get better ratings is leave spike tv for one that is show to more city's when direct tv and tna was in contract dispute tna rating really did not fall that was kind f strange like to know why direct tv is not half the rating is spike on the higher channels with them as well would love to see what would happen if tna was on usa like wwe

    • ricky_No1 says:

      The only reason they are on spike is no other network will touch em and the only way they will get better ratings is to put out a better product. I would not be shocked if spike cut TNA if ratings keep going the way they are.

      • Jon says:

        It doesn't seem like a popular truth to remind fanboys of but you're spot on that Spike is pretty much the biggest network that would have any interest in TNA right now. That's just reality.

        Spike's avg primetime rating with A18-49 put them in 22nd place among networks, (was 24th in total viewers) but look at the networks ahead of them, which one could anyone logically & rationally think would have even the slightest interest in them (or any other pro wrestling product for that matter)? I'm pretty sure that's programming that would be a bad fit for Lifetime, Bravo or HGTV. Doesn't fit the mold of programming at Comedy Central or Adult Swim (even though they're the same young male target demo). I could go network by network, there's really not a better _realistic_ option for them.

  4. whatsup121 says:

    Don't forget it's Playoff's so the Key demographic was probably watching hockey

    • andy3323 says:

      Hockey and NBA…..I was watching my Memphis Grizzlies beat the Clippers starting at 9:30 and went back to watch the end of Impact at halftime.

  5. tnafan05 says:

    This weeks impact was crap sting number 1 contender? For god sake legend i know but christ getting fed up of him and hogan i wanna see morgan roode aj aries storm magnus having awesome matches not hogan and sting bumming eachother just leave!!! Crowd was shit too only good thing i saw was x division match but crowd forgot they was there love sabin! So after 2 hours of dlo brown hogan and sting i was very dissapointed please please please dont let hogan wrestle ever and dont let sting main event slamiversary youth people youth!!! Id rather see crimson main event hogan or sting give sting hogans job and drop kick hogan out the back door

  6. AFCWIMBLEDON2 says:

    Spike will no way cut there top rated show. Bring back homicide, machine guns, Kong, voodoo queen,wild , sort it out dixie please. Knockouts now is basically a diva invasion, where's my tna gone.I like Aces and eights but they should've kept the masks on, and in no way are they to be compared to the Almighty n.W.o. I think its time to switch networks, tna has outgrown spike. And bring back e skipper, xxx, and the king of the mountain himself jeff Jarrett, and also I think Russo should come back too. Bishcoff and hogan thanks for the many memories 16-17 years ago of the greatest time in wrestling but please go now.

  7. dean3911 says:

    I think if TNA would move to abc, nbc, cbs, or ion on sat or sun they would have better ratings as everyone is home to see them. plus if there is more woman matches that would boost watchers as well. I am a mickie james and gail kim fan and I followed them two stars over to tna. they make great tag team for the tag team tile which we never see defended for some reason.

  8. tsoutheast says:

    Its simple math,TNA sucks right now.The Aces & Eights storyline is killing the product.Dixie needs to make changes.

    • jbcissom says:

      Yeah… and I'm guessing that you think the Shield is so much better than A&8. WCW was able to progress the nWo storyline fast because of the names involved (Hogan, Nash, and Hall). Same with DX (Shawn Michaels). All of these names were known throughout the wrestling world.

      Let's be honest, the only names in TNA that are recognized worldwide (and on A&8) are the two Dudleys. It's going to need time.

  9. hangers says:

    Get rid of Hogan and his daughter, the A & 8's and get back to basics and ratings will rise..

    • jbcissom says:

      If you're theory was so absolute, then why isn't ROH bigger by now? Face it, people (casual fans) don't watch wrestling for the wrestling anymore. They watch for the storylines. Nag and complain about him all you want, but when Russo was around, the ratings were higher.

      • hangers says:

        I agree regarding ratings pre and post Russo, I prefer programming 3 years ago to now. Quality of production has gone up considerably since then though so the product looks much more professional now but too much airtime for the Hogan's and a SOA ripoff storyline which isn't really going anywhere is killing it for me personally.

  10. JoshuaTNA says:

    TNA has far Outgrown spike, Thats been the case for the past couple years, But TNA has potential to pull better ratings then this week's even on SPIKE, I mean they have done it in the past. I fear that the viewers may be getting bored with the product as they fail to advance the storylines, Not pushing the right people, and giving the Coveted world title to the wrong guys, (Bully Ray & Jeff Hardy) As for the long term problems SPIKE TV is surely an issue. TNA has hit the glass ceiling with them, And just to get this straight THE NETWORK is responsible for brining in the viewers and the Show is responsible for keeping those viewers, TNA is attempting to draw in viewers to the network by advertising Hulk Hogan everywhere when thats not even their job #TNAneedsToLeaveSpike.

    • Jon says:

      This is cable, it ain't CBS. At that level, yes, the habitual viewing can bring viewers to a show. But in the cable world shows make the network. AMC is probably the best example of all, but Bravo and FX are certainly good ones as well.

      A show, with buzz, will elevate a network. If a show is dreck, nobody gives a rip what network it's on. (NBC might be a great example of that in action)

      • JoshuaTNA says:

        True a show with Buzz can elevate a network but it's not very likely to happen, it's a rarity and shows with buzz are usually the blockbusters of the tv world, and not every show can reach that level, as for a normal show their network is responsible for brining in the viewers through quality shows, Thats the difference between FOX and SPIKE.

    • annil8or4321 says:

      i disagree with one aspect bully is a main event guy now, hardy is as well but they shove him in your face too much

    • ricky_No1 says:

      Outgrown spike? you gotta be joking right? and where do they go? As i commented earlier, no other network would be stupid enough to take em on.

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